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Move Over, Fishtail – Meet the Lobster Tail Braid!

How the Lobster Tail Will Change the Way We Think About Braids

Whether your hair is thick and sleek or a tendrily pouf a soft braid can be fun as well as fetching. There is a reason why on most every runway these days, you can see the major designers opting for braids .  . . they flatter the face better than any hairstyle you can name. Braids are way under utilized as a beauty option, especially those of you who are gifted with heart, oval or diamond face shapes. But, if you’re tired of the same old, same old, I’ve got a treat for you.

Mario Russo, owner and lead stylist of Salon Mario Russo in Boston, has shared his tips on how to create the Lobster Tail Braid, a messy and textured twist that is easy to create and doesn’t even requiring braiding skills . .  just twisting! Depending on the occasion, the Lobster Tail can be as deconstructed or as neat as you like.


Lobster Tail Braids 2

Lobster Tail Braids 1

The Lobster Tail Braid DIY, How To

Start with day-old hair to achieve the messy and textured look of this braid. Use a texturizing spray like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray at the roots to eliminate any natural oils that can flatten your hair.

  • Step #1 ~~ Gather your hair to one side, while leaving a few front pieces of hair out on the opposite. Curl these pieces with a 1-inch barrel curling iron to add more shape around your face.
  • Step #2 ~~ Separate your hair in half, a front and back section, and make three small sections out of the back section. Twist each one individually before joining all three to make one twist. Secure with a clip so you can work freely on the front section. Don’t worry if it untwists a little bit, you can re-twist later.
  • Step #4 ~~ Take the front section, split into two small twisted sections and then combine to make one twist.
  • Step #5 ~~ Join the front and back twists, make one complete twist and then secure with 5-6 bobby pins near your ear. This will hold together the beginning of the twist.
  • Step #6 ~~ Spray texturizing spray again on the hairs below the bobby pins to create fullness and then make two twists with this remaining hair and combine the two twists into one, twisting all the way down. Don’t twist too hard; let it be a little loose to give it more thickness and some texture.
  • Step #7 ~~ Before securing with a hair tie, put bobby pins UP throughout the twist almost like a skeleton for the twist and then secure with a hair tie. The pins will hold the twist in place.
  • Step #8 ~~ Finish off with a light hair spray, such as Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray.


Lobster Tail Braids 3Lobster Tail Braids 4
Lobster Tail Braids 5Lobster Tail Braids 6
Lobster Tail Braids 7Lobster Tail Braids 8
Lobster Tail Braids 9Lobster Tail Braids 10
Lobster Tail Braids 11Lobster Tail Braids 12
Lobster Tail Braids 13Lobster Tail Braids 14

Don’t get discouraged if your Lobster Tail Braid comes out a bit messy! Mario says it is easy to make it neater by adding additional bobby pins up and through the twist, securing more pieces.

If you want to add a little “something” to the end of the Lobster Tail, Mario recommends wrapping a small piece of hair around the hair elastic and pinning it with a bobby pin behind the twist.

Like the fishtail, this is a versatile, sophisticated look that you can wear to an event or for a lunch outing. It is also a great look for fall’s chilly temperatures because it is a style that works well with a hat.


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Braided Hair–Hot Trend This Summer!

Lauren Conrad's Double side braided hair

Braided Hair: Adds a new twist to your hairstyles!

“Braided Hair”I wanted to dive into braided hair styles more because this hair style is so sizzling hot for summer. There is no way this trend is going away anytime soon. There are so many braided Hairstyle options when it comes to braided hair, that you can create a unique look in a snap. Try alternative braided hair styles like fishbone braids, French braids, the tucked braid and one of my braided hair favorites, the braid in the front. If you are ‘braid challenged’ so to speak, here are some great step-by-steps and how-to videos to help you create your own look.

Braided Hair: French Braids

Molly Sims With Braided Hairstyle with side ponytail
Molly Sims shows off French braided hair

This look is so stylish and easy to do for summer. Molly Sims combined the French braided hair with the front braid hair style. This is a great look to take you from a pool party to a night out because it is so easy to style!
Practice makes perfect, so before trying this while you are out and about, do a few trial runs in front of a mirror at home. French braids are much easier than they seem, you just need to practice a bit and even if it turns out a bit messy, it will work because messiness is a look with braided hair styles this year.

Braided Hair: The Fishbone Braid

Here’s the step-by-step:

  1. Pull hair back and separate into two sections.
  2. Pull a narrow strand of hair from the left section and cross it over to join the right section of hair.
  3. Pull a narrow strand of hair from the right section and cross it over to join the left section of hair.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, pulling a new narrow strand each time.
  5. Secure the end of the braid with a hair band.

Braided Hair: The Tucked Braid

Braided Hair
Lauren Conrad’s version of the tucked braid

Lauren Conrad, is the season’s queen of the braided hair style. Everywhere I see this girl, she’s got a cute little braided hair look going on. I love her version of the tucked braid, where she braids a very small amount of hair somewhere in the front of her head and brings it toward the back and then tucks it into the rest of her hair. This braided hair style is virtually effortless and a great summer hair trick. To do, simply braid a small section of hair in the front of your head (or do two braids for a unique look), then secure the ends of the braids with small elastics. Next, bring the braided hair back and tuck into the rest of your hair. You can secure the ends of the braids into hair with bobby pins.

If you haven’t tried braided hair yet this summer, get to it! Braided hair is a fun and easy way to change your hairstyle, looks great on everyone and is a quick way to cover-up a bad hair day!

For more great braid ideas check out our Pinterest Braid Board


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