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Fall Hair Colors Look More Dimensional

Hair Colorists Guide to Fall Hair Colors

You don’t need to know who’s in which movie or plays Which TV role or sings which song. You just need to know what they all look like. Colorists across the country are scouting celebrity trends to make sure they’re on top of what clients will want,” observes MODERN SALON Beauty and Fashion Director Maggi Mulhern. For fall, one thing seems certain: hair color will be part of every “what’s next” look. Here is what she recommends for her stylist readers:

  • BRONDING ~~ Golden highlights kissing a light brown base against an October late-afternoon sun? Can’t beat it! Introduce this hybrid look to both your brunettes and your blondes as an update for fall.
  • OMBRE ~~ As soon as you think it’s over some celebrity shows up rocking the ombré all over again. This look has legs, especially since it’s so forgiving for clients who need to stretch appointments. Fall’s deeper shades suggest a gradation of chocolate through caramel, and there’s also been buzz about spilling the ombré look onto a redder palette. Keep your eye peeled for a burst of rust-to-fire, or wear it yourself to inspire clients.
  • BALIAGE ~~ The twist on ombré is that it’s reignited the reverse: light on top, dark on the bottom. The advantage for long-haired clients is that the lighter area brightens the face.
  • DIP-DYE, TIE-DYE, BRIGHTS AND PASTELS ~~ The fun departure from natural shades is steadily going mainstream as clients seek ways to look edgier.


Fall hair colors always follow the natural flow of the season. Just as your wardrobe and make-up colors become deeper, fall hair colors also deepen to compliment these changes. Summers sun bleached layered hairstyles need refreshing and that’s done by toning down blondes and richening up brunettes and redheads.

Before committing to a new fall hair color be sure to read up on “What hair color is best for my skin tone”  then bring some pictures of hair colors you like to your appointment to discuss with your hairdresser. Sharing pictures are really the only way you and your hairdresser will know if you are both on the same page!

Also, you may be able to stretch your dollars by wearing high lights closer to your own natural hair color and going with a hairstyle that grows out easily.

Fall Hair Color Salma Hayek

Fall Hair Color Pelelope Cruz

Brunettes – Fall Hair Colors Hottest Trend

Farouk Systems Global Artistic Board says the trend for fall/winter is all about “hot chocolate and mocha.” If you are a brunette already (or even a wannabe) take note as these words will likely be used in your hair salon to describe the fall hair colors to embrace this season. These two BFF’s show off best brunettes fall hair colors! Salma Hayek’s dark strong tones are a sultry, sexy look with her coloring. Penelope Cruz’s deep, dark brown base is threaded with caramel hair high lights which enhance her warm skin tone.

Fall Hair Color Trends Sara Jessica Parker

Fall Hair Color Cameron Diaz

Celebrity Fall Hair Colors Trend- Ombre Effect

The Ombre hair color trend is still strong after it started showing up in Hollywood this spring and it will be big for fall hair colors as well! The Ombre effect is high lighted strands from mid-shaft down. These high lights are easy to maintain as long as the high lights are 1 to 2 shades lighter than your base hair color. To create this effect, hair is high lighted, balayage style or painted on the hair from mid-shaft down. Or as in Sara Jessica Parker’s case, she also has added balayage high lights around the face.

Christina Hendricks

Redheads Fall Hair Colors – Fiery and Red Hot Copper

Christina Hendricks, from Mad Men leads the way reds will be headed for this fall. Her pale skin tone is a good match with this sizzling hair color. Another celebrity who pioneered this fiery red hair color, Rihanna! Check out Julianne Moore, she wears copper-red hair perfectly with her pale, freckled skin tone and blue/green eyes!


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Fall Hair Colors and Hairstyles

Fall Hair Trends Britney Spears

Fall Hair Colors Will See Lowlights

I know it seems like we were all just talking about how hectic the holidays were last year, and low and behold they are right around the corner yet again. As we enter September, Fall hair colours are right around the corner. This means that it is time to get rid of the beach babe blonde hair color, or at least change it up for a Fall hair color. After all, you do not want to look like you should be on a summer holiday while wearing the quintessential Fall clothing.

This change isn’t just for those summer blondes!! You brunettes and redheads are in for some changes as well. Now before any of you go running screaming “No!” let me tell you how easy it is to transition into your new fall hair color. Think of this change as richening up your current look, your hair color, to reflect the changes in clothing and the physical changes in the seasons.

Fall Hair Trends
Amber or soft beige shades of fall haircolors

For blondes, this means adding a few lowlights into your hair. You honey blondes can have lowlights that are beautiful shades of amber gold or soft golden-beige shades. While you bright pale blondes can do more subtle lowlights of beige or champagne blonde. All of these lowlights when done correctly, will simply add much needed dimension into your beautiful blonde hair and actually “naturalize” it.

Fall Haircolors
Sandra Bullock stunning lowlights

Brunettes, your changes for fall hair colors allow you for even more hairstyles. You can add stunning lowlights of rich cinnamon or chocolate. For you more adventurous brunettes exotic pieces of deep copper reds or rich burgundies can definitely add some beautiful depth and much needed spice to an otherwise normal hair color.

Fall Hair Colours

And last but certainly not least, my favorite, all you redheads. The sky is the limit as far as fall hair color changes go. For the more timid, those beautiful shades of cinnamon and russet brown will help keep your red in check. But for those of you that are more courageous, try alluring shades of cherry red, deep copper, rich burgundies or luxurious plum hair colors. To figure out which of these would look best with you red, remember to not do too dark from the all over hair color that you currently have and choose hair colors that you like as a basis for your hair color pallet.
It is important to understand that these lowlights need to be done with a demi-permanent hair colors, like Redken’s Shades EQ. These types of hair colors will gradually fade out of the hair (and fade out on tone), so when the season changes again you are not stuck with what you did for the previous one. After all nobody wants fall hair in the spring!


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