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    Flat Iron – Choosing The Right One

    How to Buy The Right Flat Iron

    When it comes to shopping for a flat iron, the hair flat iron deserves a post all it’s own. It’s confusing to the consumer to have so many choices of flat irons to choose from. When shopping for a flat iron you will come across descriptions such as, ceramic, gold-tone, sapphire, tourmaline, ionic and traditional. The price of these hair flat irons can vary from $20.00 to $200.00. Now tell me, what do these descriptions mean to you???
    These terms all have to do with the makeup of the surfaces of your flat iron.

    • Ceramic Flat Iron — Flat iron plates are infused with a ceramic material which will distribute the heat evenly with no hotpots. Ceramic flat iron is said to preserve moisture by penetrating to the center of the hair shaft, exposing the hair to less heat and to eliminate frizz.
    • Gold-tone Flat Iron — is simply a flat iron with a gold-tone metal plate. This flat iron is said to heat up faster and to get hotter than other flat irons.
    • Sapphire Flat Iron — lower grade mineral than the gem, it is ground and infused onto the flat iron plate to distribute heat more evenly.
    • Tourmaline Flat Iron — a mineral ground and infused into the plate of the flat iron. It is rated most effective because as it is heated, it creates more pressure to flatten the hair than other of the substances, therefore leaving shinier hair and making the hair style last longer. A tourmaline flat iron creates negative ions which leave more moisture in the hair.
    • Ionic Flat Iron — Negative ions eliminate frizz by leaving more moisture in the hair shaft.

    Be careful, the potential for damage to the hair is big, some of these flat irons reach 450 degrees and more. Be good to your hair, use the least amount of heat on your flat iron to get the job done and maintain a good hair care routine . . . condition, condition, condition. Use a thermal active product for at least some protection. (I like Kenras, Thermal Styling Spray.

    Choose a flat iron size that is right for your length and hair type. The width varies; thinner flat irons are easier to manage than the wider ones, but the wider ones will cover more hair for quicker results (long or thick hair) The 1″ to 2″ are the most popular sizes of flat iron.

    A good flat iron will:

    • Create a lasting hair style – till your next shampoo
    • Be more effective and save you time on styling your hair
    • Leave the hair silkier, shinier and healthier
    • Not pull or snag your hair
    • Have a variable temperature selection
    • Heat up quickly

    A flat iron that is not so good will:

    • Be less effective in lasting results
    • Take too much time to create a hair style
    • Cause hair pulling, causing pain and breakage
    • Burn the hair easily
    • Have minimal heat control

    So, if you are looking for a flat iron, or, if your flat iron just doesn’t do the job, take the time to read up on it. Be sure to spend some time reading their Customer Reviews, Q & A and Tips and Advice sections. They encourage lots of dialogue and you will get good advice from users with all hair types not to mention great before and after pictures.

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