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What’s your best hair styles for your body shape?

Kelly Clarkson has a round face shape and should not wear this bob hairstyle

What’s your best hair styles for your body shape

You may think this sounds frivolous at first, matching the design of the best hair styles for body shape, but, when you’re in love with your hair style, one underlying design feature it has is . . . it all balances out. A good hairdresser knows this intuitively and creates it by design.

“Get the best hair styles for your body shape” If you have a medium build, you have more options and your hair type, face shape and lifestyle issues will take precedence in what works best for you. Here are some typical body shapes and general rules of thumb to go by for choosing the right hairstyle.

  • Best Hair Styles for Body Shape: Small and petite

    • Stay away from: Big hair, it will overpower your body shape. Also, wearing it longer than shoulder length is out of proportion for your height.

    • Go towards: Short hair, it will flatter you best! Experiment with super short, edgy hair styles with sharp definitive lines, boyish short looks, or feminine wispy hair styles.

  • Best Hair Styles for Body Shape: Short and curvy

    • Stay away from: Avoid hair styles that create rounded silhouettes. Big hair will overpower your frame and too short of hair will give the illusion of a smaller head and weightier frame.

    • Go towards: Your best hair styles will give the illusion of lengthening your body shape. Go for looks with height on top that are not too full on the sides and are not longer than the collar bone.

  • Best Hair Styles for Body Shape: Tall and large boned

    • Stay away from: Cutting your hair too short will make your head appear smaller, making your body shape appear larger.

    • Go towards: Medium and longer lengths work best that are layered to give some fullness, shape and femininity to your hair style.


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