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    Shampoo Bars vs. Conventional Shampoo


    Shampoo bars are all the rage with a variety of benefits!

    Shampoo bars are usually made by using the “cold process” soap making method. They are normally sulfate, silicone and chemical free, using only plant-based, natural oils and ingredients. Because they are cold processed they contain milder surfactants, unlike conventional shampoos which contain harsh surfactants, (detergents) that are irritating and drying to your scalp and strip the hair of its natural oils.

    Benefits for your Convenience and Wallet

    Shampoo bars can do more than 2-in-1 shampoos to make your life easier, they can be used as a 2 in 1, a 3 in 1, shoot 4-in-1 product when you include shaving – meaning all you need is this bar. No need for numerous bottles of this, that and the other taking over your shower. Not only can you shampoo and condition your hair with it, but you shave and cleanse your whole body with it! Just be sure to do an apple cider vinegar rinse once a week to keep your PH in check. (I’ll touch on that more in a minute.)

    I get rave reviews on how awesome the bar is to use for shaving and that goes for men as well as for women. Talk about simplifying your life and saving money. Not only do you not need to buy as many products, but shampoo bars are so much more condensed than typical liquid shampoo (most contain 97% water), that they last up to three times as long as a 250 ml bottle of conventional shampoo – way more cost effective.

    Go ahead, put your bar in your carry-on, any size, doesn’t matter – travel friendly! And how awesome to show up to your destination without any leaking, exploded bottles. Same goes for your gym bag – easy, simple, perfect! No need to mess with condensing your liquids into smaller bottles and having to pack multiple products.

    Benefits for your Body

    The biggest benefit? No chemicals of course. I have had so many reports from customers with skin sensitivities that their scalp and skin issues have cleared up since they aren’t reacting to harsh chemicals of conventional shampoos anymore. Chemicals do damage to our cells and keep them from working properly. The milder surfactants don’t strip your natural oils, leaving your hair softer, shinier and more manageable. Because the old fashioned “cold process” soap making method is a natural preservative on its own, there is no need for synthetic, chemical preservatives as there are in conventional shampoo. Because there are also no synthetic silicones and waxes, your hair won’t acquire the additional build up weighing your hair down and making it lifeless. Shampoo bars add vitality.

    Benefits for your Environment

    Yah – No plastic bottles! Definitely an eco-friendly choice. Not to mention the chemicals used in liquid shampoos are not good for our environment either. Most shampoo bars made with natural, plant-based ingredients are biodegradable. Perfect for camping – no need to worry about any run off into the ground or water. Why wouldn’t you choose naturally sustainable plant based ingredients grown right from the Earth? As long as the plant species isn’t endangered, of course.

    Shampoo bars just make good sense! Try one if you haven’t. Your hair may need to go through a short transition period seeing that it is different than your chemically concocted conventional detergent shampoo. Your hair will feel different than usual after shampooing with an all natural bar. Give it some time and occasionally use an apple cider vinegar rinse after you shampoo with your new bar. It removes buildup & residue from the scalp and hair and evens out the PH, causing the cuticle to lie flat, giving you amazing shine and softness. Oh, and the vinegar smell does go away when the hair is dry. There are also all natural non-vinegar rinses out there.

    Questions on how to use a shampoo bar? Here’s a video:

    Contributing author Tasia Ashton Owner Two Redheads and a Wolf,  Entrepreneur Hair Stylist by Trade 10 year licensed cosmetologist, studied at Aveda Institute Minneapolis, business owner since 2006. Learn more about TRW on their website and like them on Facebook.

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