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    No Shampoo Hair Experiment Is Worth Tracking

    Dry Shampoo

    This No Shampoo Hair Experiment Should Yield Some Interesting Results

    Do you think it’s possible we may have all been duped into believing we need shampoo, expensive, exotic brands that claim to make our hair thicker, shinier and full of luxurious body it otherwise wouldn’t have???

    “One Day We All Could Have No Shampoo Hair”

    After reading this you may rethink your beauty routine . . .

    I have commented before on the no shampoo hair concept, its not a novel idea but, it is a controversial one.

    I admit the longest I’ve gone, using the no shampoo hair routine was probably about 7 days, just to try it out, but I wasn’t being challenged to go longer.

    The theory says, that during the 6 weeks of a no shampoo hair routine, your hair will go from smelly, oily and greasy to it’s natural sweet smelling, bouncy natural state. See what the participants have to say! I’ll do a follow up article in April when the experiment ends.

    The theory that shampoo destroys the balance of your hair’s natural oils, is being put to the test by some dedicated fans of ABC Radio in Sydney, Australia. “The Great No Shampoo Hair Experiment,” started on March 09, 2007 challenges any willing participant to abstain from using shampoo for six weeks and report back what family, friends, hairdressers etc. have to say about their new look.


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    1. […] The sun, hot water and harsh shampoos dull your hair color the most. Always wait 24-to-36 hours after a hair coloring service before you shampoo. Then, use tepid water and avoid over-shampooing; every other day is usually more than adequate. (See my article on the no shampoo regimen). […]

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