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Top Hairstyle Trends of the Golden Globes

Megan Fox with a deep chocolate hair color at golden globes 2013 hairstyles

 Hottest Hairstyle Trends of  Golden Globes!

Many people say the Golden Globes are sort of the ‘pre-game warm up’ for the Oscars and the celebrities themselves admit they are more relaxed and simply have more fun at the Golden Globes. Maybe it’s because they get to sit at tables and eat during the awards, but everything from fashion to hairstyles seems a bit more relaxed and fun at this show.

Keeping with a more relaxed theme, the top hairstyle trend at last night’s Golden Globes, reflected a sort of casual elegance with long, flowing waves and deep side parts. Deep, retro waves also showed up in mid-length hairstyles and updos too. Co-host Tina Fey led the way with her elegant side swept do. Her look was simple and gorgeous and let you focus on how funny she is, rather than on how fussy her hair was.

Tina Fey at the 2013 Golden Globes in a side swept hairstyle and coffee hair color

The ever gorgeous Amanda Seyfried showed us how long, blond cascading locks should look in a perfect world.

Amanda Seyfried at 2013 Golden Globes long, blonde cascading waves with caramel highlights

Claire Danes also looked stunning with her flowing mane, helped no doubt by the new mother hormones that are making her hair and skin glow.

Claire Danes at the 2013 Golden Globes with Long Golden Blonde with Pink Peek aboo highlights

And Jessica Alba gave a bit of Old Hollywood glamour to her more structured free fall of curls.

Jessica Alba at 2013 golden globes with long hair with deep side part and waves

Retro hairstyles ruled the night in long, medium and short hairstyles. Amy Adams looks like a 20’s doll in this updo with a deep side part and to-die-for finger waves! And, Michelle Dockery’s wavy short bob hairstyle is a classic old 20’s style with a modern twist!

Amy Adams Golden Globes 2013 Hairstyle an updo with a deep side part and finger waves

Michelle Dockery wavy bob hairstyle 2013 Golden Globes

Another hairstyle trend on the red carpet last night was the unstructured, ballerina bun. Perfectly complimenting each other as co-hosts, Amy Poehler’s side swept up-do was the right look to highlight her stunning eyes, and together she and Tina Fey embodied everything that is right when hair, makeup, fashion and personality come together.

This loose up-do trend looked fabulous on Jennifer Garner who softened the look with chunky pieces framing her face.

Jennifer Garner at 2103 Golden Globes loose updo hairstyle with chunky pieces

And even Emily Blunt, who chose a more sophisticated look, had a loose sort of playfulness to the back.  Together, the look perfectly complimented her personality and her exquisite dress.

Emily Blunt at the 2013 Golden Globes in a bun updo hairstyle

As with any award show, there were the fashion and hairstyle misses too. Why? Sometimes the harder we try. . . the worse it gets! So, what’s the lesson learned? It’s really the same for the stars as it is for we mere mortals; choose a hairstyle that you feel comfortable wearing, let your personality shine through, and make sure that your hairstyle is event appropriate. Pretty soon you too may be thanking the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, just like Adele!

Adele at the 2013 Golden Globes with a Poufy Updo

What hairstyle trend do you think was the ‘hottest’ at the 2013 Golden Globes?

Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by following our Pinterest Hair Trends Board and Celebrities Boards.

2013 Golden Globe Hairstyle Trends


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Hairstyle Ideas for Winter Months

Bold red edgy pixie hairstyle

 Warm Up Your Look This Winter With the Hottest Hairstyles

As mornings become colder and gloomier, it may be hard to find motivation and hairspiration to keep your look fresh and exciting. That cozy heating system and hot shower can be harsh on hair, leaving it dull and lifeless. Be sure to load up on conditioner. But also, consider a new look to add life to those locks.Winter is a perfect time for a change of hairstyle, or a time to make an old look new again. Add a little style to the season and embrace the hottest  hairstyle trends.

Keira Knightley: Sexy Pixie Short hair with blonde highlights

Make the Cut

If you’ve considered going for a shorter hairstyle, now is the perfect time, with the season’s hottest new pixie cuts. Asymmetrical shapes with long sharp edges or tousled looks, a pixie cut is chic and totally fashionable. If you’ve always worn a longer hairstyle, consider taking the first step with one of this winter’s edgy bobs. Be sure to take a few pics of your favorite looks and ask your hair stylist for styling tips and product recommendations. For a fun, messy style, one of my go-to products is a spray wax, Tigi Headbanger and with it’s yummy coconut scent . . . is an awesome choice!

Ashlee Simpson: Short blonde bob

Color Your World

A new hair color is a great way to change your style without opting for a drastic haircut. Why not add some heat to your winter with a sexy, fun color change this season. A reverse ombre hair color, where roots are lighter and ends gradually become darker, is a hot new direction in hair color. Celebs like Jessica Simpson and Beyonce are fearlessly rocking this flirty look.

