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Quick No Fuss Tips For Short Hair

Short Hairstyle Tips

Once you have a cut that’s right for you, use these quick and easy hair style techniques.

“Quick and Easy
Hair Styles”

If you have very short hair, one of the simplest ways to control it is to mist it lightly with water. Use the same spritzer that you use for your plants and add a dash of conditioner if it’s needed. (If you add conditioner, shake before misting.) Then comb hair straight back and let it dry on its own. You can also slip on a headband just past the hairline, then push it forward and you get a set-in wave once you remove the band.

Here are very quick and easy changes for short hair styles that can also be used on hair of other lengths.

  • lf you’re tired of the same old look, change your part from the right to the left or from the side to the center, It’ll give hair added height, because you’re going against the usual grain. Spritz hair with a light hair styling gel to hold the part in place. Or, smooth in a moisturizing, hair styling balm, then finger style. This gets rid of fizz in your hair and adds polish.

  • Another idea for a quick and easy hair style gives you instant volume. Brush the front of your hair straight back, then slide the brush forward, on top of your head, to create a lift or curve in front. Spritz the uplifted roots with a volumizer. Continue to hold the hair brush in place as you blow dry the layer of hair for about 15 seconds with the hair dryer heat setting on warm, then switch to a cool air setting to lock the hair in place. This technique works on any type of hair, except super curly hair.

  • To dress up short hair, part it in the middle and slip in barrettes at the sides.

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