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    4 Haircuts You Should Try at Least Once in Your 20s

    razored lob2

    These Adorable 4 Haircuts Will Make You Want to Grab the Scissors!

    When you are in your 20s, there is a lot of experimentation and exploration involved in all aspects of your life. When it comes to your hair, this should also be a time to get your hands on a variety of haircuts. You are more daring to try haircuts you haven’t tried before to see which one looks best on you.

    But if you want to avoid the embarrassing and laughable memories regarding your hair, here are some haircuts you want to try that is flattering for all ages, not just for those women in their 20s. You might even find the haircut you’d stick to until you reach your 40s.

    The Razored Lob

    razored lob

    The Wob or Wavy Bob was one of the hottest hairstyles of 2014. However, the razored lob also garnered a lot of attention for its chic but edgy appeal. But despite the popularity of the lob or long bob, a lot of women were still skeptical to jump on the bandwagon. Here is a welcome reality, though – a long bob is a universally flattering haircut. There are also several styling opportunities for this particular haircut. Hence, you should give it a try at least once when you are in your 20s (or even women in older age groups).

    One way to style a razored lob is through a messy ponytail or updo. But if you want to achieve maximum movement for your hair, go for a shoulder-grazing haircut with the ends gently razored. It looks a bit sleeker but the razored ends render the shape your hair needs. Use a texturizing cream to create separation in the ends for a soft, not spiky, look.

    Mid-Length with Layers and Bangs

    midlength with side swept bangs

    midlength with side swept bangs2

    Like the long bob, this is one haircut that will suit a lot of women. Do not be intimidated by the idea that you need to have perfectly beautiful face in order to showcase this haircut. It is all about the internal layers and perimeters that will ensure this haircut will look good on anyone. The trick is to leave the top layers of your hair longer than the layers of hair underneath it. This is also a great haircut for women who have trouble with their hair falling flat so easily. It is a good trick to add volume and movement to your hair.

    Long, Sleek Hair

    straight and sleek2

    straight and sleek

    For such a long time, long and sleek hair has been relegated to runway looks for models. But this used to be a pretty common haircut that has been made alien by most women’s desire to have perfectly wavy hair. If you have naturally straight hair, let your hair grow long and wear it down. It is a nice way to showcase your shiny and healthy hair. This is also a versatile cut that would suit any face shape, not just the women in their 20s. At the same time, this is a great haircut to try if you want to camouflage your round face shape.

    Softened Pixie

    softened pixie2

    softened pixie

    A pixie cut is something that not all women dare to try. However, if you do, it can be a powerful expression of your individuality and style. This is a great haircut to try while you’re in your 20s, if you would dare to try it at all. It is a versatile look and infuses a youthful vibe to your aura. To soften a pixie cut, make sure that the top part of your hair is longer. Soften the edges around your ears and back so it looks feminine. It is also easy to style on your day-to-day: simply apply a lightweight styling cream and work it into your hair for a bit of texture. You can also style it in a number of ways – go for a deep side part or add sweeping bangs (great for concealing your forehead).

    Which of these haircuts have you not tried before yet?

    Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist
    Contributing author Abby Pringles is a writer who likes to write about topics relating to beauty, hair, and fashion. You can check her personal blog, Life in the Fash Lane, to read more of her works. Aside from fashion and beauty, Abby is also a hardcore basketball and tennis fan. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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    Bob Hairstyles You Need to Try This Spring

    Bob Hairstyles

    Bob Hairstyles Never go out of Style

    Bob hairstyles are classic, yet versatile. As you can see, it’s flattering on every face shape, hair type and lifestyle. They offer the wearer a look that’s low on maintenance but high on glam. If you’re looking for a change bob hairstyles are the place to look for a style that you can count is going to turn heads. If that be the case you’ll love this article we’ve got 10 of the hottest bobs.

    Bob Hairstyles

    The A-Line Graduated Bob

    Graduating layers give this A-line bob volume and movement for a pretty profile, and it leaves enough length for all-over curls or a sexy side swept look.

    Bob Hairstyles

    The Boxy Bob

    Admittedly, it’s been awhile since anyone referred to something boxy in a flattering way, but this boxy bob was the hit at NYFW and it is high fashion at its lovely best.

    Free Style Bob

    The Asymmetrical Bob

    Face framing angles on the asymmetrical bob give this hairstyle head-turning pizzaz!

    Bob Hairstyles

    The Choppy Bob

    Edgy, sexy and fashion forward.

    Bob Hairstyles

    The Wavy Bob

    Taraji P. Henson’s wavy bob is fun, flirty and oh so feminine. Waves and bobs are made for each other.

    Bob Hairstyles

    The Fringe Bob

    This layered fringe bob is perfectly classy and feminine, but with just enough edge to keep things interesting. Layers are a perfect way to add additional dimension to any bob.

    bob hairstyles

    The Ombre Bob

    The ombre bob uses the perfect highlights to create scene stealing drama. Combine an ombre look with a new bob is sure to get attention.

    Bob Hairstyles

    The Side Swept Bob

    This medium length side swept bob gives Rihanna such a feminine and innocent look. The fringe at the bottom just adds to the interest and draws attention . . . for all the right reasons.


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    Short Bob Hairstyles

    Short Bob Hairstyles

    Christina Aguilera Newest Short Bob Hairstyles Look

    Short Bob Hairstyles Christina Aguilera is showing off a new short bob hairstyle lately. I love the singer for her style risks, including her ever-changing hairstyles. She has been sporting this short bob hairstyle look since around November of ’09. I would describe this style as a short, choppy bob with a lot of texture. The texture could have been added-in later with hair care products.Christina Aguilera’s history includes a variety of hairstyles, including several short bob hairstyles. Here’s a look back at some of her most popular short hairstyles:

    Short Bob Hairstyles
    Aguilera’s Wavy Short Bob Hairstyles

    This wavy short bob hairstyles look was a hit for Christina Aguilera and would work for you too if you have an oval face like hers. An oval face is considered ideal and can wear just about any hairstyle, including this one. Additionally, the waves in this hairstyle would soften a square jaw line, so those with a square or oblong face could wear this look as well.

    Short Bob Hairstyles
    Christina’s Short Bob Hairstyles with Bounce

    Although I love the curl pattern on this bouncy short bob hairstyles look, I’m not a fan of the combined short hair with this type of curl. I think this curl would better suit longer hair. You can get these curls by running a styling cream like Icon Antidote Replenishing Styling Cream throughout hair and then using a ¾” barrel curling iron to curl small sections of hair all over. Pin hair with hair clips while they cool to get the staying power and bounce of Aguilera’s curls.

    Oval and square face shapes can wear these curls at any length, while round shaped faces should stick to longer hair lengths if they are curling their hair like Christina Aguilera’s.

    Short Bob Hairstyles
    Christina Aguilera’s Latest Short Bob Hairstyles

    Her latest short bob hairstyles look, which is quite choppy and piecey thanks to the help of not only a choppy haircut, but texturizing products. This haircut is best suited for oval face shapes because of the length and texture. The choppy texture could just create more sharp lines on a square face shape and the length could add even more width to a round face.

    My guess is that Christina Aguilera chose a short bob hairstyle like this for the ease of styling, like other Hollywood moms have. It also makes me wonder what’s next for the singer . . . perhaps she’s working on a new album. Some say she chopped her hair for her new movie debut, Burlesque, out this year.

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