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    This Fetching Fringe Will Make You Want to Grab the Scissors!

    Whether You Call Them Bangs or Fringe They Are an Essential Hair Styling Advantage

    Have you heard the word about fringe? It’s the newest way to make any haircut unique. Forget those old, blunt cut bangs, today’s fringe frame your face, cut out a curve, add softness to look or make a bold fashion statement.

    Every woman at some time or other asks “should I get fringe?” and “what fringe is right for me”? Whether you call them bangs or fringe . . . Lots of attention is being paid to the look by Hollywood celebrity hairdressers these days. Personally, I’m glad to see it. I think hairstyles with fringe are often overlooked as a style option. It can be wonderful for those of you that have great eyes.

    short blunt bob with bangs and caramel highlights
    The best fringe hairstyles are razor cut when your hair is dry, razor cutting permits the ultimate control and customization of the texture. For a business hairstyle, small individual pieces are razored to frame your eyes and blend into the sides. If you like a more high-fashion approach, super-thick, chunky fringe and even ones cut to two different lengths and tinted two-tones are the way to go.

    Blunt Bangs

    Fringe will draw the visual focal point toward your eyes. Fringe is a must for those of you with oblong face shapes and high foreheads. If you have a broad forehead or a high hairline, fringe can be a lifesaver. However, if you have a small forehead or a disproportionately long, low facial shape, skip the fringe.

    To choose the best fringe hair-style for you, consult with your hairdresser, have your hairdresser recommend a fringe style that will work with your haircut and hair type. In general, finer hair looks best with long, wispy fringes, while thicker hair can be used to create thicker, chunkier looks.



    A soft, wispy approach to fringe makes a layered bob look ultra-feminine. Frances DuBose of London Hair in Mt. Pleasant, SC, loves the look for thick hair that’s highly graduated in the back. The longer length in front allows eyes to peek out while the sides frame the cheekbones. By razoring in layers, DuBose makes the effect extra-soft. When you dry, direct the back and sides forward to enhance the textured feeling.

    Wispy Fringe


    Use longer hair to create a side swoop, and you’ve got a playful look that you can change at a moment’s notice. George Panagiotopolos of Yellow Strawberry Global Salon in Sarasota, FL, parts hair on the far side clips one front piece a bit shorter and dries all the hair to the side. It can also be swept to the opposite side or styled straight back for no fringe at all. This version is best paired with little crops and bobs that fall to ear lobe length.



    Convertible bangs like these feature layers that are directed to the sides. George Panagiotopolos of Yellow Strawberry Global Salon in Sarasota, FL, designed the look to put more focus on your eyes while adding volume and lift at the sides. Pull a few more pieces forward at nighttime; during the day, play up the style’s fashionable edge. Golden high lights, positioned where the fringe splits, adds a touch of shine.

    Long Layered Hair Style with Bangs


    It’s taken years of work, but women have discovered how femine and flirtatious, they can look by simply adding soft fringe to any hair style. What’s great about using clip-in fringe to achieve this look is that its non-committal . . . You can add fringe without ever cutting a single strand of hair in an instant. If you haven’t checked out the clip-in fringe section of your local beauty supply store in a while,  you’re in for a pleasant surprise as the recent additions are amazing.

    clip in bangs

    20 Different Ways to Style or Hide Side Bangs/Fringe

    Fringe gives women dozens of options and new versatility in choices of her looks. A little flip of the wrist with a curling iron or a few snips with the scissors and presto . . . A whole new you. And if you’re looking for lots of head turning fringe ideas, check out my Pinterest Beautiful Bangs and Fringe Board.

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    Short Hair Bangs . . . and the Winner is

    Lissa Rinna Short Hair Style with Bangs.

    Short hair with bangs (fringe, for of all you Brits)

    Short and bangs are like peanut butter and jelly, they just naturally go together. Americans know them as bangs but much of the world knows them as fringe. If you are looking for a quick, easy way to update your look . . . try adding or changing the style of your hairdo. There are hairstyles with bangs to fit your face shape, hairstyle and hair type, just start watching for it.

