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    New Hairstyles for Fall

    New Hairstyles

    The New Season Brings New Hairstyles

    “New Hairstyles are Smooth this Fall”New hairstyles for the Fall Season are all about richening up your current hair color and cleaning up your grown-out hair cut. Get deeper, richer shades with semi-permanent hair color and go for a bold new haircut to chop off damaged tresses from your summer spent in the sun. Note how celebrities are setting the new hairstyle trends this fall by going bolder with darker hair colors and being fearless with their new hairstyles.

    New Hairstyles Scarlet Johansson
    Scarlet Johansson wears a new hairstyle darker hue for fall

    Fall’s new hairstyles are showing hair colors that are deep, rich and lively and which give a dramatic boost to your current hair color. Red heads need to be richer, brunettes should go darker and blondes should add in lowlights for added depth.

    I would suggest livening up your current hair color with a semi-permanent color in two shades darker than your current hair color. Semi-permanent hair color will also add shine to dull, lifeless locks.

    Another option for adding some extra color and shine is my favorite hair treatment product, John Frieda’s Luminous Color Glaze. Every time I use this product, on a customer as well as on myself, compliments are plentiful on how shiny and healthy it makes the hair look! The Luminous Color Glaze comes in a variety of colors to suit you and also comes in clear, which I love and am currently using.

    This season, new hairstyles are all about sleek, smooth hair. Curls are being smoothed out with the help of smoothing creams and shine serums and new hairstyles are going sleeker and shorter, like my favorite new hairstyle, the sleek bob. Gone are the big and bold hair looks of past seasons and in are the sleek and sophisticated looks of Fall’s new hairstyles.

    Hot new hairstyles for fall to try include the sleek bob (my favorite), smooth curly looks, as well as long and straight hairstyles with bangs. Break out your flat irons and paddle brushes for styling to get that smooth, sleek look that this season is famous for. Styling products to use include styling creams, smoothing serums and shine serums. My current favorite is Kenra’s Platinum Silkening Gloss that gets rid of my frizz, leaves my hair shiny and is great for use with my flat iron addiction.

    Keep in mind that new hairstyles for this season are deeper, darker shades for your hair color and sleeker, smoother hairstyles for your hair cut. I suggest a consultation with your hairdresser to find your perfect hair color shade and your perfect new hairstyle for the season! Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by following our Pinterest Hair Trends Board.


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    5 Fall Hair Styles for Short Hair

    Evan Rachel Wood with a Short Crop Fall Hair Style

    Evan Rachel Wood Short Crop Hair Style

    Fall hair styles best looks for short hair!

    When Evan Rachel Wood decided to change-up her long red locks, she ditched the fear and went for it! It’s a bold move to cut off so much hair in one sitting, but if you have the face shape for short hair, a change like this will turn heads. And you can guess how much time she just saved herself in getting out the door with this short crop hair style. Styling this short haircut is a breeze. After you shampoo and blow dry, emulsify a small amount of styling cream or light gel in your hands and run it through the hair. Style into place with your fingers and voila!! Instantly cute and sexy!

    Attractive woman with Asymmetrical Choppy Layered Haircut

    Asymmetrical Choppy Layered Haircut

    Variations of this asymmetrical, short, choppy cut are showing up in fall fashion everywhere! Short haircuts this season are all about the bangs! The cutting technique is sometimes referred to as ‘disconnect’ where side layers are shorter and don’t connect with the longer top layers. Easy enough to style this cute disheveled look with a little mousse and round brush for lift and direction on top. For a funky looking finish, try a flat-iron through the ends.

    Agyness Deyn with a Razor Cut Crop Hair Style For Fall

    Agyness Deyn’s Razor Cut Crop

    This short hair cut works with fine, medium and thick hair types that are straight or slightly wavy. A good razor cut is needed to achieve the look so curly girls, this one’s not for you. The tousled, funky fringe is easy to style. For extra volume, lift hair with a round brush, directing the crown forward and flat-iron the long fringe for an edgy finish.

    Beautiful Blonde with Asymmetrical Short Crop Haircut

    Asymmetrical Short Crop

    This is another way to style Evan Rachel Wood’s short haircut above. So cute! All over layers, from short to long on top give this layered cut its chic flair! The hair color is used to play up this hair style by going from deeper ash blonde tones in back to a bright blonde on the asymmetrical razored bangs.

    Ginnifer Goodwin's Short Pixie Hair Cut

    Ginnifer Goodwin’s Short Pixie

    If you’ve got the right face shape for short hair styles, a short pixie cut with long choppy fringe like Ginnfer’s will rock!! It doesn’t get any easier than this ladies, if you have the right texture and for a short hair cut and this one grows out easily too. Just add some volumizing mousse to clean hair and blow dry at roots with fingers to fluff. Emulsify a little pomade or styling crème in your hands and pull through tips of fringe to separate and direct.

    These fall hair styles for short hair are quick and easy, cute and a little bit sassy . . . is it time for you to change things up?

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    Summer to Fall Hair Tips

    Attractive Woman with hot 2011 Fall Hair Style and Hair ColorFall Hair Tweaks

    As the seasons change from summer to fall the atmospheric changes dictate some changes to your fall hair care routine. So here are some tips on how to make the summer to fall hair transition with ease.

    • Freshen up your hair color and help it recover from the harsh sun and chlorine exposure with an in-salon glossifying treatment. Your hair color shade will last longer between touch up appointments, meaning fewer trips to see your hairdresser.


    • Face-framing highlights are a good way to give your sun-soaked strands a boost. Not only do they add dimension, they help hair grow out more gracefully.


    • Need a little extra pizzazz? Dust off your head bands . . . accessories are huge for fall and look great when you’re trying to grow your hair out.


    • Layers are a great transition look from summer to fall. You can still pull off the wavy beachy hair look during those last warm weekends in September and early October, but also look well-styled when you blow-dry your hair.


    • Even though the weather’s cooling down, natural texture remains hot! Give your blow-dryer a rest and retain your waves through autumn . . . just add a hair styling product, scrunch hair and air-dry. This is as no-fuss as you can get.

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