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    Joanna Pacitti Can Wear Black Haircolor

    Joanna Pacitti with New Black Hair Color


    Can you wear black hair?

    Joanna Pacitti, last weeks American Idol buzz, is just 23 years old and has managed to attract lots of attention. She isn’t exactly the amateur we expect to see on the show. She has a past history of success in music including a recording contract, debut album and movie soundtracks. She was busted by newbie judge, Kara DioGuardi, who recognized her, but still got a pass to go to Hollywood.

    Even though Joanna’s hair color is not real, it looks great on her. Black hair can be beautiful on the right persons and horrible on the wrong. But what makes up the right stuff for pulling off a beautiful black? Who can wear it?

    I guess this answer will be different depending on how old you are. The under 20 something group, wants black hair for totally different reasons than those, say, over 30. If an emo hairstyle is what you’re after, black is a dominant color in portraying this image and is almost always part of the equation. To tell the truth, I have no recommends for emo hair style emulators when it comes to what works best for hair colors for their skin tone because for them that is a moot question. After all, emo hair styles are meant to be individualistic and standout one-of-a-kind hair styles.

    But, for those of you who don’t fit into that category and are toying with the idea of dying your hair black and want the end result to be a beautiful, shiny, healthy standout hair color, consider these things first. Any professional hair colorist will tell you, the darkest hair color is the hardest hair color to remove, so don’t rush into it without some prior considerations:

    • Pale skin with cool undertones ~~ Those with pale cool skin, blue eyes and a hint of rose in cheeks look the most stunning in black hair. A black hair color makes blue eyes POP and gives a feminine milky quality to the skin.
    • Pale skin with warm undertones ~~ Those being pale with warm undertones (yellow, orange, some olive,) can wear dark hair well, but need some warmth added to it. (Think Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez) Undertones of caramel or golden browns compliment well. If eyes have warmth in them, try to pick up this hue in your high lights.
    • Medium or dark skin with cool undertones ~~ Black hair or even deepest brunette can look harsh or just boring. Add a ruby burgundy shades to boost depth and shine.
    • Medium or dark skin with warm undertones ~~ Wearing the blackest hair color here too will be again . . . boring. Instead for more vibrancy adding walnut or teak shades of brunette or warm reds, will break up the monotony and add richness.

    Another thing to note about black hair, in real life, black hair has other colors than black in it. So if you don’t want your black hair to look fake . . . don’t paint it black!!


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