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    Rag Hair Curls How To

    The Band Perry’s lead singer Kimberly Perry with blonde rag hair curls

    Rag Hair Curls Are Great for a Fashionista on a Budget

    Do you have rags, extra fabric, or even an old towel? Then you have what you need to create beautiful rag hair curls. In this article, we’ll teach you everything that you need to know to create this glamorous hairstyle. Are you ready to learn how to create rich curls from rags?

    Someone wrapping hair for a rag curl set

    Create a Rag Curl Set in Four Easy Steps

    1. Apply a styling product to damp hair. For the best results, set your hair when it is 80-90 percent dry.
    2. Wrap a section of  hair around the rag.
    3. Tie the rag in place.
    4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until your set is complete.

    Several different types of hair styling products

    Choosing the Right Styling Product to Set Your Hair

    Styling products enhance this hairstyle, but they are not essential. Below we have provided you with a list describing the styling products that are commonly used to set hair.

    • Mousses benefits women with fine, thin hair the most because they are specifically designed to not weigh down your hair. They are light weight and can give a light to strong hold.
    • Gels work the best for those with thick, coarse hair. They are often heavy and offer a medium to strong hold.
    • Serums are good for people who  don’t like frizz. Their key purpose is to smooth hair, so they are light weight with little to no hold.

     Young woman wrapping long, brunette hair around a piece of rag to create rag curls

    Techniques Used to Wrap the Hair

    You can create regular curls and spiral curls using rags. This is how you can do it.

    Mariah Carey with long, brown, curly hair
    Regular Curls

    Start by wrapping the ends of your hair around the middle of the rag. Now, wrap the hair around again this time overlapping the hair that is on the rag. Continue wrapping the hair in this fashion.

    Taylor Swift with blonde, spiral, rag hair type curls Spiral Curls

    First, wrap the ends of your hair around the rag once. You should start wrapping your hair near the end of your rag, but remember to leave enough room to tie a knot. Next, wrap the hair around again, but this time instead of overlapping the previous piece, wrap the hair parallel creating like a corkscrew like appearance. Continue wrapping the hair this way until your set is complete. Depending on the length of your hair, you may want to consider using longer rags for spiral curl sets.

    Size of the Curls

    The size of the section determines the size of the curl.

    Woman with brown curly hair similar to a rag hair curl set in a small sections

    Smaller sections create smaller curls.

    Woman with shoulder length, red, curly hair similar to a rag hair curl set in a large sections

    Hair wrapped in larger sections create larger curls.

    Tightness of the Curls

    The width of the rag determines the tightness and the looseness of the curls.

    Sophina Brown with brunette hair set in tight spiral curls

    Thin rags create tight curls.

    Charlize Theron with a loose, blonde, curly hairstyle

    You can create loose curls by using thick rags.

    Woman with brunette hair sits under hooded dryer to dry her curly pin curl setHow to Dry Your Rag Hair Curl Set

    You have two options when it comes to drying your rag curl set. You can dry your set artificially with the use of a heated appliance, such as a blow dryer, or you can allow your hair to dry naturally. Many women choose to allow their set to dry naturally because this option is less damaging, and unlike rollers, rag curl sets are surprising comfortable to sleep on.

    Once your set is dry, remove the rags to discover your rich rag hair curls.

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