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    12 Curly Hair Tips That Will Have You Loving Your Locks

    The Ultimate Guide to Curly Hair Tips

    I can assume if you’re reading this that you have curly hair and like so many of my curly haired clients, you hate your curly hair . . . right? Well, not so fast! Haven’t you heard others tell you how they wish they had your curls? You just haven’t learned to love each and every curl that crowns your pretty head yet. I am here to convert you with some of my favorite hacks for curly hair:

    Curly Hair Tip #1 Get The Right Haircut! ~~ Some hairdresser’s are scared of dealing with curly hair and only know how to cut it like they would other hair types, and this is where the problems for your hair begins. When cutting curly hair you don’t want to end up with a triangle head or god forbid the poodle look –eek! This is my nightmare, so I can only imagine how you all feel walking out of a salon if you have had a bad experience.


    Learn how to communicate with your hairdresser. A hair stylist cutting a clients hair.

    I’ve learned when cutting curly hair, to always use cutting scissors and not thinning shears. Visual cutting is really important for taking weight out and shaping curly hair. I always cut curly hair at an angle, that way you keep the natural movement of the curl happening. Also, I’ve found standing back and looking at how the curls falls naturally after being cut, is huge in getting a great shape. I use my cutting scissors to take each section and softly cut into the hair to remove weight. Long layers are good to help take the weight from the bottom of your hair without causing the dreaded triangle shape. No short layers, especially with long hairstyles, as this is when you end up with a curly mullet (it’s not the 80’s).

    Curly Hair Tip #2 Use the Right Products ~~ Now to keep your hair looking as yummy as possible, you need to use good products formulated for your hair type. No hard sell I promise, as I’m sure you have a whole drawer or cupboard full of hair products and could probably open up your own store :) The good news . . . with the right kind of hair products, you only need 4 or 5 max.

    I use Schwarzkopf products and I am in love with the Schwarzkopf Curl Bounce line. OK, I’ll get the boring science part over, but it really works, I promise! The Curl Bounce line contains the innovative Polyquaternium 72, Panthenol and Cactus Flower extract. This restores the natural balance of moisture in your curls and the memory agents control frizz. After only a couple of washes, you’ll see great results. Like magic, it remembers your curl type.

    Curly Hair Tip #3 The Comb Out and Rinse ~~ After you shampoo and condition your hair in the shower, use a wide toothed comb to detangle your curls before your final rinse. Then rinse for about 10 seconds with cold water, this helps close your cuticle and helps smooth and control your curls.  Never towel dry curly hair by rubbing your head, you know you do it!  This causes friction and will make your curls frizzy and you’ll spend way too long trying to comb through your matted hair. Instead, squeeze water out with a towel, you will be amazed at the difference.

    Curly Hair Tip #4 The Diamond Shape ~~ Great haircuts for curly heads have a diamond shape. Keeping the height and weight toward the top and cheekbones, and having hair tapered around the face. Have your hair stylist carve out your curls to create definition and movement.

    Curly Hair Tip #5 Restructuring ~~ Curl can be fragile, so you need to strengthen while taming frizz, adding manageability and restructuring from the inside out. That’s a tall order, but the new Rusk Multi 12-in1 Miracle Treatment does all that and more . . . it’s like getting your curly locks into rehab.

    Curly Hair Tip #6 Try Loose Curls ~~ When classic spirals get boring, create a loose, less-defined look with finger-combing technique. Work a lightweight anti-frizz serum through damp hair to detangle and separate curls . . . . try Paul Mitchell Smoothing Gloss Drops. Next, flip your head over and apply a curl-activator like VO5 Curvaceous Curls Styling Mousse. Then take haphazard sections and twist them like a rope, wrapping each one around your finger before pinning in place. Blow-dry using a low heat setting, unpin the twists and gently shake your ringlets loose.

    Curly Hair Tip #7 Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize ~~ Curly hair’s biggest challenge is lack of moisture . . . the natural oils from your scalp do not travel to the ends because of the curl pattern. Keeping it hydrated is key! Start with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and they recommend a weekly deep treatment with MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask. Wearing hair curly requires products that control frizz and add definition.

