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    Eye Brow Basics

    Eye Brows

    Eye Brows can make or break your look

    “Similar to a haircut, shaping your own eye brows is really not something you want to do,” says Anjali, Master Specialist at New York eye brow salon Shobha. “Seek out a professional who will determine the best shape for you based on the current state of your eye brows, facial fea­tures, personality and age.”“Eye Brows Make or
    Break Your Look”

    Oval faces look best with tapered eye brow arches that are thick in front and slightly thin toward the end, explains Hibba of Htbba NYC. A long face shape should be counter-balanced with round and softly arched eye brows, while a square face shape’s prominent jawline is complemented by thick, pointy arched eye brows. Round faces need an elongated arch that should be placed beyond mid-point. “Eye brows should complement your face, not take away attention.”


    Celebrity eye brow and makeup guru, Rarny. explains: “Each person has their own individual eye brow shape and maintenance requirements. Taylor Swift, for example, is a natural blonde with low-maintenance eye brows, while Julianna Margulies  has fuller eye brows that grow faster and require more upkeep. The trend is classic eye brows that are full with an obvious but soft arch.”

    Article courtesy of Harris Publications

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    Eyebrow Makeover Can Take Off Ten Years

    Eyebrow Makeover

    An Eyebrow Makeover Could Make a Big Difference

    I ran across an eyebrow makeover article today that reminded me about a custom makeover that I did recently for a woman who wanted my opinion on what type of hairstyles would look best on her. I love my job, every makeover is unique with each woman’s hair type, hair struggles and life style issues. After creating over 3,000 makeovers, this woman’s struggle however was not that unusual. I found it easy to find hairstyles that would flatter her and work with her life style. What was unusual, was her. . . unruly eyebrows.

    “Eyebrow Makeover Made a Believer Out of Me”

    This woman’s eyes were beautiful, a focal point that should be played up or drawn attention to. Her personality type was casual and she now wanted to focus more on improving her looks. Her husband also had a request on her makeover, that she try some “flirtatious” hairstyles. Long story short, hairstyle changes made a huge difference, believe me, on bringing out a beauty she had under-minded. But, the elephant in the room in this makeover, was that her eyebrows appeared that they had never seen a tweezer. I had to tell her of this overlooked area of her beauty routine!

    If you have never observed the magic a well-shaped brow can do for your appearance, check out the article about Hollywood’s infamous “eyebrow makeover king,” who can take 10 years off those who have unruly brows, made a believer out of me.


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