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    Sexy Hair; The Ultimate DIY Guide

    How to Cheat at Sexy Hair and Get Away With it

    You probably thought you’d never be able to duplicate the sexy hair worn by the A-List celebrities, escorts bern or those models who show up on the pages of your favorite magazines. While many of those sexy hair looks may seem impossible to maintain once you’ve left the hair salon, there are several tricks you can try to release your inner sexy hair side. Women who work in sexy porn videos always seem to have amazing hair. There is always more free XXX available on Tubev if you were interested in some examples. We asked three top hair stylists from around the country to share with us their favorite secrets on how to rock the sexy hair look that might make you feel like a star from a site like full tube or other similar sexy adult sites.

    Maximize Your Sexy Hair Potential

    Owner Eric Fisher of Eric Fisher Salons in Wichita, KS offers these sexy hair tips:

    • Get a haircut that enhances your best features and minimizes flaws ~~ “Be aware of what you think your best and worst features are,” says Fisher. “If you don’t like your prominent jawline, get soft, face-framing layers. For a round face, try a deep side part that has a slimming effect. If you don’t like your narrow face, add width to your haircut with graduation that promotes side volume. Then accentuate your best features. Bangs always bring attention to your eyes; I like them right to the brow for a sexy look with sunglasses.”
    • Even eco-minded girls need a little hair color boost after too much summer sun ~~ Keep it close to natural, Fisher recommends a semi-permanent hair color refresher. If you have an olive or tanned complexion or if your skin has a touch of yellow, go two shades darker with a blue-based red or dark brunette. Looking to lighten up? Add a hint of tint and face-framing highlights. “They really make blue or green eyes pop,” says Fisher.
    • For a day-to-night change, nothing says sexy like curl ~~ “What we’re doing is a dry pin curl set,” says Fisher. “Just wrap up the pin curl, hold it between your fingers and hit it with the flat-iron for a count of 10 or so. Once your hair is done, you’ll look like you sat under a dryer for 45 minutes.”

    Sophiscated hairstyle for during the daySexy hairstyle for nights out

    Amazing Grace

    • THE CUT ~~ Combine face-framing layers, a collarbone-grazing length and a faux fringe coming off a far side part for a perfectly pretty, graceful look.
    • BY DAY ~~ Prep your damp hair with a light-weight mousse and blow-dry, using a round brush to add end curve. Spiral-wrap front sections on the heavy side for a soft, sophisticated finish.
    • AT NIGHT ~~ Shift the part to the opposite side, brush hair from the crown forward and set on jumbo-sized hot rollers. Set the top for volume and spiral-set longer lengths into waves. Once curls have cooled, brush from underneath and back-comb all around. You’ll be tressed to impress with a hint of edgy appeal.

    12 Sexy Hair Secret Weapons From Lindsay Hausch

    Not to be left out Lindsay Hausch of the Sedona Beauty Team weighs in with these great sexy hair secrets:

    Cheryl Cole with big back combed hair

    • Sexy Hair Volume ~~ Craving big, beautiful, man-baiting hair? Hit the heights anyway you can—either through back combing roots or all over curls. Stock your secret hair styling arsenal with root-booster a hair dryer jumbo-sized Velcro rollers and a teasing comb, then work that body to the hilt!

    Ashley Olsen platinum blonde loose updo with bangs

    • Work a Foxy Fringe ~~ Once a mane-stay for pigtailed cuties, modern bangs are glamorous and all grown up. Add full ones to a sleek bob or mini-fringe to an edgy crop, then bring them down over the forehead or sweep them coquettishly to one side—the ideal sexy hair style for gals prone to batting their lashes.

