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    Beyonce Hairstyle Best Celebrity Hair

    Celebrity Hairstyles

    Beyonce hairstyle Gets my Nod for the Best Celebrity Hair Style of the Year

    Beyonce’s new hair color makes her glow! It’s not that the dark hair was bad on her, but just look at the difference some warmth makes with her skin tone. The highlights add depth and much more interest to her long layered hair style. She bounces between wearing her hair straight and with soft curls, but the color change this year for her was what makes me add her to the top of the list of, celebrity hair styles.

    The picks of “Best Celebrity Hair Styles,” are popping up by beauty bloggers everywhere, (as well as the “Worst Celebrity Hair Styles.”) But, today I would just like to throw a few of my favorites into the hat. I’ll probably also give my opinions on what I think were some of the worst hair styles later.


    Celebrity Hairstyles

    Celebrity hairstyle changes happen relatively quick in Hollywood, but some are more memorable than others. Many kudos to Gwyneth Paltrow’s hairdresser who scored big with this simple, but oh so lovely, hairdo change for her. My guess would be that Ms. Paltrow is not one who is especially comfortable with making changes. (I, for one, have secretly been hoping she would make a change for quite a while now.) By cutting her hair into an elegant bob, it’s not too scary for Gwyneth to adjust to. It also is a perfect length for her face and body type, just touching her shoulders. She can still wear her hair in an up-do, straight or wavy!  It goes to show it’s true that a small change in hair style can make a big difference!

    Celebrity Hairstyles

    Gutsy! Beckham went for it! She not only cut her notorious inverted bob off . . . but went dark and pixie short haircut at the same time!! This also was a brilliant move by her hairdresser! You gals know how hard it is to get two great hair styles in a row. But, she’s done it, and not too soon, as she was getting dangerously close to becoming really dated with her old bob. This pixie haircut fits her especially well because of her small, petite facial features. Bravo! She’s set another celebrity hair winner!

    Celebrity Hairstyles

    Hayden is all grown up in this super, sophisticated bob. She took the plunge and it paid off well for her. Bob’s were huge this year and almost all who took the plunge, allowing multiple inches of long locks to drop to the floor, made a good change!

    Hilary Duff

    Another celebrity lightens it up and looks great!  If you are a natural deep brunette and are considering doing what Hilary or Beyonce have done, you might do well to try on a few different colored hair pieces before jumping in. Get an idea if you prefer warm golden tones, or cooler beige tones or warm red high lights compared with cool red tones. Bring a trusted friend who can give you some objective feedback. Although celebrities can change around like chameleons at times, you can save yourself money and hair damage by seeing before committing!

    To stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.



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    Celebrity Hair Styles You Need to Try

    Celebrities Hair Jessica Alba

    Celebrity Hair Styles, Style Watch: Bangs

    With so many celebrity hair styles sporting bangs lately, I thought we could add more info here about this hot celebrity hair trend. Everyone from Ali Larter to Jessica Alba is wearing bangs these days and so can you. Adding bangs or fringe, to your current hairstyle, is an easy way to go from ho-hum hair to a more fashionable, updated look!

    If you want a celebrity look that’s both subtle and sexy, try side swept bangs.  Reese Witherspoon sets the stage with this gorgeous look when she was fresh off her breakup from Ryan Phillipe. To style side swept bangs like Reese Witherspoon, use a round brush to blow dry bangs under and then simply sweep them to one side. If you have cowlicks that fight you, use a flat-iron to straighten and sweep to the side. Keep them in place by using a texturizing paste like, Jonathan Product ‘Dirt’, on the ends of your bangs.

    Liv Tyler wears celebrity hair styles with a rocker edge

    Looking for celebrity hair styles with more of a rock star edge? Then try full bangs like rock star legend Steven Tyler’s daughter, Liv Tyler wears. To get this look from your bangs; blow dry bangs down flat and then flat iron, rolling the iron slightly under. Add a spritz or two of shine spray to finish the look. I like Kenra Platinum Silkening Mist Shine Spray, because of its delicious smell.

    Petra Nemcova’s ‘Betty Paige’ Celebrity Hairstyles

    The last celebrity with bangs is the Betty Paige bang. This one is a tough one to pull off for a number of people, but if you can wear them, you will turn heads like Petra Nemcova does it with this stunning hairstyle. Try this look if you are willing to put in some time for upkeep. Styling these bangs may take some work with a flat iron if you have natural wave in your hair. Also you will need to  get to your hairdresser every two to three weeks to keep them looking great.

    Bangs are a fabulous way to switch up your current hair style. As I write this, I am contemplating mimicking some celebrity hair styles by adding bangs into my own hair style once again.  Boards.



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