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    American Idol Kellie Pickler for Sexy Hair Products

    Kellie Pickler Hair Style


    Kellie Pickler of American Idol Fame Will Pitch for Sexy Hair Products

    “Kellie Pickler Pitches Sexy Hair”Kellie Pickler, former American Idol, now top country music star, has been signed up as spokesperson by one of the leading haircare product companies in the industry, “Sexy Hair.” Kellie will represent their line of, Big Sexy Hair, Short Sexy Hair, Sexy Bath & Body and Sexy corporate. Check out the video for Kellie’s, Big Sexy Hair!!

    “Sexy Hair” has made it’s mark in the forever expanding world of hair products! Just when you think you might have found something that works . . . out comes the next new thing with a different twist that makes you wonder if IT may be that unique hair product to bring your hair to new heights! I haven’t tried any of their products yet, too many products too little time. But, I’ve heard good reports, mostly on their hair spray. If any of you have tried Sexy Hair, let us know what you think.

    Cheryl Burke Sexy Hair
    Cheryl Burke, Dancing With the Stars

    Cheryl Burke, formerly with Dancing With the Stars, will also be a new spokesperson this spring for Sexy Hair care products. She will be representing Straight Sexy Hair, Healthy Sexy Hair and Sexy corporate.

    I saw the “Sexy Hair” platform artists at a big hair show last spring and let me just say, they were the STARS of the three day show. They made hair do things it was never meant to do! We were totally entertained by these hairdresser/rock-n-rollers!! CEO, Jim Morrison (do you think that name is a coincidence?) says, “Sexy Hair is an attitude! It’s about youth, energy, vitality and feeling sexy.” I believe that was their message.

    Sexy Hair has other star spokespersons; The Pussycat Dolls, Girlicious and for the guys, Close to Home.

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