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    Rejuvawand Laser Light Skin Treatment Therapy Trial-Week 6

    Rejuvawand laser light skin treatment therapy
    I do feel it’s clearly worth the effort!

    I was hopeful that I would be able to post before and after pictures for you to make your own conclusions of the results I have seen with the RejuvaWand Laser Light Therapy Treatment. Sorry, but my before picture was not detailed enough to show the wrinkles I started with. The digital pictures looked fine on the camera, but photos for the Internet need different lighting and I wasn’t aware of that when I took the before pictures.

    “I do think that my wrinkles are clearly less severe”

    I should have checked out the result of that picture before finishing my 6 week trial, but I didn’t and so I’ll just need to give my opinion here. However, there are good before and after pictures on the company’s Rejuvawand website,

    Do I see less wrinkles? It’s not that I notice any wrinkles have completely gone away, but I do think that my wrinkles are clearly less severe. My hubby agrees he can see the difference by looking at the digital pictures in the camera. I know this is a subjective view, with no pictures to look at. But I consider it a successful result, especially if you consider that the RejuvaWand is much less expensive, ($200.00) and a non-invasive, painless way of going about the job of reducing wrinkles. There are a number of different procedures out there for getting rid of pesky wrinkles. New Jersey’s most popular medical spa is home to many of them.

    Nonetheless, I will continue to use the RejuvaWand laser light therapy treatment and will post on it again in another month or so, to let you know my thoughts on any further results. I do feel it’s clearly worth the effort!

    Light Dimensions, the producers of the RejuvaWand, does not make any claims that the device is able to eliminating wrinkles completely, but rather that the results of clinical studies shows its effectiveness to rate better than a recent Consumer Reports study showed on over-the-counter skin care treatments. The RejuvaWand is the only at- home laser treatment available. Read the results of a clinical study for the RejuvaWand, LED and light-based skincare appliance, as reported by Medical News Today.

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    1. HI Lynn,
      RejuvaWand gave me their product to try out and write on my experience. At the time, they were the only at home laser treatment, however I’m sure that’s changed. And, of course, competitors and new technologies would predictablty come in for less.
      I suggest going to their website for any guarantee’s they may offer.

      Comment by barb — January 23, 2009 @ 12:59 pm

    2. This product is not the only at home laser treatment on the market. I’ve found 6 others. Did you get the product for free from the company – or did you pay $200 just to test it!? that’s a lot of money – is there a satisfaction guaranteed or your money-back clause?

      Comment by Lynn — January 16, 2009 @ 10:01 pm

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