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Beyonce Hair Styles the Best and Worst

Beyonce hair styles
Beyonce Hair Styles Still Set Trends

“Beyonce Hair Styles”Beyonce is hitting front pages these day with her newly released singles, “If I were a boy” and “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” The album is due to be released on November 18th. But, that’s not all, she’s also been busy working on the film, “Cadillac Records,” due at the theaters on December 5th. Here she’ll be portraying the late, great blues singer, Etta James.

Beyonce Hair Styles
Beyonce hair styles are a no brainer, Beyonce has the versatile, heart shaped face shape! There is little that you could do wrong, as a hairdresser, in creating hair styles for this face shape. But, clearly when features are so great, let em shine!! Doesn’t matter how new or old the picture, Beyonce’s hair always look best with her hair back and off her face. Although she wears slicked back well, a little bit of height and fullness on top when all pulled back, makes her eyes, smile and cheekbones pop!

Beyonce Hair Styles
Just to show a little contrast, the hair style Beyonce wears in the upcoming film, “Cadillac Records” is one of the rare shapes that doesn’t do so well to flatter Beyonce’s heart shape face. (I say this lightly, as after all, she still is gorgeous) The old “bubble cut” is too top heavy with tightly tapering sides and no weight or length on the bottom to balance. This hair shape on a strong heart shaped face can make the chin look more ‘pointy’ at different angles as below.

Beyonce Hair Styles
The middle part is also not the most flattering on a heart shape face, whether the hair is flat or full. Usually with this center part the top becomes too flat.

Beyonce Hair Styles
An off center part works better on a heart shaped face in adding a little asymmetrical look.

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Beyonce Hair is Mod Inspired

Do you have the face shape for this cut?

Beyonce has the face shape and personality to rock this 60’s mod inspired short crop hair style. She released a teaser video debuting “Countdown,” off her new album 4 and she wears this wig which mirrors a version of a new short hairstyle trend on the rise.


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Beyonce’s heart face shape is the perfect face shape for this short crop hair style.  An oval face shape would also be a perfect fit. Beyonce is the ultimate changeover queen and we love that about her!  She is a model of style and grace and is a catalyst to consider transformations of our own.  She’s gone from straight to curly and from brunette to blonde and looks fabulous in just about any hair color and cut she chooses! (I did think she was colored with way too much gold once and it was an obvious clash with her skin tone.)

Short Crop, Mod Inspired Razor Cut

Nick Arrojo, celebrity hair stylist and master educator and the Empire Education Group have just released this modern twist on this 60’s inspired short crop hair style. We’ve been seeing versions of this cut popping up everywhere lately, so if you like cute, trendy hair . . . consider some kind of a crop hair style.  And, an added benefit of this crop hair style is it’s versatility. Razor cutting gives more styling flexibility to the hair cut.

The above model has a heart-shaped face, just like Beyonce’s, and it’s a perfect match for the silhouette of this haircut.  Arrojo explains,”  “This model’s fine, dense hair and facial shape inspired me to go for a sixties feeling with a new twist,” He used a razor to create movement and texture through the top. Color was also used to enhance the dimension in the cut.

Do you have the face shape to wear a crop hair style?  

If you’re not sure what face shape you have check out your face shape  and hair type here.  But, don’t disallow the possibility of being able to wear a short crop hair style just because you don’t have the perfect heart-shaped face or oval face shape shown above.  Every face shape is not a perfect oval, heart, round or square shape.  Just look around . . . there are no two face shapes alike! But, your face shape will fall into one category more than another.  An experienced hair dresser will know if the short crop hair style is a good fit for you. Talk with a seasoned professional before cutting it all off. Or . . . you could just slip on a wig like Beyonce!

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