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    Best Shampoo – does price matter?


    Best Shampoo

    .Best Shampoo prices do not always insure better quality

    I have written several articles over the past few years on the best shampoo and whether or not the higher priced shampoo brands and hair salon shampoos are worth what we’re paying for them. I’m sure you’ve seen many different shampoos on websites like Reviewing This such as the Pureology Hydrate and have wondered whether they’re worth the money or not.

    “the best shampoo price might be lower”

    There have also been best shampoo TV specials, consumer reports article and many newspaper accounts like the one below that all come to pretty much the same conclusion. The bottom line, is that you can save a lot of money by sticking with cheaper price shampoo brands.

    If you’re looking to shave a few dollars off your budget when it comes to be hair care products, shampoo is a likely candidate for savings. Often the pricey hair salon shampoo can be bought at the discount chains like Wal-Mart and Target at deeply discounted prices. Try to stay away from the big brand shampoo names you will find that there is a lot of marketing expenses built-in to the price the bottle of your best shampoo.

    Some lower price shampoos do have some harsher detergents that can be not as effective on certain types and textures of hair. If you find that you’ve purchased a bottle of shampoo that’s not right for your hair type and texture and it seems not to be a good fit, just toss it away or give it to a girlfriend to try. Pay attention to those ingredients that were in that particular shampoo brand and try to avoid those chemicals in future best shampoo product purchases.

    Here are some more tips on buying best shampoo for the price, thanks to The Wichita Eagle.

    Come on, fess up. You feel guilty using 99-cent shampoo because it’s really bad for your hair. And everybody knows the $24 hair salon shampoo is so much better, especially for chemically treated hair, right? Wrong!


    Interestingly, the ‘rinse and repeat’ instructions you will read on every shampoo bottle go back to a marketing campaign one manufacturer created to increase sales. It does that all right, and you can make your shampoo last twice as long if you skip ‘repeat.’




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