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Fall Hair Protection

Fall Hair Protection

Fall Hair Protection Tips

The season of sun-kissed curls may over, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide under a hat till next summer. Adapt your hair to the fall hair season with these Cold-weather tips.

Forecast: Cold, Windy & Dry

  • Tip~~Keep your hair moisturized.
  • Tip~~Don’t shampoo more than three times a week . . . Over washing will strip you hair’s natural oils giving you limp, dried-out hair.
  • Tip~~When heading outside, protect your hair from harsh winds with silk-lined scarves and hats.

Forecast: Rain or Snow

  • Tip~~Don’t try to fight your natural hair type—Mother Nature will make it too much of a hassle! Instead, slick straight hair back into a ponytail or let natural waves hang loose.
  • Tip~~Seal out moisture with hot styling tools and finish with a mist-shielding spray.
  • Tip~~Avoid mousses, waxes and other heavy products—they can get messy when mixed with moisture.


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