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Black Hair Style

The Easiest Black Hair Style of All!

Now some black hair styles are easier than others, but model Amber Rose here with Kanye West, at the Metropolitan Opera’s 125th Anniversary Party on March 15th, shows the easiest short black hair style of them all. If you are thinking of braving short hair like Ambers this summer, there are a few attributes, dare I say, that you would be wise to check out first.

Before reving up those clippers, ask a professional to check out if you have a decent head shape. I’m not joking. Hairdressers feel head shapes day in and day out and can save you from any surprises, like lumps and bumps, or flat planes that will show up when your locks are clipped into this short buzz cut.

Besides having a nicely shaped head, lots of confidence is a must and a nice face shape isn’t a bad idea either. Summer is a good time of year for trying out the “buzz” . . . for obvious reasons!

If you are planning on going the DIY route here are a few tips:

  • Start with a clean, dry head of hair
  • Place a #3 attachment on the clipper.
  • With the clipper aginst the forehead, begin cutting from front to back.
  • Repeat in strips until the entire top is clipped down.
  • Pay extra attention to the crown. Since the hair grows in a circular pattern at the crown, you’ll need to buzz from all directions to get it all cut
  • Replace the attachment on the clipper with a #2.
  • Start at the sideburn and clip up the head to just past the start of buzzed down top section.
  • Run the clipper in a straight line up past the part where the head begins to round at the top.
  • Repeat in swaths on both sides until complete and go over any missed spots.
  • Start clipping from the bottom of the neck up the head until just past the clipped part on top.
  • Repeat in swaths until the back is cut.


Black Hair Styles

I take it back, Judith Jamison makes this hair style even easier yet, by shaving her head . . . and no hair color involved!!


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Black Hair Styles at the BET Awards

Black Hair Styles

Black Hair Styles at BET Awards Show
“Black Hair
Style Winners”

Did you catch the BET Awards last weekend? What a show! This years BET Awards Show will go down in history as one in a million! With the passing of Michael Jackson just days before the show aired, BET decided to throw out the original theme for the show and instead give tribute to the “King of Pop.” It was a fitting time and place to pay homage to Michael’s passing and his influence on music everywhere. Thanks for the nice job, BET and everyone else!

I just love awards shows  and my favorite part is definitely the red carpet. On the BET Awards red carpet, we got to see the best black hair styles, most fabulous makeup, designer outfits and more. The 2009 BET Awards were no exception and here are some of my favorites straight from the red carpet:

Black Hair Styles: Alicia Keys Curls

Alicia Keys embracing her curls

How many times have I mentioned that during the summer, your best bet is to embrace your natural hair texture? A lot! Alicia Keys did just that and her hair was one of the best of the best black hair styles on the red carpet. I loved her side part and subtle s-wave toward the top of her hairstyle.

This hairstyle is easily copied at home by spraying hair with a leave-in conditioner, parting your hair to one side when damp, then combing through strands with a wide tooth comb. Then scrunch in a dual product like a crème-gel into hair to tame frizz and enhance curl.  I  suggest TIGI’s Curls Rock, products. TIGI products won the hairdresser Choice Award this year for best professional company so it’s pretty much a sure bet.  Find the perfect Curls Rock product by testing them out at your local salon or beauty supply.

Black Hair Styles: Ciara’s Straight Style

Black Hair Styles
Ciara goes with a straight black hair style

You can tell Ciara is very confident by the way she wore her hair to this year’s BET Awards. Out of all of my favorite black hair styles I saw on the BET red carpet, hers stood out to me because it screamed confidence! Wearing your hair super straight with a part right down the middle is hard for some to pull off, but it went with Ciara’s beautiful features and striking dress perfectly. If you want a black hair style like Ciara’s, you’ll definitely need a flat iron. Flat iron small sections, working from the bottom of your head up to the top, making sure to get in close to the root area.

I would also suggest applying a frizz fighting shine serum afterward, to ward off frizz and fly-aways. I hear that Blow Styling brand Weather or Not Climate Neutralizer, works great. If you haven’t heard of the brand, you can check it out. If your hair is overly curly, I might suggest heading to the salon for a professional press and curl in lieu of flat ironing at home. The style will likely last longer and your hair will too!

Black Hair Styles: Zoe Saldana

Black Hair Styles
Zoe Saldana wore mermaid waves to the 2009 BET Awards

Star Trek actress Zoe Saldana, wore one of the best black hair styles at the 2009 BET Awards because of her effortlessly chic mermaid waves. I loved the relaxed tone of her hair style because it went perfectly with a summer awards show; not to dressy, not to casual, this black hair style was just right.

If you want to wear your hair like Zoe’s, I’d suggest working with your natural wave. This hair style is so simple if you have a slight wave or loose curl to your hair. Simply spray in a sea salt spray like Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray (my favorite), scrunch and let air dry. You may want to spritz a shine spray all over when hair is dry to ward off any frizz as well.

See, I told you this was one of the best black hair styles on the 2009 BET Award red carpet; it is so easy to do! These are just some of my favorite black hair styles from this year’s show. I think I’ll try Ciara’s look out this weekend!


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