Jessica Simpson Reverse Ombre Haircolor Long layers

Beyonce reverse ombre long curly hair
Shades of reds (a personal fave of mine) are showing up bold this season! Whether you want a dramatic coppery red or a cool auburn look, (think Ashley Greene -Twilight) red is a fun way to spice things up. If red is your hair color this winter, be sure to invest in a color protectant or color depositing shampoo to keep your color bright. Bumble and Bumble Color Minded Shampoo (protects color from washing away) and Color Support Shampoo (actually deposits red color back into hair!) have been go-to products for me when rocking my favorite red hairstyle.

Ashley Greene:  Long Layers red hair color

Embrace the Braids

If you don’t want to go for a permanent change but need a little hairstyle inspiration, consider channeling you inner renaissance girl and try out an adorable braid. Whether it’s a simple single braid down the back, a side french or fishtail braid, or a braided headband, braids are an easy way to embrace one of the hottest hairstyles. We’ve got some great ideas on our Pinterest braids board, a great source for ideas, and also includes some great tutorials.

Glee Star Diana Agron:  Braided halo headband blonde romantic updo

Accessorize Your Look

Headbands are a quick and easy way to incorporate some style and bling into your winter looks. Whether you want to glam up your hair for a sultry red carpet look or just add some interest to an every day style, the season is full of a variety of headbands from fun and flirty to sophisticated and glamorous. Check out boutiques and department stores in  your local malls, or try online shopping, to find just the right piece for complete your look. Hot celebrities like Charlize Thereon, and Taylor Swift, show us the versatility of this look.

Charlize Theron Sideswept bun blingy headband hot winter updo

Taylor Swift: Wavy Long Hair with grecian headband

Whether you’re looking for a drastic change or just a subtle way to amp up your hairstyle, the hottest hairstyle ideas for 2013 offer a variety of looks that range from hot and daring to pretty and understated. Winter isn’t just for a large dose of Starbucks and movie marathons; add a dose of winter style with one of the 2013 hottest hair trends.

For more winter hair ideas check out our Pinterest Winter Hair Tips board.

Neilie Weidell
Contributing author Neilie Weidell is a professional cosmetologist at The Uptown Hair District in Minneapolis, a Bumble and Bumble Educator, and Wella Education Specialist. Neilie has worked with the best, including celebrity hair stylists Kaz Amor, Nicholas French, Nick Arrojo, The Doves, Gina Khan, Richard Hudavoni and Melissa Stone of Sojourn.You can follow Neilie’s blog at or on Twitter @mplsstylist.

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Runway Hair Trends for Winter


A Peek Into 2013 Hairstyle Trends Inspiration!

Hairstyles are something that you select, not just by what is currently in fashion, but also by your personal preference. The style that suits you best will be the one that balances with your face shape, works with your hair type, and suits your personality.  There is certain to be a style that will make you look fabulous this season, and something that works perfect with your current taste in fashion. Here are a few of the styles to watch for this season, and the best part is . . .  they are simple and easy to achieve at home.

Long Sleek Hair featured at Prada, runways of  the Winter 2012/2013

Straight, Sleek Hair 

Straight hair is definitely in again this season. The straight hair look has been popular on and off for a few years now, and it looks like once again, it’s totally back in vogue. Prada, featured a stream of models wearing long, super straight hair on the runways of  the Winter show. While many of the looks were achieved with hair extensions, the straight, sleek styles can be replicated easy enough and any length hair will do.  To achieve the super straight look,

  • Apply a smoothing serum to clean damp hair and blow dry smooth
  • Mist with a Thermal Protection Spray
  • Smooth with a flat-iron

Prada also showed some unique dip-dyed hair colour techniques. It may not be for everyone . . . but it’s NOT boring!

2013 Winter Hairstyle Trend Volumized Waves

Romantic Waves

Gucci showed us romantic waves, on the runways of their fall 2012 fashion show and it was a bit hit!  This style works best for those of you with some natural wave to your hair. It is perfect for those romantic nights out with the love of your life, but it works even if you just want to have that classic, sexy look going on. Save your hair wear and tear from the heat using these easy steps and you’ll have big voluminous waves for days!

  • Shampoo/Condition hair at night
  • Blow dry or air-dry till 95% dry
  • Twist hair into a high top-knot and pin into place

The Elizabethan Chignon

Another look that has made a fashion comeback,  in a number of different ways, is the chignon. Kenzo’s models wore this look during the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 fashion show. This look is perfect for any occasion and to achieve it you simply need  hair long enough to backcomb into a low ponytail. The heavy side swept bang updates the look.  The hair is loosely tied back and rolled into a sort of Elizabethan style, to look chic, soft and sexy. The beauty of this style is that it doesn’t need to follow any rules and it does not have to be perfect to look perfect!  .

The great thing about the winter hairstyle trends is you can literally be as creative as you want. Experiment with these styles, or simply create your own version of any of the looks. The new season is all about creativity and you can make up your own style . . . maybe even one that will start a new trend  for the Spring/Summer.

This article was provided by Hershesons. Visit their site to learn how to work an invisible hair ponytail into your fashion for the upcoming season! And for more winter hair ideas check out our Pinterest Winter Hair Tips board.

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