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    The Short Hair Bob

    Short Bob Hairstyle

    Be Precise When Describing a Short Bob Hairstyle

    Being in the hair styling industry for as long as I have gives me a sense that I should be able to know exactly what you mean when you say, “I want a short bob hairstyle.”

    Short bob hairstyle’s are a great, flirty, sassy, classic, with flair. A look that can work for most hair types and face shapes. They are hot right now, but do you know what to expect if you ask a hairdresser for a “short bob hairstyle?”

    My educated guess is that hairdressers will have their own version of the short bob hairstyle. The version they will come up with for you may not look at all like the version you had in mind. If you name a celebrity who is currently wearing a short bobbed hairstyle you may have a better chance of getting that hairstyle.

    My suggestion is to do some research and bring in some pictures that you can discuss with your hairdresser. Check out Short Styles magazine, by Harris Publications. Or do a Google image search on the term “short bob hairstyle” you’ll find lots of great pictures you can print out and take with you to your next appointment with your hair stylist. Or checkout my favorite short hair site.

    Your hairdresser will need to take into consideration basically three things. Your hair type, face shape and your lifestyle issues.

    You should be discussing with your hairdresser how much time you are willing to spend on day-to-day styling your hair. What hair styling tools you are willing to use. What image you want to portray. What hair care products you should use. How often will you need to trim your hair?

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