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How to find a board certified hair colorist

Hair Colorist

How do you assure the hair colorist you choose is knowledgeable, competent or . . . qualified?

Any licensed barber or beautician can legally color your hair. Cosmetologists and Barbers are tested on basic aspects of hair coloring in board exams. But, I can tell you first hand, there is much more to learn in becoming an accomplished board certified hair colorist than just becoming licensed to use hair color on the public.

Additional education is needed to become a board certified hair colorist. Unfortunately, to the demise of our profession, some learn by trial and error, or strictly by experience. Has your hair colorist chosen to extend education in the profession of hair coloring?

If you have been unable to find a good hair colorist by referral, here is one way you can assure yourself the hair colorist you chose has reached a higher level of competency and knows this complex subject matter.

The American Board of Certified Hair Colorists, has created a program with a stringent test mechanism, created by a committee of fellow licensed hair colorists professionals. The test has been developed and refined over the past 5 years to establish in the profession, a greater level of ability.

Adjustments have been made to balance the degree of difficulty of the exam, as the first year, 50% of the students failed the examination. (Only licensed barbers and beauticians can take this course. That may tell you how much the average licensed professional, is lacking, in the way of hair coloring knowledge.)

Clearly, there are various levels of ability in hair colorists. There is always more to learn about this subject. A recognized “Board Certified Hair Colorist” is an easy way for the consumer to recognize a hair colorist that has achieved a higher level of capability in hair coloring.

So how do you find these Board Certified Hair Colorists?

Currently, you can find board certified hair colorists listed in ads that run in hairstyle magazines. You can call 888-425-6578 or just go to their trade association website and follow the link for finding a hair colorist in your area.

I know there are good, competent, hair colorists out there who are NOT Board Certified and that have gone the extra mile to get the training necessary to be superior hair colorists. But, I talk to a lot of consumers who have problems finding competent people. This is just an excellent resource for the consumer to be able to select those hair colorists, in their area, that have clearly reached a greater level of excellence.

The website has a practice exam online for professionals. I suggest any of you licensed professionals, who question if you could get any benefit in taking this course, to go there and take it. Go to, FAQ’s, Review Study Material, Practice Exam.

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Best Hair Color for Your Hair Type

Hair Color and Hair Type

The Secret to Getting The Best Hair Coloring  

Many factors can affect getting the best hair color for your hair. The most misunderstood is the impact of color on your hair’s natural texture and basic hair type.

When Opposites Don’t Attract

One way to enhance the beauty of the hair color that nature gave you is to favor hair coloring techniques that work well with your hair’s texture.

David Stanko, a hair color consultant and working hair colorist at Angelo David Salon in New York City, explains, “If you have fine hair type and you want high lights, fine or delicate ones are your best bet. Likewise, medium-textured hair can handle medi­um-sized woven high lights and coarse hair can handle more aggressive techniques or bigger woven pieces,” You can break the rules to achieve a trendier result, but that depends on the trend. “Fine hair with heav­ily woven high lights or chunky hair color isn’t what we’re seeing a lot of now,” he says.“Best Hair Color Ideas for Your Hair Type”

For starters, your hair colorist should determine which tech­nique will work best for you, says Suzie Bond, owner of Perfect 5th in Mooresville, NC. If you have fine hair, it’s best to stick with a single or monochromatic hair color and, for dimension, have just a few strategical placed brighter sections added to build movement at the bottom of your hair style. “Five foils is plenty,” says Bond. “Adding more reduces the contrast and makes hair took lighter.”

Another way to give fine hair a boost is to keep most of your hair color—or the base shade-one level deeper than your natural shade. “This will make your hair appear thicker, as long as the true between appointments doesn’t exceed 5 weeks,” Bond says. “If it does, the illusion will be lost in translation!”

Medium textured hair can work with either smaller or larger high lighted sections. Bond prefers to place the dimensional pieces under the part line, then use a base hair color to enrich the natural shade. Most natural hair colors are ashy and dull, she says, so choose a brighter, more golden version of your natural level to increase richness and shine.

Best Hair Color For Curl

Curly hair demands special attention. According to Christo, owner of Christo Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and a curly hair specialist, Try techniques that combine complementary shades. including caramel tones, creme vanilla and cinnamon blonde to make curls stand out.” Brunettes should opt for light, warm colors, such as chocolate and ivory browns, while redheads can be spiced up with prominent high lights and copper bases.

Christo’s approach shows that there are always more than one way to make your best hair color show up on curl. Take bigger chunks for high lights or use more tones, which are different enough from one another to stand out.
“You need to identify the wave pattern first,” adds Stanko. “Is it wavy, curly or extremely curly? The tighter the curl, the more exaggerated the high lights should be to prevent the color from getting lost in the hair.”

