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    6 Updos to Add a Little Romance to Hot Summer Nights

    Summer Updo

    How tos for these hot summer do’s

    Everything is right, and you’re looking forward to a romantic summer date with the perfect guy, but before you can say “margarita, please” you’re feeling your hair soaking up all the sun’s heat, making your neck hotter than the beach in August. Don’t worry—this doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a boring ponytail for your night out! There are plenty of sexy updos you can do yourself, meaning the only thing that’s hot is the sparks flying between you and your date.

    1. The Braid Bun Knot

    This is a great summer night look, no matter what your hair texture is. What’s great about this look is that it looks complicated, when it’s actually really simple. See these image step-by-step instructions and give it a whirl!

    Braided Bun Knot


     2. Loose Curly Bun

    Beware of too-tight ponytails and buns! While they can look sleek and neat, there’s something infinitely more romantic about effortlessly loose waves.

    Loose Curly Bun

    How to do it: Very loosely braid your hair down the center, making sure to leave plenty of breathing room for your hair to relax. Once you reach the back of your head, use an elastic to separate the hair that will make up the bun. If you have natural curls, lucky you! If not, use a curling iron to create loose curls. Don’t stress too much about making them perfect. The next step is to loosely swirl your curls around the base of the ponytail, making use of as many bobby pins as necessary to make the bun round. Embrace stray curls!

    Product we recommend: Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly hairspray. Spray a little of this on the bun to keep it together. What’s great about this spray is it won’t make your hair crunchy or hard—perfect for a date.

    3. Soft ‘n’ Sweet Bow Bun

    Want to make your hair look like you put tons of work into it in less time than it takes for a Popsicle to melt in the sun? Try this bow bun that draws attention to the nape of your neck, which is one of your best assets you probably don’t get to highlight too much. Check out the pictures below for how to do it yourself—wrap a section of your hair around the base of the bun to make the hair tie invisible!Elastic-less Bow Bun

     4. Not-so-Standard Bun

    A plain bun can be boring, but ideally your date is looking at the front of your hair, right? Add sweet touches like a braid on the side or some faux-bangs (no scissors required!) to spice it up. Part your hair far to one side, take a few bobby pins, and let your hair swoop across your forehead.

    Not so Standard Bun

    Product we recommend: Scünci’s No-Slip Grip bobby pins. Stop fiddling with your hair and start paying attention to your date with these pins that will hold your hair in place without damaging it.

    French Braid Bow

    5. French Braid Bow

     Try this one out if you’re a fan of driving with the windows down. A solid French braid on each side of your head will keep your hair in place, and tying the two together in a bow at the base of your neck will add a romantic touch.

    6. The Swirl

    It’s not quite a bun, it’s not quite an all-the-way updo, it’s not a braid . . . what is it? In the step-by-step instructions below, see how you can turn a braid into a soft, girl-next-door updo.

    The Swirl Updo

    Product we recommend: stay away from frizz even when it’s humid. John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease line offers a variety of products to prevent flyaways and keep your hair soft. We love the serum you can put in right after you shower—just a coin-sized amount in your wet hair and you can stop stressing for the rest of the day!

    For more great summer check out our Pinterest Updo Board

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