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Drew Barrymore Updo and Hair Color


Need a Hair style for a round face shape? Try the latest Drew Barrymore up do

Drew Barrymore is not shy about changing hair styles and hair color. She is a true chameleon in the celebrity world of hair. She changes her color and hair style more often than most and because of this, will never become dated or boring to watch.

“finger dry upside down, directing heat at the roots to give lift”

This color and up do is the best hair style I’ve seen on her to date! The color is a rich warm brown with caramel high lights that compliments her light complexion and gives her a healthy looking glow. I personally think the blonde colors of past, washed her out.

This up do hair style is a casual but elegant look. It’s easy and compliments her classic round face shape by elongating the look of her face using height at the crown.

This is a good style for all face shapes with the exception of an elongated oval or a longer oblong face shape. This style will work best with shoulder length or longer hair that is straight or wavy.

Start by using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner like, Amplify shampoo and conditioner by Matrix . Keep the water temperature tepid and do a cool final rinse for maximum shine results. Towel dry and use a root lifter such as, Tigi Catwalk root lifter. If possible let your hair air dry till about 80% dry, finger dry upside down, directing heat at the roots to give lift. Spray your hair with a thermal active spray like, CHI Shine thermal active spray . Using a boar bristle brush, paddle brush, or vent brush, blow dry (still upside down) the hair smooth by creating tension and following the brush with the hair dryer down the hair shaft.

The key to achieving this look;

  • Create height at the crown. Backcomb a skull cap area from about two inches back from your hairline to two inches over the crown of the head.

  • Lightly spray with a finishing spray like, Sebastian finishing spray and smooth over the top.

  • Part far off-center and comb over, pulling both sides to meet high in the back of the head and still letting sides cover some ear.

  • A French twist may work best for longer hair on the nape area, and then pull sides around and high to give more height at the crown.

  • Secure with bobby pins, hair pins, hair barrette’s or hair accessories.

  • Let some wispy edges fall out. You can use a soft touch of a curling iron on them if needed.

  • Spray lightly again with a finishing spray.



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November Celebrity Hairstyle Trend Alert

Victoria Posh Beckham with Medium Bob Hair Style

Here are some celebrity hairstyle trends you might want to stay tuned to

  • Victoria Posh Spice Beckham Gives up the Posh Bob Hairstyle ~~ My good friend and fellow Glam’er Fabien Montique at the BOSH is reporting that Posh Spice Victoria Beckham was seen on October 26th spending eight hours having her hair dyed dark brown at Los Angeles’ Jessica Galvin Hair Studio. She came out sporting the wig above and has vowed to keep her new hairstyle a secret until the Spice Girls reunion World Tour. The reunited Spice Girls group – Victoria Beckham, Mel B, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Mel C – are set to kick-off their world tour in Vancouver, Canada, on December 2.

  • Kate Moss Stirs it up with Bangs ~~ First it was Cheryl Cole from Girls Aloud that got a fringe hairstyle and now Kate Moss shows up with a real rock-chick hairstyle look with her bluntly cut, choppy fringe bangs. Bangs or fringe like our European friends like to say is not for everybody, but if you’re wondering if your face shape and hair profile are right for a hairstyle with bangs you’ll want to check out an article I wrote some time back that will give you all of what you need. Look for other celebrities to start sporting this new hairstyle soon.

Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by following our Pinterest Hair Trends Board.


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Celebrity Hair Style How To’s

Celebrity Hairstyles

How To Recreate Over 100 Classic Celebrity Hairstyles

If you are a follower of my blog you know what a fan I am the classic hair styles of “Old Hollywood,” like Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly and others. And, you’ve probably noticed we’ve been seeing a comeback of these and other “period” hairstyles showing up on the red carpet and other big soiree’s where they like to kick it up a notch.
Celebrity Hairstyles Amanda Syefried
Amanda Seyfried 09 Oscars-Veronica Lake

Celebrity Hairstyles Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera’s 40’s finger-waves

As any hairdresser knows, these glamour hair styles are not easy to just pull out of your hat! We are simply in a different time where we have different tools and products and our hair styles naturally evolve. Our hair styling tools, techniques and certainly our hair care products have changed. It’s not innate, for even a seasoned hairdresser to instinctively know the right techniques to recreate these looks. However, I would guess that there are an increasing number of clients who have been asking for similar looks from their hairdressers for special occasions . . . am I right?

If you have every wanted to know more about the craft of creating these Old Hollywood hairstyles or “period” hair styles and makeup, check this out. Kit Spencer, a talented hairdresser and makeup artist for television, film, music and fashion, has just released two intriguing books, Stage and Screen Hairstyles, and Stage and Screen Makeup.

These are guidebooks that are filled with clear, step-by-step instructions and beautiful photographs. She has put into one book simple instructions on how to recreate over 100 classic hairstyles and in the second book the makeup looks! Stage and Screen Hairstyles, is broken down into three sections; Equipment and Techniques, The Gallery, and the Looks. Each historical period is noted up through today. This is a great resource to begin to understand the basics for designing a hair style that is authentic. The book is filled with instructions on how to recreate leading men’s hairstyles of film and stage as well.

Any of you, professional or non professional, who want to add-to and perfect your hair styling skills or makeup skills, check it out! Hairstyles include lots of old period updo’s which gives lots of tips and practical hair styling advice.

Also check out my recent article for a video how-to on an old classic celebrity hairstyles.

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