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    Feather Hair Styles for Back to School Hair Bling!

    Long Black Straight Hair Style with Feather Hair Extension

    Hair feather extensions, tweet tweet!

    You haven’t gotten a hair feather extension yet? Why not??  It’s time to be thinking about great back to school hair styles and tips . . . this year definitely think feathers as an accessory for your hairdo!

    Hair feathers may only have been available for purchase at a few of your local edgier hair salons a few months ago . . . but now a majority of salons can get you feathered quickly and for a reasonable price!  If you have a knack for working with hair, you can buy feather extensions online and with a few instructions, apply your own feather creations for your own feather hairstyles!

    The feather trend was fueled by some of Hollywood’s more outrageous, untamed types, like Johnny Depp, my favorite pirate, and American Idol favorite Steve Tyler.

    At the Premiere Orlando International Hair Show in June, the feather extensions were a huge hit. “They drew crowds for the entire 3 days of the show,” reported Modern Salon, “though some starter kits sold out within just hours.”  Hair feathers have caught fire and women everywhere are embracing the sultry, sexy look of feathers in their hair!  Rooster feathers are particularly hot now.

    Side by Side Pics of two different hair styles with feather hair extensionsTwo Women with Curled hair feathers in long and medium length hair

    Short hair feather extensions look great!

    Short feathers in hair look great!

    A Ponytail Hair Style with a feather hair extension

    Hair feathers add to ponytails!

    Hair Feather Extensions Blow Dried into a Hair Style

    Blow-dried feathers

    Who can wear hair feathers?

    Hair feather extensions can be adapted to fit all hair types.  The feathers are real, not synthetic, so they can be washed, blow dried or curled with an iron to blend into curly hair. They also can be cut, short, medium or long, to blend in with all hair lengths.

    How long will they last? Can I reuse them?

    When beaded onto your hair as an extension (vs. clip-in) the extension can last from 4 to 8 weeks before needing to be re-threaded. With good care the quality of your feathers will last for months and you will be able to reuse them.  Be careful and go light on the heat of your styling tools and they will last for months.

    How much do they cost? Where can I find them?

    Salons in my area of Minneapolis, St. Paul, are charging $10.00 to $15.00 for one feather extension beaded in to your hair. A great resource to find a salon near you that does this service is

    If you are a DIY’er a 10 feather pack will normally run you around $15.00 to $25.00. But you will also need some tools to attach your feathers. Other sources are or where you may find feather packs of 10 for $12.00 or more.  The feather packs come in all different colors and some include a bead pack for attachment. Make sure the bead is a fit for your hair color.

    How do you apply hair feather extensions?

    There are plenty of videos available on how to apply hair feather extensions. Here’s one that I think you’ll like. Just in time for the perfect back to school hair accessory! So what are you waiting for? Go out and get feathered!

    For more great accessory ideas check out our Pinterest Accessorize your Hairdo Board


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    Back to School Hairstyles

    Back to School Hairstyles


    Long and Short Back to School Hairstyles

    Looking for more back to school hairstyles ideas? Here are some of my favorite back to school hairstyles for obvious reasons . . . they are quick and easy hairstyles when you’ll be needing to fly out the door AND still look great at school!  For the easiest and quickest styling, leave those things that take the most time to the night b4 . . . like shampooing, blow drying, and curling. Once that’s taken care of, the hairstyle you choose to wear for the day will be a cinch! Pony tails, half up-dos, braids and crimps are fast and sweet if your hair is long. For shorter hair, think headbands, sparkly barrettes and a little bit-o-gel and you’ll be set!

    Back to School Hairstyles
    Drew Barrymore in French braids a great back to school hairstyle

    French braids have unlimited variations and can be done with one length hair as well as layered hairstyles. It just takes a little practice up front and then you can create as many hairstyles as you can come up with. See more celebrity braids and a great french braiding how-to video that will get you started Oh, and don’t forget about pigtails!

    Back to School Hairstyles
    Nicole Ritchie simple boho braided back to school hairstyle

    Get this boho look by parting hair down the middle. Take out a one inch section on both sides, a couple of inches back from the hairline. Taking a two-inch section above each ear, clip it out-of-the-way. Brush hair into a low bun, tuck ends under and secure with bobby pins. Braid the one inch sections down and pin at nape or into the bun. Braid the two-inch sections up and over the top of the head and secure with pins. Spray with a shine serum or smooth with a smoothing cream.

    Back to School Hairstyles
    Strong “disconnection” short back to school hairstyle

    Renowned hairdresser William De Ridder, shows a versatile, strong “disconnection” short back to school hairstyle. We will be seeing more variations of the “disconnection” cut this season. The disconnection makes for an interesting hairstyle and it can be played around with to get many different looks. Don’t forget, headbands and sparkly barrettes to change it up!!

    Back to School Hairstyles
    Rhinna gets short back to school hairstyle!

    Ok, so maybe Rihanna is wearing a bit more sparkle than you would choose to wear back to school (think prom though . . .) but if it were just a little bit less of it . . . like a barrette, or a sparkly bobby pin or two layered, it would be perfect for changing up your short back to school hairstyle!


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