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    Shear Genius Season Final Episode

    What to Do With Curly Hair

    Anthony . . . You’re Shear Genius Season Winner! Congratulations!

    Anthony surely conducted himself wonderfully throughout the entire competition and was well deserved of the title of Shear Genius season winner. I think Ben and Daisy should have been given some type of 2nd and 3rd place awards for their accomplishments in this competition. I also think a running total of how the hairdressers ranked in each event might be a better way to compile scores.

    For a hairdresser to be eliminated because of one bad round seems incomplete in some way. So, I’m sorry to see the end of this series, and I hope it will return for another Shear Genius season. It wasn’t clear whether it will be back or not. Bravo did a lot of things right in making this an exciting, competitive hair show to watch.

    “I’m sorry to see
    the Shear Genius Season end”

    As a hairdresser, it was easy to feel nervous for the pressure these people were under to perform consistently under fire. Most hairdressers I know, have expertise in a limited amount of areas. To become truly a “shear genius” in all aspects of hairdressing is, in real life, rather unreasonable. Time doesn’t allow for it. It’s not unlike any other profession where we have “specialists” in different aspects of the profession.

    It takes determination, passion and dedication to become great in any field you choose to go into. Just to make it on the Shear Genius season demonstrated this groups passion and determination, for their trade. You could see it and hear it in their voices as they each proclaimed they were here to win the title of Shear Genius season winner. They also made evident their determination and dedication by their sheer courage to stand up to any challenge thrown at them, knowing they have some areas they are weaker in performing. That’s putting yourself on the line in front of friends, family and thousands of viewers to see all your imperfections.

    In most all of the exit interviews, gratitude was expressed for being given such a great experience. They added the fact that they had grown from their participation in this competition …. I’m sure of it! Bravo, bravo, bravo . . . to all the contenders! You are all winners in the bigger picture of it all!

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