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    How to Repair Damaged Hair

    How to Repair Damaged Hair

    The Smart Girl’s Guide on How to Repair Damaged Hair

    We have all been there. As we look down at the counter and see little hairs covering the counter top and we have lost count of the hairs we have pulled out of our hair brush, we find ourselves looking at our reflection in the mirror wondering, “Is my hair dry or damaged?” Today’s tale is about how to repair damaged hair. There are three major types of damage when it comes to your lovely locks.


    Mechanical Damage

    Your hair looks and feels dull ( like the hair of your favorite childhood doll) little pieces of hair fall onto your clothes. In some cases the hair looks singed, kinked and fuzzy.

    • The Cause –  brushing and teasing the hair in excess (picture a 1950’s beehive), and using thermal styling tools without the proper products.
    • The Solution – Use a good conditioning treatment once a week such as Joico Kpak Intense Hydrator, or Uans Crema. Also use a thermal protection spray such as, Bain de Terre Magnolia Thermal Iron Protector, or Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press, each time you use a flat iron or curling iron.


    Environmental Damage

    Your color fades and your hair doesn’t feel clean;  it feels like product build up is on your hair.

    • The Cause – Sun exposure and pollution.
    • The Solution – Most professional hair care lines have U.V. protectants in their products and there are many leave-in conditioners that have U.V. protectants as well, such as Matrix Biolage Daily Leave In Tonic and Sebastian Potion 9 Lite. A good clarifying shampoo like SOMA Clarifying Shampoo, once or twice a month (depending on how much product you use) will help as well.


    Chemical Damage

    Your hair looks and feels fuzzy, it will not hold a style, looks like frayed cloth. It breaks off , inches at a time.

    • The Cause – over use of chemical services such as hair color, lightening, perming or chemical straightening.
    • The Solution – Stop whatever chemical process you are doing right now. Give your hair a break for a while – hats are in this season. You need to get a good deep conditioning treatment done with your stylist ASAP. If you can’t get to the salon – I highly recommend JOICO Kpak Revitaluxe. The newest addition to the Kpak family – this treatment is restorative and strengthens the hair with each use. For a leave in, Redken’s Extreme Anti Snap is terrific, just as it’s name states – it will help your hair from breaking or snapping off.

    I highly recommend that you use Professional Salon products. Many of the other brands on the shelves have too many sulfates, detergents, silicone’s and alcohol which defeats the purpose.  Your hair may feel good but some of those products don’t penetrate the hair – they just coat the hair, which leads to further damage.




    Contributing author Sara Stancu is “That girl in the red coat”. Sara is also the manager of a salon and retail shop with over 20 years of customer service and sales experience. Her tell it like it is approach is aimed at educating and enlightening clients, stylists and salon owners. She has also been the woman locked in the bathroom hating her hair. You can follow Sara on her website That Girl in the red coat and Twitter.


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    Flat Iron – Choosing The Right One

    How to Buy The Right Flat Iron

    When it comes to shopping for a flat iron, the hair flat iron deserves a post all it’s own. It’s confusing to the consumer to have so many choices of flat irons to choose from. When shopping for a flat iron you will come across descriptions such as, ceramic, gold-tone, sapphire, tourmaline, ionic and traditional. The price of these hair flat irons can vary from $20.00 to $200.00. Now tell me, what do these descriptions mean to you???
    These terms all have to do with the makeup of the surfaces of your flat iron.

    • Ceramic Flat Iron — Flat iron plates are infused with a ceramic material which will distribute the heat evenly with no hotpots. Ceramic flat iron is said to preserve moisture by penetrating to the center of the hair shaft, exposing the hair to less heat and to eliminate frizz.
    • Gold-tone Flat Iron — is simply a flat iron with a gold-tone metal plate. This flat iron is said to heat up faster and to get hotter than other flat irons.
    • Sapphire Flat Iron — lower grade mineral than the gem, it is ground and infused onto the flat iron plate to distribute heat more evenly.
    • Tourmaline Flat Iron — a mineral ground and infused into the plate of the flat iron. It is rated most effective because as it is heated, it creates more pressure to flatten the hair than other of the substances, therefore leaving shinier hair and making the hair style last longer. A tourmaline flat iron creates negative ions which leave more moisture in the hair.
    • Ionic Flat Iron — Negative ions eliminate frizz by leaving more moisture in the hair shaft.

    Be careful, the potential for damage to the hair is big, some of these flat irons reach 450 degrees and more. Be good to your hair, use the least amount of heat on your flat iron to get the job done and maintain a good hair care routine . . . condition, condition, condition. Use a thermal active product for at least some protection. (I like Kenras, Thermal Styling Spray.

    Choose a flat iron size that is right for your length and hair type. The width varies; thinner flat irons are easier to manage than the wider ones, but the wider ones will cover more hair for quicker results (long or thick hair) The 1″ to 2″ are the most popular sizes of flat iron.

    A good flat iron will:

    • Create a lasting hair style – till your next shampoo
    • Be more effective and save you time on styling your hair
    • Leave the hair silkier, shinier and healthier
    • Not pull or snag your hair
    • Have a variable temperature selection
    • Heat up quickly

    A flat iron that is not so good will:

    • Be less effective in lasting results
    • Take too much time to create a hair style
    • Cause hair pulling, causing pain and breakage
    • Burn the hair easily
    • Have minimal heat control

    So, if you are looking for a flat iron, or, if your flat iron just doesn’t do the job, take the time to read up on it. Be sure to spend some time reading their Customer Reviews, Q & A and Tips and Advice sections. They encourage lots of dialogue and you will get good advice from users with all hair types not to mention great before and after pictures.

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    Combo Flat Iron, Curling Iron

    Combination Flat Iron and Curling Iron in one tool
    Hair Styling Tool For All You Travelers

    I just unpacked my bags yesterday and I would have loved to have this new combo flat iron and curling iron in one handy unit on my trip.

    Among the novelties for 2012, Uki International presents a unique, innovative product: DUAL USE, the professional dual-function hair straightener that, with its special technical characteristics offers two products in one: a flat iron straightener and a curling iron. A product that curls and straightens, allowing you to create unique styles for your hair.

    With the upper plate, heated internally and externally, Dual Use can be used to create a new look every time, changing quickly from smooth to curly. In fact, just a few quick strokes for a perfectly smooth look, or wrap the hair around the plate to create natural looking curls.

    Dual Use is characterized by its great speed in reaching the set temperature, and is technological advanced thanks to the Double MCH Temp Control, a ceramic laminate metal lisation process (20 seconds to reach the required temperature) and variable temperature settings to suit all hair types.

    The flexible, floating plates use Uki Tourmaline technology that guarantees unmatched performance, making this straightener a unique, professional hair styling tool. The pack includes a thermal glove to prevent burning when using the plate, making it easier to handle; in this way it is also suited to non-professional use.

    It reaches a maximum temperature of 446°F and the temperature selector can be easily adjusted by either hand; it has a very practical anti-twist cable that makes it highly manageable. It is available at Uki International

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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