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    Hair Color Too Brassy?

    Brassy Hair Color

    What you don’t understand about hair color can hurt you! What happened to turn your dark hair orange/yellow?

    Mary asks this question recently after reading my article Coming Back from a Hair Color Catastrophe:

    I dyed my dark hair and it turned orange-yellow can you please help me.. I don’t want to go out anymore. I used the quick blue powder bleach by L’Oreal with 30 volume developer and then used a permanent color by L’Oreal , Hicolor Shimmering Gold and Honey Gold. How can I take that orange-yellow out?

    I want it blonde.


    You would never see a hair color client come out of a reputable hair care salon, with hair the hair color you described. . . unless of course, that’s what they were going for. Why not? Because it is fixable.

    “If money is an issue, go to a credible beauty school”

    Even if a hair colorist in-training did this to your hair . . . and it does happen, they would have the resources to know how to fix it. You don’t need to go around looking like a carrot top.

    The only reliable option you now have is to find a professional hair colorist to get it right for you, or, suffer possible irreparable consequences. Your hair turned orange/yellow because in trying to bring it up to a lighter color, the 30 volume developer did not lift enough color out of your hair before you put a permanent gold hair color over it.

    Even in professional training, it takes some time to develop an eye to see when the developer has done its job in lifting the hair to a light enough color to then tint it back to the desired hair color. Then the hair colorist will also use a formula, in the tint back, that involves the color that your natural hair color contributes to the color that they will choose to use, to get you to the end shade that you desire.

    If you have any regrowth, it makes matters even more complex, but not irreparable for an experienced professional hair colorist. Don’t try to fix this one yourself, unless you are prepared to cut it all off for truly getting it to a unfixable stage. If money is an issue, go to a credible beauty school, where the instructor will make sure the student understands the correct way to handle your unique situation. This way you will not only, save the health of your hair, but you will do so at a significantly lower cost!

    Your best bet for finding a reputable hair colorist is by word of mouth, however, if you need a resource for qualified hair colorist in your area try these sites;

    Good luck Mary, I am certain you can have a beautiful hair color and save the health of your hair if you leave it to the professionals at this point.


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    Brassy Hair Color Mistakes

    Miley Cyrus with brassy hair highlights

    Home Hair Coloring Results in Brassy Hair Highlights!

    Whitney asks

    I just high lighted my hair with lighter blonde streaks. I have dark blonde dyed hair with lighter streaks. Naturally my hair colour is brown so i just high light the roots but, they turned out brassy. I usually get them done at the salon but i wanted to save money. I’m afraid now it will cost double what it would have been. I don’t want to dry my hair out and do a hair coloring right away, or get rid of some the streaks that are already there. I just want my hair back with my darker roots! Please help me!


    It sounds like the chemical wasn’t on your hair long enough to effectively lift enough of your own natural hair coloring out. The problem you have now is best treated by a professional. Don’t color over your roots again or you will be adding more problems. The brassy streaks and your own virgin hair would grab the hair color differently, and the brassy streaks could turn a nasty muddy hair color.

    My best suggestion for you is to go to a beauty school that has a good reputation and let them fix your hair color dilemma. If you are near a good-sized metropolitan area, you may have a couple of choices. You could choose to go to a ‘advanced training center’ for your hair color correction or you could go to a regular beauty school.

    At the ‘advanced training center’ you would have a licensed hairdresser, who is receiving this training, work on your hair. Usually these schools are owned by a reputable hair salon in your area and they stand behind their work. They do all services at approximately half the price you would pay at your regular hair salon. I have seen lots of good work come from two of these schools in my area.

    Hair coloring correction at your regular beauty school may or may not be done. I would call in advance and let them know your problem. They won’t take you unless they are willing to show the students how to fix your specific hair coloring issue. The service would probably cost less here than the advanced training school and you can count on it taking longer.

    One more thing, have this corrected before new roots grow in . . . it will make life easier!

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