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Reverse Gray Hair?

Reverse Gray Hair

Able to reverse gray hair — sooner than you think!

Apparently ladies, the process to reverse gray hair is nearer than any of us may have imagined! We may soon be doing something as simple as shampooing or slathering on a topical ointment to reverse the gray hair!“Reverse Gray
Hair Soon?”
Who knows how many people in laboratories throughout the world have been peering into microscopes and mixing this-n-that in hopes to find the formula to reverse gray hair! But here are at least two companies that have been hard at work, one of which seems to be coming seriously close to reversing gray hair now!

EXT Life Sciences to Reverse Gray Hair
Jenny Bailey of O’magazine reported this week;

EXT Life Sciences, a Michigan-based biotechnology company, believes it has found a chemical compound that can restore catalase and thus return hair to its original color. The company is working to incorporate the ingredient into leave-in conditioners and serums, says cofounder Stanley Terlecky, PhD, professor of pharmacology at Wayne State University School of Medicine.In March of 2009 Dr. Stanley Terlecky said, EXT’s discovery and extensive research on targeted antioxidants present a platform for anti-aging products of the future, including shampoos to keep hair from turning gray and creams to keep skin smooth, by counteracting the natural oxidant damage that occurs with the aging process. “EXT not only understands the process that turns hair gray but offers a potentially powerful antidote.  We are ahead of the game in terms of nearing the point where we can act on our research and take a product to market.”

Reverse Gray Hair

L’Oreal in Research to Reverse Gray Hair

In May 2004, Dr. Bruno Bernard, in charge of research for L’Oreal, identified a pair of genes that play a role in turning hair gray. He indicated in the future a new solution to reverse the hair from graying may come in the form of pills or topical treatments. In October, Patricia Pineau, L’Oreal’s Research Communications Director said the treatment should be available within 10 years.

Just think . . . if science soon succeeds to reverse gray hair, as it seems it will  . . . the new 80 will be 40??

Next time you place an order at Amazon take a peak at “Going Gray, Looking Great! by Diana Lewis Jewell,” she’s the guru on the topic.


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  1. i want to know what hair color shall i use to cover gray roots/ gray hair . I want a brownish shade , because other colors leave the grey hair gray after coloring the hair. thank you

    Comment by merly — April 7, 2011 @ 3:24 am

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