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    Eyebrow Threading

    Eyebrow Threading, an Alternative to Waxing and Plucking Eyebrows

    Eyebrow threading has been around for hundreds of years, but I haven’t discovered it until today! Where have I been, this sounds like a great alternative to messy waxing or painful plucking eyebrows.

    It takes just minutes and is very inexpensive ($15 in my area). A method of removing individual hair by using cotton thread and a twisting motion. The procedure is a lifesaver for women who use retinoid creams for acne or anti-aging. The usually have to stop using those treatments for a week before waxing. With eyebrow threading they can get it done without interrupting their treatments.

    I did a Google search on the phrase “eyebrow threading” and then added my zip code and I found several salons nearby who offer eyebrow threading services.

    For those like me who have no clue what eyebrow threading is, here is a video that will explain it all:

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    Eyebrow Sculpting vs. Botox

    Eyebrow Shaping

    Thinking Botox? Try Eyebrow Shaping First

    As I was multi-tasking the other morning, I had “The View” on TV while I was processing a hair style makeover and I heard something like this: “Try an eyebrow shaping instead of Botox. It can make you look 10 years younger in just 5 minutes!” If you are considering some botox or another type of plastic surgery then you can visit Renewus Medspa, that has the goal of making you look and feel the best you possible but if not then you can carry on reading.

    The BS meter in my brain pegged, surely this is corporate happy talk overkill. I knew of course that eyebrows play an important role when I look at a face shape when deciding which hair styles to choose for one of my makeover clients. But could you do eyebrow shaping to make you look younger? This caught my attention so I watched. If this isn’t going to change your mind about getting botox, before you go ahead with any treatment, be sure to find a specialist who has years of experience, so at least you know that you’re going to be in the best hands possible and get the results you’re after.

    Damone Roberts is the eyebrow shaping King. Wax, shape, tweeze, clip and fill is what he was a master at. Sure enough, The five-minute claim was true, the process only took 5 minutes! Of course, the three models had a substantial amount of bushiness in the eyebrow shaping department. They all looked remarkably better and a couple looked years younger.

    Damone Roberts is part of the “Glam-Squad” on TLC’s new show “10 Years Younger.” The show airs regularly on TLC. They have ten days in which they take to transform their clients into younger and more beautiful versions of themselves. I haven’t seen the show yet. However, I caught the beginning of it once where they were putting some poor woman in an acrylic box to be critiqued by the public on her age I guess. Oh horrors!

    Although I think some of his products are overpriced, you can get some eyebrow shaping tips by going to his website – Although the overgrowth was noticeable on the models he used, I’m totally convinced the right eyebrow shaping can be uplifting, a beauty enhancer and a lot cheaper than Botox! But if you have the extra cash, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check out

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