    Curly Hair Tip #8 Skip a Couple Shampoos ~~ Curly girls who want a change can start by flat-ironing. Next, you maximize your style over time by skipping shampoos for a few days. On the second day when curl starts to come back, run a flat iron through hair and mist with Redken Wax Blast 10, which acts as a light frizz-tamer. Day three, use a dry shampoo on the scalp, like Redken Powder Refresh), brushing it through and applying heat from your blower if needed. On day four, pull your hair back into a ponytail, wet down your bangs if you have them, and blow-dry the fringe only.

    curly hairstyles

    Curly Hair Tip #9 Keep it Healthy ~~ Keeping hair healthy is essential for control and frizz-prevention. I recommend Redken’s Fresh Curls system, which includes a shampoo, a conditioner, Styling Mousse, Curl Refiner, Spin Control and Curl Boost Spray Gel. How do you know which to use for what? The mousse is designed to add oomph to looser, “lazier” curl. The Curl Refiner is like a leave-in conditioning treatment, making it perfect for keeping long, curly hair hydrated and soft.

    Curly Hair Tip #10 Fluff it Up! ~~ Okay, you know you have to hydrate curl, but what do you do once the conditioner is on? Detangle with a wide-toothed comb,. Next, scrunch with a towel: don’t “rub” the hair dry or you’ll ru9in curl definition and create frizz. Don’t brush your hair. Work in Wella Professionals Enrich Bouncy Foam, a leave-in reconstructor that conditions curl. Follow with Wella Professionals Elastic  Energy curl-enhancing mousse, applying it evenly through hair and finger-combing it in. Once hair is dry, place your fingertips at the roots and give yourself a scalp massage. This fluffs up the interior without disturbing the exterior. Diffuse-dry with your head bent forward, and you’re done.

    Curly Hair Tip #11 Give it an Undercut ~~ For coarse hair, consider leaving the length. Add lots of face-framing layers, and ask for “undercutting” to remover bulk and weight.

    Curly Hair Tip #12 Learn Some New Styling Tricks ~~

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    How to End the Struggle With Naturally Curly Hair

    6 Ways to Enhance Your Naturally Curly Hair

    As a stylist, I cringe whenever one of my naturally curly clients asks me to straighten her curls. Why are so many women, who are blessed by goddess like natural curls straightening them out? I believe it’s time for a curly #HaiRevolution.  I’m on a mission to convince women to embrace their Aphrodite locks and ditch the flat irons. It’s high time the world sees that curls are where it’s at!

    I think one of the main reasons so many women abandon their natural curls is they have always believed that curls are a curse instead of a blessing. If you learn the tricks of how to maximize the true nature of your naturally curly hair, you can end the battle of trying to get your hair to do things that nature never intended. Never fear, with these pointers you will be frizz free and curl gorgeous.

    Naturally curly hair

     Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

    Did I mention moisture? Naturally curly hair, by its very nature will always be drier in texture, because all those twists and kinks in the hair prevent the natural oils from the scalp finding their way to the ends of the hair.

    A naturally curly girls best friend should be her hair care routine. If you get the foundations wrong, you’re doomed to a life of frizz but get it right, and gorgeous, jealousy provoking curls are yours to own forever.

    Look for a shampoo that is sulfate free and moisturizing. Sulfates and parabens remove the natural oils from your hair, naturally curly hair needs those oils. Always follow with a moisturizing conditioner. Look for descriptions such as replenish, quench and revitalize. A deep conditioning treatment once a week will rehydrate naturally curly hair, eliminating frizz and helping your curls to form into their natural coil.

    Styling products specially formulated for naturally curly hair will be packed full of frizz busting, moisture boosting ingredients. Try layering a couple of products. For a natural look, a serum mixed with a hydrating curl cream will allow curls to form into their own beautiful organic form. A serum worked through, followed by a moisturizing sculpting foam will add definition and separation to curls.

    Naturally curly

    Ditch The Heat

    Hair dryers aren’t great for naturally curly hair. They tend to make the curls look frizzy, resulting in both your curls and your nerves being frazzled! Whenever possible, allow curls to dry naturally, just a little scrunch in the palm of your hand every now and then will help the curls to form. If you need to use heat, use a hair dryer with a diffuser and simply place the hair into the diffuser and allow the warm air to do its magic. To help eliminate frizz, keep the dryer on medium heat and a slow speed setting. Leaving the hair just slightly damp will also help with the frizz fight.

     Naturally curly hair

    Shape and Styling

    Naturally curly hair will always look dull and frizzy if the ends are split so regular trims are essential for maintaining beautiful curly hair. However, it’s worth choosing your hair stylist carefully. Ask if there is a stylist who specializes in curly hair as naturally curly hair that is cut wrong is a nightmare. There’s nowhere to hide if layers are cut into the wrong shape. You can feel like you’ve got a triangle, or worse, a sheep stuck on your head!