Stanko’s favorite new technique is to create foiled high lights, then use baliage between the foils. The result is perfect root-to-end high lights along with “lived-in” high lights that are created by painting them on.

“With strategic pieces around the face or at the top of the crown, the benefit is that they grow out a bit more softly,” says Stanko. “Baliage sits off the root, so as your hair grows, you keep a color effect without looking like you need a retouch.”

Coarse hair can handle almost anything, agree hair colorists, except little fine pieces. Because this hair type is dense, larger sections need to be colored to be seen. For coarse hair, it’s realty a waste of time to apply 100 foils—and who wants to sit for them anyway? If your hair is coarse, Bond suggests trying a new base hair color that’s slightly lighter than your natural shade, then add 15 larger foils of high lights that are three or four times lighter than it.

Be Instantly Hot

Whatever your hair texture, the most trendy look today uses larger dimensional sections under the part line; they’re tastefully done, not chunky stripes. Another option that’s right for any hair type is human hair extensions, which are used to give your own strands a break from chemical services.

According to extension specialist Charlotte Jayne at Garland Drake in Newport Beach, CA, the newest trend in human hair extensions is to add two or three customized hair colors with dip-in pieces. “It’s a great way to get both high lights and lowlights and save your natural hair fiber from chemical wear and tear,” says Jayne. For free hair color samples, go to and click on “Free Samples” at the bottom of the page.

For more great hair color ideas check out our Pinterest Hair Coloring Ideas Board.



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Top Hair Products List


Stylist Choice Awards Slide



Having troubles finding the top hair products?

Here’s a useful list of top hair products professionals have voted as their favorites! It is a worthy list to tuck away for future reference when bad hair days arise and your old styling product just aren’t doing it for you anymore.
Are you having problems finding hair care products that work for your hair type and style?

This top hair products list comes right from the horse’s mouth. It comes from an annual poll taken from professional hairdressers across the country.? Hundreds of hair stylists put in a vote for their top hair styling products picks of the year and below are the top 5 finalists in each category.

This year’s list of categories varies slightly from other years. I noticed it contains areas for hair stylist programs, contests and business information. If this year’s list doesn’t cover a category you’re looking for, take a look at these top hair products from previous years. For instance, this year left out specific categories for products for men, color protection and for volumizing.

Top Hair Products – Shampoo/Conditioner Duo

  • Paul Mitchell Awaphui Wild Ginger
  • Matrix Biolage Hydrating Shampoo
  • PureOlogy HydrateShampoo
  • Redken Color Extend Shampoo
  • Sebastian Drench Shampoo

Top Hair Products – Best Deep or Restorative Conditioner

  • It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask
  • Joico K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor
  • Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask
  • Redken Chemistry SySallys Hair Productsstem
  • Sebastian Penetraitt

Top Hair Products – Favorite Dry Shampoo

  • Sexy Hair Big Sexy Volumizing Dry Shampoo
  • Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder
  • Kenra Platnium Dry Shampoo
  • KMS Hairplay Makeover Spray
  • TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Little Secret

Top Hair Products – Favorite Smoothing System

  • Matrix Sleek.look Blow-Down Extreme Crème
  • Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
  • Moroccanoil Oil Treatment
  • Redken Smooth Down
  • Pureology Super Smooth

Top Hair Products – Favorite Hair Styling Product

  • Sebastian Whipped Creme
  • Moroccanoil Oil Treatment
  • Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
  • Redken Wax Blast 10
  • TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost Spray

Top Hair Products – Favorite Hairspray

  • Kenra Volume Spray 25
  • Sebastian Shaper
  • Redken Quick Dry
  • Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play
  • TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece


Top Hair Products – Fine or Thinning Hair Care Product

  • Bosley Professional Strength
  • Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lemon Sage
  • Redken Body Full
  • Joico Clinicure
  • Nioxin Scalp Therapy

Top Hair Products – Favorite Multicultural Company

  • Clairol Professional
  • Design Essentials
  • Mizani
  • Paul Mitchell
  • Namaste

Top Hair Products – Favorite Product You Can’t Live Without

  • It’s a 10
  • Kenra Volume Hairspray 25
  • Moroccanoil Oil Treatment
  • Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
  • Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray

Top Hair Products – Favorite hair dryer

  • BaByliss Pro
  • Farouk Systems CHI Turbo
  • Paul Mitchell Ion Dry
  • SuperSolano
  • FHI Heat

Top Hair Products – Favorite Flat Iron

  • BaByliss Pro
  • Farouk Systems CHI Ceramic
  • FHI Heat
  • ghd Styling Iron
  • Paul Mitchell Express Iron

Thanks to the folks at for giving us this year’s top hair products finalists list!



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