    A frustrating issue I hear often, is this:

    I would like to wear short? bangs but can’t because I have cowlicks. Or, my hair is too wavy or curly to wear short hair bangs, they have a mind of their own.,,

    The frustrating part here is, I know these women could wear short hair with bangs if they just knew how to style them.

    Cowlicks can be tamed and straightened with a flat iron. Because of the flat irons ability to lay on the forehead, without burning, these hair types can now achieve straight bangs easily and quickly.

    If you’re having a hard time believing this one because of your past experience, have your hair dresser show you how it’s done. You may be pleasantly surprised!

    The most favored choice of short bangs today is bangs that are styled forward in long chunky pieces and high lighted to add more texture and depth. Texturizing techniques give movement and airiness to the long layered bangs. Paris Hilton, Lisa Rinna and Sienna Miller show slightly different versions of this look.

    Short Hair With Bangs
    Sienna Miller in Long and chunky short bangs

    Short Hair Bangs
    Natalie Imbruglia with short bangs

    Another trendy, but less worn hairstyle is the heavy, blunt cut bang of the 60’s, (think early Cher.) It can be an extremely vogue look on woman who carry it off by dressing in vogue fashion. But others, beware, hairstyles with straight, heavy bangs can be the kiss of death in, oh, so many ways! Round face shapes and square face shapes should steer clear of the blunt cut bang hairstyles. These bangs will give the illusion of added weight to your face shape. Kelly Osborne wears this hairstyle, despite of her round face shape . . . but that’s Kelly!

    The short-short, fringy bangs are soooo cute, particularly on petite women, or women with small bone structures and face shapes. These types of short hair bangs can be wispy with uneven edges, or, chunkier and uneven. If you have big round eyes, and a smaller frame, you must try this type of short hair with bangs. The only face shape that should not wear this is an oblong or rectangular face shape, this hairstyle will only make you face shape longer.

    OHH . . . and this is important, you should have a nice face, because the short-short fringy bang hair style shows everything off! A well proportioned face is best, that means, if you have a large nose, chin or forehead, think twice about the fringe.

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    The Big Bang Theory; Hairstyles with Bangs

    Kelly Osbourne with angular bangs
    How to wear bangs

    To bang or not to bang, that is the question . . . How often have you asked yourself “Should I get bangs?” Adding bangs to your hairstyle is a tricky proposition; done well, hairstyles with bangs add an element of edginess and flair to your look. Done poorly you are doomed to a partnership with headbands and barrettes for many moons to come, and the “should I get bangs” question is one that you will wish you never asked yourself.

    Before making that first snip, consider this . . .

    Before choosing a hairstyle with bangs, consider the shape of your face. Bangs will alter the look of your face shape, so if you have a very round face or a very square face with width at your jaw line, bangs probably aren’t for you. Remember how ridiculous Kelly Osborne looked with bangs? Her face shape is too round to carry them off. If you want the effect of bangs without the drama, try a few soft wispy pieces before making a commitment to a deeper cut. Think Maria Schwarzenegger. Her jaw line is particularly square, and the fringe hairstyle with side swept bangs give softness to an otherwise angular face.

    Side by Side Reese Witherspoon and Rooney Mara both with bangs

    If you have a heat shaped, triangular or oval face, bangs can work for you. Rooney Mara is doing a fantastic job making her angular cut work for her. Her hairstyle with bangs is dramatic and edgy and gives her lots of fashion options. Reese Witherspoon is another good candidate for bangs. Her heart-shaped face is complimented by her long hairstyle with bangs that can be combed down for a full fringe effect, or swept to the side for a softer, more romantic look.

    Remember if you choose a hairstyle with bangs or a fringe hairstyle, work your way into it. Try cutting bangs a bit longer than you think you want them to be. Hair shrinks a bit when it dries, and it’s always easier to go shorter but only nature can correct a haircut that’s too short. If your hair is long – shoulder length or below – you may want to start with a tapered cut around your face. Cutting bangs directly into your hair at the brow line can be too harsh a look for some people, so consider fringe that begins at your jaw line and tapers to a shorter bang as you approach eye level.

    For more great bangs styles check out our Pinterest Beautiful Bangs Boards.

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