    Eva Longoria long layers and side bang with burnt brown color

    • Get Come-Hither Hair Color ~~ Whether you go risky with red, bold with blonde or beautifully brunette, a flattering new shade can warm up your skin tone, rev up your current hair cut and make your sexy hair appeal skyrocket. Dark roots, however, are not so sexy—have regular touch-ups and keep your hue looking new with hair color-enhancing shampoos and conditioners

    short flat ironed crop hair

    • Keep it Moving ~~ Send his pulse racing with tresses that beg to be touched. Skip sticky sprays and heavy-duty hair styles; instead, go for natural-looking sexy hair styles like layered bobs, mid-lengths and crops that swing and sway around your pretty face. Regular trims keep edges from looking frayed and fuzzy and promote serious swing.

    Shiny Hair

    • Make Strands Shine ~~ With regular conditioning, trims and shine-enhancers, your locks will shimmy and sparkle in the light, If you really want your tresses to twinkle, have dimensional highlights painted through the surface and seal that cuticle—that means a final rinse with cold water after shampooing and one last blast of cool air when blow-drying.

    • Flaunt Your Curves ~~ Tiny twists, luscious loops, sizzling swirls . . . To add real appeal to your strands, make good use of your hot rollers and irons. Depending on the hair’s length, you can use two different-sized barrels for the most natural-looking curls. Trust us, men love curves anywhere they can get them!

    Long Hair Styles

    • Luscious Layers ~~ Wispy, blended or blunt, When done just right, layers make sexy hair and stylish — no matter how you style them. Perfect for removing weight from thick hair, layers can also give short hair the illusion of appearing longer. You decide!

    marissa miller with beach waves

    • Try Tantalizing Texture ~~ Playing up your hair’s natural texture is a turn-on every time. If your locks are on the straight side, get them strikingly sleek and chic with smoothing balm, paddle brush and a flat iron, For sexy hair with texture, run style gel through the surface let air-dry and dash off to your date.


    • Choose a Playful Pin-Up ~~ Moving your hair up to reveal a bare neckline is as sexy as it gets. Starting with a multitude of ringlets, pull hair loosely up toward the crown and secure in place with beaded bobby pins, For a different twist, slick hair back with gel and fasten with a coated elastic.

    messy 7

    • Borrow Bed-Head Beauty ~~ If you follow fashion trends, you now that messy is a mane attraction. That just-out-of-bed-beauty can be accomplished with waxed fingertips Usually lifted from the crown outward undone ‘dos definitely add Spice to Strands that are straight or curly.

    Bold red edgy pixie hairstyle

    • Give Him the Edge ~~ Nothing shows him you’re up for a bit of adventure like a punk hair style. Give it a go with ends that have been razor-cut, edgy color, or trendy styling, For versatility he won’t be able to resist, keep a stock of temporary shades, style gels, and crèmes.

    Teasing Underlayers

    • Be A Tease ~~ A great haircut makes it easy to tease him every time. Use a wide-tooth comb to lift, tease underlayers and then move strands back into place, A firm hold spray will keep your sexy hair from dropping while you dance the night away!

    sexy messy bob

    What Would the World Be Like If Sexy Hair Didn’t Exist

    Jet Rhys, owner of her namesake salon Jet Rhys in San Diego, CA. thinks it would be a pretty dull place and suggests the following tips to insure that we never have to answer the question.

    • Embrace your natural texture ~~ Whether your hair is straight or curly, don’t fight it, flaunt it!
    • Avoid ultra-styled cuts ~~ Harsh lines and angles make you look dated, but “seamless, non-choppy layers are gorgeous,” says Rhys.
    • Get over your flat iron addiction ~~ Sexy hair has lots of amazing movement, bounce and swing, while allover flat-ironing gives you an unnatural, wig-like look.
    • This season, it’s all about texture ~~ To get a bedhead-sexy look, wrap sections around a large curling iron.
    • Volume is hot! ~~ To pump it up, apply volumizer to your roots and blow-dry hair upside down.
    • Need an easy, sultry night look? ~~ Look no further than the ponytail. Tie it off at the nape, mist the tail with light hairspray and smooth on glossing cream. “The spray helps the cream stick, so hair will look super-sleek.”

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