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Female Hair Loss; Here are Some Options

Female Hair Loss

Hair Regrowth Remedies For Female Hair Loss

One of the worst parts about getting older is the slow-but-sure loss of hair that accelerates as more candles get added to the birthday cake. After all, no one likes bald spots or stringy hair, and that goes double for those unlucky women who experience female pattern baldness before their time. There are several hair loss remedies that for just a small investment can bring your head back to your teenage glory days, with little to no hassle.

However, when it comes to hair loss, there are literally countless “homemade remedies” that spring up on the Internet all the time. These false hopes all try to con you out of your hard earned cash and send you down a road that may end up damaging your hair follicles even more, something that you need to avoid at all costs. So, to help you weed through all these red herrings, here are a few of the most proven treatments that may ensure a full, luscious head of hair deep into your golden years:

Over the Counter Treatments

Though this may seem obvious, Rogain and other over the counter treatments are often the easiest ways to promote natural hair growth. These treatments use special ingredients that reinvigorate hair follicles that have begun to shrink as a result of hereditary hair loss. While they don’t work on everybody, trying them may be the quickest route to the remedy you have been looking for. You also may want to try Bosley Healthy Hair Vitality or NuHair Hair Regrowth Tablets if Women’s Rogain doesn’t do the trick.

Natural Female Hair Loss Remedies

If over the counter treatments don’t work, or if you don’t like the idea of putting chemicals into your hair, there are several natural treatments that have worked for many people, though many are not exactly “proven remedies”. For example, Curry Leaves and Coconut tonic—a mixture made out of boiled curry leaves and coconut oil—has been said to help hair grow faster. You also might find some success with adding Castor oil to your conditioner, or even a vinegar rinse. Again, these are not proven tactics, but many do swear by these natural remedies; you might just be surprised!

Last Resort: NeoGraft Hair Transplants

If you have tried absolutely everything, and you still can’t find a way to beat hair loss, it might be time for you to try getting a hair transplant. If you do get a hair transplant then it’s important to do your research into where would be best to go. For example, the costs are very different country to country so it might be cheaper getting a transplant in Turkey rather than your home country. Check out this article on Hair Transplant Turkey Cost to find out more. And yes, yes we understand that hair transplants have a bad rap in the beauty community, but that is mainly because of a misunderstanding of the technology. It is true that some hair transplants can result in what many call “doll-like” hair, but NeoGraft technology—a new form of hair transplant technology—is much more advanced. If performed by the correct surgeon, you can end up with a natural head of hair that grows, and looks amazing. Best of all, you don’t get the linear scarring that many other transplant technologies leave you with.


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Dealing With Hair Loss For Women

Hair Loss For Women

One woman’s struggle to find a solution to hair loss

Female hair loss has reached almost epidemic proportions. The coveted sign of femininity and sex appeal, at any age, loss of a womans hair instigates loss of self-esteem. Frightened and embarrassed, women suffering from hair loss undergo expensive, mostly ineffective and potentially toxic treatments, can make matters worse.

Hair loss, particularily in women, may be a sign of an underlying medical condition. A visit to the doctor is vital, as they can rule out health issues and refer you to a dermatologist for further evaluation. The medically researched reasons for female hair loss are: Excessive Styling, Skin Conditions of the Scalp, Telogen Effluvium, Hereditary Hair Loss, Hypothyroidism, Lupus, Iron Deficiency Anemia, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Alopecia Areata. Aging, menopause, and allergies to hair dyes also are factors. Certainly emotional stress can exacerbate the problem.

Samantha’s Story

Samantha Skow was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata as a child. She first noticed her hair loss at 13. “I actually remember the moment. I was showering and a lot more hair then normal came into my hands when I was shampooing my hair, I realized that something was wrong,” Skow says. She had all of the standard blood tests done, but nothing came back definitive. “Everyone just said that I had Alopecia Areata, which basically just means that I have an autoimmune disease where my hair falls out. I was on Spironolactone for a while to try to help my hair grow, I used Rogaine…I had cortisone injections. Nothing ever helped.”

Samantha explored standard options. She had tried wigs in the past, but nothing looked realistic and she felt humiliated. While Samantha never lost 100% of her hair, more like 70%, it was still difficult to conceal. Her mother had heard about Elena Golescu, a hair specialist in New York, and owner of Ludis Charming Instinct Hair Extensions. Elena offered her the surprising solution of utilizing hair extensions to help Samantha’s existing natural hair to grow.

