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    Now You Read Ending Hair Style Struggles Offline Too

    I’m really excited . . . after long last my collaboration with Harris Publication has become a reality. My new regular feature article “Barb’s Hair Blog” is on page 44 and 45 of the most recent edition #46 of Color & Style magazine now available on your news stand.

    Looks like each edition of the Harris Publications from now on will feature a variety of my recent articles from the Ending Hairstyle Struggles Weblog. It is a win-win for everybody Harris Publications will be providing a connection to its young tech savvy demographics, by an online presence that is really important to traditional publishers these days.

    If you are a regular reader of hubby’s weblog “Financial Freedom Online” you’ve been following his commentary of the decline of traditional publishers. The world is getting its informational needs fulfilled in front of a computer screen as well as newspapers, TV, radio, magazines, etc. all of whom have seen declines in subscribers. You who are reading this right now are perfect examples of what is happening all across the globe. A year ago you were most likely getting your hair styling news fix only from a magazine.

    Harris isn’t the only one who benefits here, of course I benefit from lots of new readers from the magazine who are interested in staying abreast of new developments in hair styling online. Its kind of scary seeing yourself in print for the first time. No picture of me yet, If you are a regular reader you’ve followed the new photo saga. (You’ll all be pleased to know that I’ve finally set the appointment with the photographer next week). I’ll post more about that experience next week after the appointment. I had no idea that the whole thing would be this unnerving, don’t you just hate having your picture taken?

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