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    The Best Ways to Tame Frizzy Hair

    Attractive Woman Examining Her Dry Frizzy Hair

    Four Frizzy Hair Remedies

    Fighting frizzy hair is an ongoing battle for sure, so hairdressers and product manufacturers are always working on the problem.  Tips and tricks for fighting frizzy hair are improved on from year to year. So, what shakes out as your best ways for taming frizzy hair today?

    Of course, smoothing treatments like keratin hair relaxers, Brazilian treatments and other smoothing treatments, will tame frizzy hair and are available in hair salons for about $300.  Initially, there was a lot of controversy on these smoothing treatments, specifically those that emit formaldehyde, a well-known toxin.  Better smoothing treatments are available now without the use of these harmful chemicals. If an in-salon smoothing treatment just isn’t in your budget this year, here are the best tips today for smoothing your locks and subduing frizzy hair at home.


    Tame frizzy Hair

    Use the right frizzy hair products for your hair type

    Frizzy hair is usually dry hair, which needs to be moisturized. If you have dry hair, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner as a regular routine.  A leave-in conditioner as well as a weekly deep conditioning treatment when the weather is hot and humid can do wonders to end frizzy hair.

    Add a last cool rinse in the shower to close the cuticle for more shine and squeeze dry with a towel and not rubbing your hair dry to avoid ruffling up the cuticle.

    Look for labels on product brands you like that contain buzz words like, moisturizing, anti-frizz and straightening. Renowned stylist, Nick Arrojo of “What Not to Wear,” says are his favorite smoothing products are silicone serum, straightening balms or defrizzing creams. Apply these products to damp hair before blow drying or flat-ironing. Silicone serum, creams and oils have been the big sellers this year for minimizing frizz and creating lots of shine. Here are my favorites;

    • de Fabulous Amazon Secret MuruMuru Anti-Frizz Shampoo
    • Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque
    • Macadamia Oil Treatment

    Another type of product to watch for in defeating frizzy hair, especially in tropical climates, is an anti-humectant. An anti-humectant will coat and seal the hair to prevent moisture in the air from getting into the hair shaft and swelling the hair. Aveda’s Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade, a bit goes a long way. It repels moisture and leaves a satiny finish to hair.

    Tame frizzy Hair

    Eliminate frizzy hair with an Ionic blow-dryer

    Shampoo less, condition more, and try one of the many Ionic blow-dryers on the market. Ionic technology works great for smoothing and adding shine to the hair. I’m using a professional brand ionic dryer, Hana air from and I absolutely love it!  Ionic rocks!


    Tame frizzy Hair

     A good haircut matters

    Have your hair trimmed regularly to keep the ends healthy.  Wavy and curly hair types should get a layered haircut versus a one-length hairstyle. Layers will lighten curly hair to allow for more defined curls.  Wavy hair types will have more defined waves when cut into layers.

    Steer clear from razor-cutting if you have frizzy hair. Razoring the hair is great for creating texturizing techniques and face framing layers, but it is the curse of death for frizzy hair types. Razor cutting will increase frizz for those most susceptible to it. Razoring shaves the hair shaft thinning the ends and not giving clear and clean blunt ends.  Thinned out, razored ends, will frizz every time!

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    Anti Frizz Product Review

    Anti Frizz

    VO5 anti frizz product review for those of you curly heads with frizzy hair

    This time of year humidity can be a real headache for those of you with curly hair. Frizz can occur out of nowhere and frustrate all of your hair styling attempts. Your hair absorbs the moisture in the air expanding each hair like a balloon. So I’m always on the lookout for anti frizz products and ideas that might help all of my frizzy haired readers. Recently I ran across this piece from the Louisville Courier Journal.

    What is really interesting about the article is that the writer, Megan Conley, just finished seventh grade at Barret Traditional Middle School in Louisville. I tink she did a pretty good job, don’t you?