    At school I was great chums with a girl whose mother kept her blonde natural curls cropped close to her head, around 3 inches in length overall. My friend spent her school years answering to the nickname ‘Sheepy’. I’m guessing school probably wasn’t her best time. However, when she reached sixteen and started to take control over her own appearance, she grew her hair out. The result? Beautiful! Her long mane of golden ringlets were ‘stop you in your tracks’ stunning. My friend transformed into Rapunzel and was never known as ‘Sheepy’ again.

    The moral of this blast from my past? Naturally curly hair is best left at a length where the curls can show off their glorious form. Too short and it’s just a ball of fluff. Don’t for one minute think that shorter hair means less work, as with naturally curly hair this is rarely the case.

     Naturally curly hair

    Give it Time

    If you’ve spent a lifetime straightening your hair, its going to take a few weeks for the curls to come back into their own, so choose your return to the curly world carefully. You will need time to put in place all the above steps. It will probably look horrendous the first few times you attempt to wear it curly. Perseverance is crucial, so keep following the steps and, I promise, it will pay off. Each time you shampoo, moisturize and allow your hair to dry curly, you will be a step closer. Low maintenance, beautiful curls are within your reach I promise!

    Naturally curly-4

    Work It!

    Now you’ve successfully embraced your curly locks, leaving all your straight haired girlfriends green with envy and reaching for the curling wand, share your knowledge. Don’t keep it to yourself. Keep the curl #HaiRevolution going. After all, looking good is feeling great. Shake it, toss it, flick it, work it! Walk along the street with your head held high and your curls big.

     Esther Roche
    Guest author Esther Roche an ever so slightly bonkers English girl, who splits her time between being a working mother of two crazy boys and creating blogs for Hairy Thoughts Esther has been in the throes of a long love affair with hair from that day forward. Esther has had many roles within the hairdressing industry, working as a stylist, colour specialist, salon manager and mentor. If it’s hairy and fabulous, Esther and the team at HTUK are all over it and are sharing it with the ever growing army of Hairy Followers


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    Curly Hair Help for Hot Summer Months

    Curly hair help

    The Smart Girl’s Guide to Curly Hair Help

    A common question that my clients ask as summer approaches is “What can I do with my curly hair for summer?” My answer is always to work with their natural curl and use the right hair care products to keep curly hair shiny and bouncy while fighting frizz. Here are a few of my favorite products!

    Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

    First and foremost, if you don’t have a great moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for your curly hair, get one now. A shampoo and conditioner like Matrix Curl Life, is perfect for all types of curly hair because it helps to smooth frizz and define curls.

    Curly hair needs plenty of moisture, which is why Matrix Curl Life Shampoo and Conditioner are great!


    I always use a Detangler on curly hair before combing it out with a wide tooth comb and you should too! This is especially important for those with curly hair as your curls can easily tangle and break. Spray the Detangler on towel-dried hair and comb through with a wide-tooth comb. If you use a brush or regular comb, you run the risk of breaking hair in its wet, fragile state, which will cause additional frizz. And frizz is not a curly-haired girl’s friend!

    Shine Enhancer

    Don’t forget to buy a great styling product or two, to enhance shine, define curls and add bounce. Redken Ringlet 07 Curl Perfector, is a great product that seems to do it all by enhancing shine, defining curls, adding bounce and even controlling frizz. I like this product because it is a hybrid of a styling cream and a gel, which are both great products used to control curly  hair.

    Sun Protection

    Curly hair needs extra TLC during the hot, summer months. Try adding a few extra sun protection products to your hair care product inventory.  Aveda has a new line called, Sun Care which protects your hair from UV rays, salt and chlorine, all of which can wreak serious havoc on your hair. Aveda may be a little on the pricey side, but I love their products . . . and they smell great!

    Deep Conditioner

    In addition to using some of these great products which are formulated for curly hair, consider adding in a weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning treatment for your curly hair. You can treat yourself and have this done at the salon or, do it yourself at home. Just remember in order to get the best deep conditioning results, you will need to add heat to your hair and let the conditioner stay on the hair for at least 15 to 20 minutes. One of my favorite deep conditioners is, Paul Mitchell’s Color Protect Reconstructive Treatment.

    So, if you keep in mind that your curly hair needs extra moisture . . . especially during the summer, and you give it what it wants . . . you’ll be fine and looking marvelous!!

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