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    Curl Your Hair With a Flat-Iron

    Hairstylist Curling Hair of Woman with a Flat Iron

    This is a great how-to video, easy and to the point!

    If you are struggling with how to choose the right flat-iron, you’re going to love this article. I came across this video a while back, got buried with other things and basically forgot about it. But, it’s a quick and simple video on how-to get great curls from your flat-iron. One question that keeps cropping up on their comment board is, can you do this with your flat-iron and will it hurt your hair? The answer is yes, any flat-iron will work. The width of the iron will determine the size curl you create. I think this was a 1 1/2″ size used in the video.

    You don’t need to pay a fortune for a good flat-iron, but there are some features clearly worth including. Here is a good article on how to choose the right flat-iron; In considering the health of your hair, start by using the right products, you’ll get a better finish and save your hair from excessive heat damage.

    A good blow dry is the foundation of a good hair style. If you want long smooth ringlet curls like this model, start on clean, conditioned hair. For more fullness use a volumizing shampoo and a thickening lotion.

    Blow dry vigorously upside down till 90% dry. Smooth hair in sections using a large round brush to give bend to the ends. Starting with one to two-inch sections at the nape of the neck, spray section lightly with a thermal active spray, this will protect the hair as well as give it hold. Comb section smooth and run the flat-iron down the entire section once, to smooth and warm the hair to be curled. Wrap section around the flat-iron as shown starting close to the roots and slowly slide it through to the ends.

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    How Can I Get Curly Hair With My Flat Iron?

    Hairstylist Curling Hair of Woman with a Flat Iron

    How can I get curly hair like this?

    Noreen asks hairstyle blog;


    How can I get curly hair with my flat-iron? I have tried a technique I saw in the mall where you put some hair in the flat-iron and turn it over and then pull the hair through, but that didn’t work for me. They make it look so quick and easy to get curly hair this way. Any suggestions?


    Get curly hair via flat-iron in 4 easy steps!

    Not only can you get curly hair via your flat-iron, but you can achieve lots of volume and shine with it too when you follow these curly hair tips.

    Start with a great haircut; long layered haircuts or medium layered haircuts are best in order to give your curls support and your hairstyle a great shape. Curly hair styles like Taylor Swifts, are the ultimate in femininity and always look best when your hair is in great condition. You can get your hair looking its best by giving it what it needs and playing nice with the hot-tools you use.

    Tommy Buckett, Sedu Styling Consultant, put together a quick and easy 4 step plan to get the curly hair you want. He uses a Sedu Revolution Shorty Flat-Iron which looks to be about  inch width to get this look.

    Practice makes perfect so try it a few times before expecting to get perfect curls! Here are Tommy’s 4 steps, but also watch the video below to see how easy it is!

    To get curly hair with your flat-iron:

    1. Start with ?” sections, clip extra hair out-of-the-way
    2. Warm up hair by quickly sliding section through iron
    3. Twist hair around iron and clamp. If ends have a fish-hook, rewrap hair just on ends and turn iron 180 degrees and pull through. For a tighter curl, wrap hair around iron from the base or closer to the scalp.
    4. Loosen up curls with fingers and finish with a lightweight spray

    It may sound like an oxymoron but you really can get curly hair with your flat-iron. Once you master the technique . . . you may decide to ditch your curling irons and save yourself a little space.

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    Chi Ceramic Flat Iron Counterfeits on Ebay

    Ceramic Curling Iron

    Chi Ceramic Flat Iron, Buyer Beware

    Do not buy a Chi ceramic flat iron from a source you do not recognize.

    Counterfeit Chi ceramic flat irons are showing up all over the Internet especially on Ebay.  Farouk Systems the manufacturer of the Chi ceramic flat iron got a defective Chi ceramic flat iron back from a customer they immediately identified it as a counterfeit. Farouk Systems notified the Royal Canadian Mounted police who launched an investigation. On January 29th the RCMP confiscated 4,500 chi ceramic flat irons in a Quebec City raid.

     Farouk Systems has received hundreds of complaints from consumers who bought counterfeit Chi ceramic flat irons on Ebay and other Internet sources. Ebay most likely fingered the perpetrators for the RCMP as they have a very aggressive fraud attitude. The Chi ceramic flat iron is one of the best flat irons on the market and they do not deserve this kind of attention. None the less, protect yourself, buy your Chi ceramic flat iron from a source you are sure of such as Folica or Sally Beauty supply.

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