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    Short Hairstyles Alert: Katharine McPhee’s New Look

    Katherine McPhee

    Short Hairstyles like Katharine McPhee’s are Attention Getters

    Short hairstyles get attention and Katharine McPhee is wearing one now. The reason for the change is likely because she is promoting her new “Had It All” music video that premiered just last week.

    We recently reported that Katharine McPhee went from brunette to a shocking blonde and now she has shocked us again by cutting her hair into one of the latest short hairstyles.

    Short Hairstyles

    I have to say that this new short look of Katharine McPhee’s is not one of my favorite of hers. I don’t think it is as flattering as her long brunette look. Celebrities typically turn to different and drastic hairstyle changes when they are promoting things, such as her new album, Unbroken, which is due out in January of 2010. I think that she wanted to create some buzz about her music, so she decided to try a short hairstyles look because she knew it would get people talking and boy did it!

    I think this hairstyle could be improved if the color was toned down a bit with some warmth added to the formula and her cut was a bit sleeker. Something like this:

    Short Hairstyles

    My opinion aside, many of our readers may love Katharine McPhee’s new look. If you are one who does, you should take a few things into consideration before you copy her hairstyle.

    Remember that blonde isn’t for everyone. Consult with a professional hair colorist to see if blonde is for you and how blonde you can actually go. For example, lighter complexions may be able to get away with going blonde all over, but if you have an olive skin with naturally dark hair like me, a few light high lights may be the only ‘blonde’ that can go into your hair.

    Also, whenever you are changing your hair color drastically, keep in mind that there will be a lot of upkeep. Re-growth will need to be touched up often which can be time-consuming and pricey.

    As for short hairstyles such as this one, it is best suited for oval or long face shapes. Katharine McPhee’s bangs help to create a wider look that helps to balance long faces. Since oval face shapes are considered ideal, they can wear just about any hairstyle including Katharine McPhee’s new short hairstyle. Short hairstyles may be higher maintenance.

    Round face shapes should avoid short hairstyles like Katharine McPhee’s, because the short length and layers, along with bangs can accentuate the width and roundness of your face. Here’s something for all you who like to sing!

    Check out Kat’s Karaoke Challenge, which is a fan contest on her Facebook page. Record yourself, family or friends singing the first verse of Katharine McPhee’s new single, “Had It All” to win an iPod Touch and phone call from Katharine McPhee!

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