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    Cosmetology School is a Great Career Choice

    “Cosmetology School Database”How to become a hairdresser is a topic that a lot of my readers and students have interest in. I get quite a few questions about cosmetology schools and becoming a hairdresser via email and comments from readers. So I’m passing along one of my favorite destinations Cosmetology Schools Directory In addition to a State by State searchable database they have some good information about the cosmetology school industry, here is a sampling of what you’ll find:


    Common Questions and Answers

    Find answers to commonly asked questions and learn more about careers and education in the beauty arts. Choose an area of study, or a question category using the Q&A box on the right.

    Vital Statistics

    According to the NACCAS 2003 Job Demand Survey ?

    • There were more than 1,600,00 professionals working in more than 312,000 beauty salons, skin care salons, nail salons, and barber shops in January of 2003.

    Since 1999?

    • The number of salon professionals is up 24%
    • The number of salons is up 5.6%
    • The number of workstations/chairs is up 9%
    • The number of employees leaving their positions is down 12%
    • The number of new hires is up 37%
    • Where can I find information about beauty and cosmetology schools?

    Choosing the Right School


    • Is there any difference between a beauty school and a cosmetology school?
    • Is there anything I can do to help facilitate my decision making process?
    • Should I visit the cosmetology school before making a final decision?
    • Should I limit my search for cosmetology schools to ones that are located in close proximity to where I live?

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