Now Samantha steps out into the world with a newly found confidence and a beautiful head of hair, while her real hair continues to grow underneath. If you are in the market for hair extensions due to similar hair loss issues, it is imperative that you educate yourself on hair extension quality, which is the key to getting a good head of hair that won’t damage your already existing locks.

Hair Loss For Women

Quality is the key to a successful outcome

Fine virgin Remy hair is the choice for human hair extensions and will give you the best quality possible. The cuticles of this type of extension are all aligned in the same manner, which ensures that they won’t tangle. Human hair is processed without acids and with natural food grade ingredients. These natural hair extensions aren’t heated in high-heat ovens, which means they aren’t dried out like other types of extensions.

Application methods

Strand-by-strand application is done in small sections. Heated adhesive sticks and glue help to adhere the extension to the hair. With the weaving method, a track is created around the head, as close to the scalp as possible. The extensions are sewn onto the tracks. Bonding is one of the most common applications for hair extensions. Glue for bonding is applied to the end of the extension as well as to the root of your own hair.

Clip-in extensions have the clip-in portion already sewn into the end of the extension. The newest application method and one of the easiest methods to do yourself is tape-on bonding. A thin, flat strip of polyurethane works as double-sided tape. You simply remove the back of the strip and apply the extension to your hair. For Samantha Skow, Ludis Goop Hair Extensions were used.

Tamela D’Amico
Contributing author Tamela D’Amicois a multi-hyphenate: Recording artist/actress/filmmaker and face of Alison Raffaele Cosmetics. She owns La Strega Entertainment, a production company in Los Angeles, which handles many different projects in all facets of the entertainment, beauty, and fashion worlds. She enjoys writing about subjects that empower and inspire women to be their best self. For more information on her visit and find out more info on Ludis Charming Instinct Hair Extensions.

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Female Hair Loss Treatments

Picture of Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss Treatments Abound

Lots of options exist for female hair loss treatments. Finding a few more hairs in drain can make us nervous, but it doesn’t mean necessarily that you are going bald or have some serious hair problem. Especially now that products such as CBD Conditioner is available on the market and specialists you can speak to about your concerns, there is pretty much a solution out there for whatever you are going through, even if you don’t think so. Most female hair loss is either due to natural losses or breakage.

Natural Female Hair Loss ~~It is normal that you lose some hair every day, usually 150 to 200 strands. Hair follicles go through three stages of development:

  • The Growth Phase lasts anywhere from two to six years. Hair grows approximately one half to one inch a month. The hair shaft is thickest during the growth phase.
  • The Resting Phase lasts just a few weeks.
  • The Shedding Phase usually lasts five six weeks. New hair begins to grow, and the old hair is shed an replaced. New hair is very fine.

Female Hair Loss Due to Breakage ~~Many people mistake breakage for female hair loss, but there is a distinct difference. Female hair loss is a medical condition; hair breakage is not. Follow these steps to keep your hair intact and looking healthy to avoid breakage.

  • Shampoo make sure your routine shampoo says it is pH-balanced and avoid those that are alkaline. Alkaline shampoos strip the hair’s natural oils and disrupt the acid mantle, causing dehydration and leading to porous, fragile hair.
  • Hot-Oil Treatments have become very popular. However, the very heat that causes them to penetrate the hair shaft can also lead to further damage of the hair. Over time, the continued, excessive heat exposure will cause the hair to become weaker. Stick with regular conditioners.
  • Leave-In Conditioner consider the routine use of a leave-in conditioner or detangler. Typically applied after towel-drying, these help reduce trauma and breakage when you comb through wet hair.
  • Styling Minimizing the use of daily hot rollers, hair dryers, flat irons and chemical applications can reduce the trauma on the hair shaft and help minimize female hair loss.

Female Hair Loss Due to Medical Issues ~~ But, if you suspect your hair is thinning beyond normal female hair loss and breakage,you should talk to your dermatologist, who may have better knowledge of the causes than your regular physician. There are many options to choose from in female hair loss treatments, and your dermatologist can recommend one that is right for you. Some formulas you might hear:

  • FNS Follicle Nutrient Serum ~~ Contains natural ingredients said to stimulate hair regrowth.
  • Nizoral Shampoo ~~ May provide some benefit to women with female-pattern alopecia.
  • Rogaine ~~ A topical medication that helps trigger growth of hair. Women should stick with the 2% formula to minimize growth of hair elsewhere (like the face).
  • Propecia ~~ A prescription medication taken once a day to help regrow recently lost hair and slow or stop hair loss.
  • Flutamide ~~ A prescription medication that can help reduce female-pattern alopecia.


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