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Funky Short Hairstyles

Funky Short Hairstyles

Funky Short Hairstyles . . . Showing Up All Over Hollywood

Mena Suvari wore long hair for years, and the only thing that she changed about it was her hair color. So the new funky short hairstyle Mena is sporting these days is about as drastic a hairstyle change as it gets. You may remember her for her leading role in the Oscar Award winning American Beauty, but she has shown a versatility of talent to play a wide variety of roles, such as American Pie and Beauty Shop.

funky short hairstyleMena-Suvari buzz cut

Don’t you love it when women go fearlessly head on into a new funky short hairstyle? (Remember Demi Moore and Natalie Portman?) It’s so gutsy! Just last week, cameras caught Mena Suvari, in her new funky town buzz cut hairdo. She’s back in town to film her lead role in the “Garden of Eden”.

funky short hairstyle

Charlize Theron

She first showed up in a funky short hairstyle in her role as Furiose in the Mad Max series “Fury Road. Here she sports a boyish side part Ivy League look that is stunning on her.

funky short hairstyle

Agyness Deyn

Started wearing her hair short while still a teenager and her iconic short hairstyle even has a name of its own “the Aggie”. You know when you have a hairstyle named after you, you’re in the big-time. Agyness looks gorgeous in any hairstyle but she really turns heads when she steps out in one of her well known edgy short hairstyles.

funky short hairstyle

Natalie Portman

First went short for her role as Evey Hammond in the movie V for Vendetta and she got so much positive feedback on her buzz cut look that she showed up at the Saturn Awards where she received the best actress award sporting her now famous funky short hairstyle.

funky short hairstyle

Demi Moore

For her role in GI Jane Demi had to shave it all off, but still looked terrific, (don’t you think?). It was reported that she hated the look and has never been seen with really short hair since.

funky short hairstyle

funky short hairstyle

Let’s face it… the buzz cut isn’t for everyone, but if you want a funky, quick and easy hairdo, this may just be the funky short hairstyle for you. To pull this haircut off, you need a good self-image, a nice shaped head, preferably thick hair and honestly, a well proportioned body helps too! If you do decide to try one out at home I wrote a step by step guide to a DIY Buzz Cut that you’ll want to read before getting the clippers out.


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Fuss Free Black Hair Styles

Black Hair Style

The Easiest Black Hair Style of All!

Now some black hair styles are easier than others, but model Amber Rose here with Kanye West, at the Metropolitan Opera’s 125th Anniversary Party on March 15th, shows the easiest short black hair style of them all. If you are thinking of braving short hair like Ambers this summer, there are a few attributes, dare I say, that you would be wise to check out first.

Before reving up those clippers, ask a professional to check out if you have a decent head shape. I’m not joking. Hairdressers feel head shapes day in and day out and can save you from any surprises, like lumps and bumps, or flat planes that will show up when your locks are clipped into this short buzz cut.

Besides having a nicely shaped head, lots of confidence is a must and a nice face shape isn’t a bad idea either. Summer is a good time of year for trying out the “buzz” . . . for obvious reasons!

If you are planning on going the DIY route here are a few tips:

  • Start with a clean, dry head of hair
  • Place a #3 attachment on the clipper.
  • With the clipper aginst the forehead, begin cutting from front to back.
  • Repeat in strips until the entire top is clipped down.
  • Pay extra attention to the crown. Since the hair grows in a circular pattern at the crown, you’ll need to buzz from all directions to get it all cut
  • Replace the attachment on the clipper with a #2.
  • Start at the sideburn and clip up the head to just past the start of buzzed down top section.
  • Run the clipper in a straight line up past the part where the head begins to round at the top.
  • Repeat in swaths on both sides until complete and go over any missed spots.
  • Start clipping from the bottom of the neck up the head until just past the clipped part on top.
  • Repeat in swaths until the back is cut.


Black Hair Styles

I take it back, Judith Jamison makes this hair style even easier yet, by shaving her head . . . and no hair color involved!!


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A Mens Hairstyle that Never Goes Out of Style

Michael Phelps in swim suit with buzz cut hair

Phelps arrives in Beijing without his signature hair style

Michael Phelps swam the butterfly into his 8th Olympic Gold medal, with the hottest of mens hair styles today . . . the buzz cut!  But, Phelps arrived in Beijing with a shaggy hair cut, facial hair and his big winning smile a bit of a disappointment for me anyway.  But, when he hit the pool he raced with his traditional buzz cut and a clean-shaven face.

Mens Haircuts
Michael Phelps gave mens hair styles a setback when he arrived in Beijing

Ladies, I don’t have to tell you that with his perfect 6’4”/195lb body and boyish good looks, any haircut is going to look good!  A buzz cut is simply a cool cut all year-long, no matter what sport a guy is hooked on.  For any guy that wants a short, low-maintenance mens hair style, the buzz cut is the quickest and easiest haircut possible.

This haircut will also be the quickest drying style. Anyone can cut a buzz cut with clippers and a guard (usually between ¼ to ½ inch).  Just run the clippers all over the head and trim in front of the ears and along the neckline.  To achieve a masculine hairline, try to go for more of a square shape along the neckline, rather than rounded one. Most women will agree, this haircut is simply a great looking mens hair style. It tends to bring out the masculine features of the face as it makes the face look more defined and the jaw appear wider.

This style is also worn by some men to conceal thinning. Some male celebrities wear a crew cut or buzz cut that has been treated with a darker color on the top. From members of the armed forces, athletes, rescuers, rock stars and the cute guy next door, buzz hair cuts are all around us.

Congratulations to Michael Phelps, who sacrificed his longer haircut, for speed as he swam the butterfly in the American’s World Record win of the 4x100m medley relay and closed out the swimming completion at the Water Cube. For more great looks check out our Pinterest Men’s Hair Board.


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