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    Curly Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair

    Learn How to Get These Curly Hairstyles that Won’t Mess with Mother Nature!

    Got natural curly hair? Don’t hate it . . . Embrace it! Curly hairstyles are sweet, sexy, and ultra-feminine! So many of my curly haired clients choose to go smooth and work against their natural curl by using relaxers, blow dryers, hot rollers, flatirons or curling irons. That’s fine, it’s a personal choice, but when chemicals and hot tools are used over and over again in order to make your hair do something it doesn’t want to do . . . your hair inevitably ends up paying the price. Instead of putting in all that hard work and damaging your hair, why not take the path of least resistance and enhance your curly hair instead?

    Learning to love your natural curls can be liberating. If you’ll look around at some iconic, natural beauties, you’ll find that enhancing their natural tendencies, rather than fighting them, seems to be one of their top beauty secrets. Plus, haven’t you found that no matter how hard you try, mother nature seems to have her way in the end anyways?

    curly hairstyles

    Here’s a quick and easy tutorial from Tamara, of Ford Models, on how to get 3 totally chic, natural curly hairstyles from one haircut. She demonstrates easy ways to make the most of your naturally curly hair. In addition, she gives her favorite product suggestions to keep hair healthy and shiny, and your curly hairstyles looking fabulous!


    Step by step how-to tips:

    • Step 1: Curly hair needs lots of moisture to stay healthy and hydrated so regular conditioning is a must. In addition to using a conditioner after you shampoo, and a deep conditioning when needed, apply a leave-in conditioner before styling your hair.  Apply it from mid-shaft to ends and comb it through with a wide tooth comb to decrease tangles. I’m a big fan of Paul Mitchell Leave-In Conditioner because it’s lightweight and good for all hair types.
    • Step 2: To define natural curls, Tamara suggests scrunching a product like, Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious into your hair while it’s still damp. This product is one of my personal favorites! You only need about a nickel size amount of product for shoulder length locks.
    • Step 3: Let your hair air dry whenever possible. Or, use a diffuser attachment when choosing to blow dry your hair.  The diffuser attachment helps to ‘diffuse’ the force of the air so you don’t blowout your natural curls. If you choose to air dry your hair, remember to not touch it until it is completely dry, or you run the risk of added frizz.

    Getting a great looking hairstyle doesn’t mean you need to spend a ridiculous amount of time on your hair. Instead of fighting your curls, embrace them by using the right products and these styling tips for perfect curly hairstyles every time!  If you’re  frustrated with frizz, check out my article Frizz Product Review. And for some great curly hairstyles visit my Pinterest Curly Hairstyles and Short Curly Hair boards.

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    How to Do Taylor Swift Curls Like a Pro

    Curly Hairstyles

    Taylor Swift’s Curly Hairstyles About to Change

    Taylor Swift’s curly hairstyles will no doubt set hairstyle trends everywhere, especially now that she’s nabbed the Artist of the Year Award!’ Congratulations Taylor!! She’s an all around great gal, whose talent and tenacity has won her an amazing five awards at last nights AMA’s. She wasn’t in attendance but was in London at the time performing at a BBC’s Children in Need fundraiser.

    Taylor Swift has probably already reached the ranks of one of the most coveted curly hairstyles around, or if not today surely in the near future! When an artist snares as many prestigious awards as she did last night, celebrity hair stylists will be recreating her look as women everywhere look to her for fashion inspiration.

    She has memorable waves and curls and has been a leader in defining the new/old ‘boho’ curly hairstyles in the last year or so. But even naturally curly hair needs help. Her natural curly hair is always enhanced with product and styling techniques.

    If you have natural wave or curls here’s how to make your hair look it’s best. The renowned “Queen of Curl,” Ouidad, has authored a book,”Curl Talk” and has taught many professionals the art of cutting & styling curly hair. She pioneered curly hair products back in the 80’s and has many loyal followers for good reasons. Check out her tips for creating great curly hairstyles here.

    Here are some of Taylor Swift’s curly hairstyles to date. Expect more creative hair styling to come as eager top hair stylists across the country get in line to create new hairstyles for her.

    Curly Hairstyles
    With a feathered headband, beautiful!
    Curly Hairstyles
    Buns don’t get much easier!
    Curly Hairstyles
    Taylor Swift in London during American Music Awards
    Curly Hairstyles
    Taylor Swift Artist of the Year!

    Taylor Swift uses curling irons and triple barrel irons to achieve defined curls or waves. Here are some of the hair styling techniques used to achieve Taylor Swifts curly hairstyles!

    For pictures of great looks check out our Pinterest Curly Hairstyles, Wavy Hairstyles, and Celebrities Boards.

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    Hairstyles for Round Faces and Curly Hair

    Hairstyles for Round Faces

    Hair Styles for Round Faces

    I recently received this comment, obviously from a reader who wasn’t helped by this post on hairstyles for round faces.

    Rena writes:

    I really am not impressed by articles like this that show us a bunch of pictures of almost every kind of hairstyle on people with narrow and oval faces – especially celebrities, when we are asking for help with hairstyles for round faces. If you had a round face, maybe you would take this question seriously, because you would know how challenging it is to find flattering hairstyles. This was so generic it was not even helpful.”


    I may not have expressed myself clearly in the post Rena refers to. Let me clarify that I know the celebrities I used as examples for hairstyles for round faces in that post, do not have round faces themselves. The point in that post was that the hairstyles these celebrities were wearing are hairstyles that will also work for round faces.

    I am aware of the problem of finding hairstyles for round faces. Here are some pictures of hairstyles for round faces that are for curly hair that I think work great! See what you think!

    Hairstyles for round faces with curly hair

    Cuts for Round Faces
    Kelly Osborne in a cute hairstyle for round faces and curly hair

    Kelly Osborne has come a long way baby! If you want to see some hairstyles for round faces that DON’T work, you only need to look back to many of Kelly’s old hairstyles. This hairstyle works famously for round faces with its deep off-center part and inverted layers (shorter in the back, longer on the sides.) It creates an asymmetrical look which always balances well with round faces!

    Haircuts for Round Face

    This long layered hairstyle is a great hairstyle for round faces. This models round face shape is balanced by the off center part with a bit of height on top. And check-out the over-all outline of the haircut . . . its shape is a diamond shape. A hairstyle that can be styled into a diamond shape . . . that is with height on top, width to the sides and tapering on the bottom . . . is a perfect hairstyle for round face shapes!

    Haircuts for Round face
    Julia Stiles in a perfect hairstyle for round faces

    This mid-length wavy, curly bob looked great on Julia Stiles some years back. Julia’s round face shape is softened by this hairstyle. This hairstyle works for round faces when styled with a deep side part and soft, long layers.

    Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces
    Isabella Rossellini in a perfect hairstyle for round faces

    Isn’t Isabella Rossellini is a stunning woman? Her face shape is about as round as round gets and still when you see her smiling this big, and at this angle, it takes away from the roundness a bit. Isabella’s hair is normally straighter but her shorter, curly hairstyle works for round faces with an asymmetrical feel to it. Tucked behind an ear, and styled with a side part and cut into a wedge, this hairstyle creates angles to its shape which balances well with her round face shape.

    For more ideas about face shapes and hairstyles check out our Pinterest Hairstyles for Face Shape Board..

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