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Bobbed Hairstyles for Straight, Wavy and Curly Hair

Bobbed Hair Cuts

Bobbed Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

Bobbed hairstyles for your hair type

Bobbed hairstyles like Scarlett Johansson’s layered bob, are the perfect mid-length hairstyle. The layered bob hairstyle fits all face shapes; round face shapes, oval face shapes, heart face shapes, square face shapes and oblong face shapes. And even more impressive is how quick and easy layered bobbed hairstyles are to style, that is, as long as it is cut right to suit your hair texture. If you don’t have a hairdresser you have faith in, take the time now to find a good hairdresser!“Bobbed Hair Cuts for Every Face Shape”

Layered Bobbed Hairstyles

Bobbed hairstyles that are layered are perfect for wavy hair that is fine, medium or thick. Layering your hair will maximize your natural wave. The chipped-in layers like Scarlett Johansson’s bobbed hairstyle work especially well as a quick and easy hairstyle with summer’s heat and humidity. The layers are the right length and the shape of the haircut is perfect to achieve an undone, piece-y look with little to no effort.

To get the layered bob look:

A small bit of mousse and a little bit of scrunching will be all that’s necessary for most wavy haired ladies. I like Paul Mitchell’s Sculpting Foam with conditioners because it gives the hair a bump-up in volume, sets in the wave or curl just by scrunching and leaves the hair soft, not crunchy!

For a more finished look, use a curling iron, curling random sections vertically, starting at mid length, alternating curls towards and away from the face. (Leave ends uncurled for a more piece-y look like Scarlett Johansson’s.

Wedged Bobbed Hairstyles

This bobbed hairstyle has a more edgy look to it with wedged layering that updates it with a geometric shape to it. Once again, all face shapes can wear these bobbed hair cuts by simply styling the shape into it that suits you best.

Wavy and straight hair types can wear this wedged bobbed hairstyle best! The interior layers work best with hair that has some natural bend. Curly hair types may be able to wear this bob if the hair is receptive to styling and you’re willing to shape it with a little hair care product.

To get the wedged bob hairstyle look:

Shaping layers around the perimeter using a light flat iron technique should be all you need. Shaping top and sides with fingers, backcombing where needed and finishing spray to hold, will give this bobbed hairstyle a definitive shape.

Bobbed Hair Cuts

Jennifer Aniston’s shoulder straight bobbed hairstyle

Straight Bobbed Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston took the plunge and lopped off about 6 inches of her famous hair in Madrid when making her new film, “Just Go With It.” A cute shoulder grazing bobbed hairstyle was an easy hairstyle change for her to go to from her signature haircut on “Friends.”

This bobbed hairstyle will work well for oval, heart, round and square face shapes. An oblong or rectangular face shape may look too elongated with this bobbed hair cut, unless width can be created at the sides with styling. Curly hair types would find this bobbed hairstyle hard to work with and it would have a tee-pee type affect to it (think Rosanna Rosanna Danna.)

Both straight and wavy hair is easy to style with a shoulder length bob and chipped-in face framing layers. Wear it smooth and straight or with loose waves for a more casual look.

To get the straight bobbed hairstyle look:

Blow dry straight using mousse or a styling spray and a round brush. Apply a small amount of shine serum like Paul Mitchell Shine Drops, and smooth lightly with a flat iron. This length is long enough to be styled in a updo like a chignon, or a ponytail, for either a casual or a more formal event.



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Bob Hair Styles are Still Hot!


Bob Hair Styles and Other Celebrity Hair Changes

Have you seen the celebrities who have gone to bob hair Styles recently? There are so many that I’ve begun to think that bob hair styles are the must-have hair style. I’ve also seen drastic hair color changes on celebrities as well. Some celebs that have drastically changed their look include Salma Hayek and Nicole Richie. These two actresses are both new moms, which I think helps to explain why they chose the hairstyle changes that they did.

Bob Hair Styles
Bob Hair styles Look is Fabulous for Celebrity Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is one celebrity to cut her long hair into a bob hair styles look lately. She debuted her new look last week at a charity gala. The hair style looks fabulous on her and I’m sure is a cinch to do too (which is helpful with a toddler running around). Rumor is that she cut her hair into this bob hair style look for charity.

Salma Hayek proves that you can wear a version of the trendy bob hair style no matter what your hair texture is. Salma has very thick, coarse hair that she typically wears long. The length of her bob is perfect for thicker hair types because it allows easier styling than if the length was shorter. I’d suggest taking your bob hair style longer the thicker your hair is. From experience, it seems easier to style that way. If you have thick hair like hers, you can also request your hairdresser to texturize within the haircut to help the hair lay down nicely.

Bob Hair Styles

Almost as shocking as Salma Hayek’s new bob hair style, is Nicole Richie’s new chestnut hair color. Nicole changed her new hair color to the launch of her House of Harlow 1960 Holiday Collection. Just like Salma, I think that Nicole chose this low-maintenance hair color for the ease of it. With two little ones under two years old, her own clothing and jewelry lines and more, she probably doesn’t have much time for a lot of other things, including high-maintenance hair.

If you are looking to tone down your high-maintenance hair color like Nicole Richie did, you can but make sure you take these precautions. If you are going to color your hair within two shades of your current hue, then you may be able to do-it-yourself. If you are going darker, be sure to pick a shade that has red undertones so that your hair doesn’t turn too ashy. Coloring your hair darker than two shades beyond your current hair color? Then, let a professional hairdresser do the job and save yourself some very probable ‘bad hair days’ to come.


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The Perfect Short Bob Hairstyle for Coarse Hair

Shaggy bob haircut

Got Coarse Hair? This Bob Haircut is a Perfect Fit!

New versions of the bob hairstyle just keep cropping up and one of the reasons is the incredible adaptability of the haircut. There is a bob haircut to fit any personality and hair type. For the woman with fairly dense, coarse hair, Debbie Lopez of Talking Heads in Newtown. PA, layers hair heavily to add movement to the ends and remove excess bulk. The shorter top sections curve forward and enhances volume at the sides. To boost movement even more, color or highlights can be added around the face. Color breaks up the surface and adds an extra added appeal!

  • This Hairstyle Works Best If;

    • Your hair is medium to thick in volume, and medium to coarse in texture.

    • Your hair is naturally straight or has a lot of body.

  • This Hairstyle Requires;

    • Shampoo and condition from mid-shaft to the ends and towel-dry. Mist on a spray gel and distribute evenly. Begin blow-drying underlayers, directing them straight down, As you move up the head, wrap sections around your round brush and angle it slightly so pieces curve onto your face while also lifting roots on top. For extra volume, mist on finishing spray as you lift large sections and curve the front pieces inward.

    • A trim every 6 to 8 weeks.

  • This Hairstyle is Not Recommended If;

    • Your hair is super-fine; it can’t stand up to this much layering.

Article courtesy of Harris Publications. For more great bobs check out our Pinterest Bob Hairstyles Board


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