    Anti Frizz Curls
    Big-hair days are a thing of the past with VO5 mousse
    By Megan Conley

    Who is having a good hair day? Many women hate their curly hair. But why not love it? VO5 has a new anti frizz hair product called Curvaceous Curls! Styling Mousse. Just scrunch it in your hair and have anti frizz, springy curls all day long. Besides its outstanding power to define your waves and curls, it can be found for a very low price.

    I first discovered my favorite mousse the day after I got my hair cut. When I was at the hair salon, the woman who cut my hair put in a sensational mousse to keep my waves under control. While my mom was paying, I asked if they sold the curling mousse at the salon. The cashier quickly led me to a shelf with many of the bottles. Before I had a chance to pick it up, I noticed the price tag. It was $13.99. In my opinion, that is way too much for a small bottle of mousse.

    The next day at Target, I was browsing the cosmetic aisles. Suddenly, the VO5 anti frizz Curvaceous Curls! Hair Mousse came into view. The bottle was as bright red as a cardinal. “Curvaceous Curls!” was printed boldly on the front of the bottle. I quickly picked it up and threw it in the cart.

    Ever since that day, I use the VO5 anti frizz curling mousse every time I don’t have my hair in a ponytail. One of the best characteristics of the mousse is the texture. Once you shake the bottle, all you have to do it press the cap down. Immediately, white foam will push through the bristled cap. The foam is fluffier than a cloud. It makes it very easy to work with.

    Besides the magnificent texture of the mousse, your hair will be soft and silky for the rest of the day. Unlike ordinary hair sprays and gels, your hair will not be as stiff as straw. The mousse will not dry it out either. Also, your hair will not be weighed down. This mousse allows your hair to move and spring around freely.



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    New Hair Care Products from Entrepreneur Mom

    Store shelves with dozens of hair care product brands

    Mom gives up sales career to create hair care products for curly hair

    Trust me, it takes guts to walk away from a career to do what you love and start running your own business. But it is worth it. Sometimes I wake up and have to pinch myself for having the opportunity to work from home in my bunny slippers and sweats. I know many of you are living a life of misery in one of those corporate cubicles . . . ish! So many of you could be working in your own home office that you design and that you love instead of a small cubicle! With the power to pick what office equipment and furniture you want from sites like office monster while all in the comfort of your own home, why wouldn’t you want to work from home? Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and start a business on your own. There are so many resources out there to help you tackle the tricky parts and learn everything there is to know about starting and running your own business, from choosing a virtual office address to hiring staff.

    There are tons of opportunities out there for women, the New York times did a great article in January about a few of the inspirational “You Go, Girl” stories that are out there. My hubby Gary teaches a bunch of entrepreneurial type classes at Online Class Source and has begged me to put together an online class for women entrepreneurs. What do you think? Are there enough of you out there that would be interested in such a class? Help me put together a wish list of what you’d like to see in such a class. Leave me a comment.

    Anyway, back to the subject at hand here is an inspirational press release from a lady who had the guts to quit her day job and start a line of hair care products for all of you curly heads out there. If you’ve struggled with curly hair issues, give her products a try. Give a boost to a new start when she needs it the most.

    Mom Entrepreneur Creates Salvation for the Frizzy-Haired NORMAN, Okla., May 31 /PRNewswire/ — If you have curly hair, you wish it was straight. And if you have straight hair, you wish it was curly. Business owner Kelly Foreman, who grew up with tight, corkscrew hair, is hoping to help adults and children who aren’t happy with their frizzy, fuzzy or hard-to-handle hair.

    Growing up in humid South Carolina and Texas, Foreman was called “Fuzzy” by her classmates. “My friends thought it was cute and funny,” Foreman recalls. “But for a young girl, it was crushing.”

    She dreaded rain and swimming and subjected her curls to the ravages of blow-dryers, hot rollers and chemicals. Nothing she tried could tame her mane. “The solution always seemed to be, ‘Cut it shorter,'” she said. “When I was 16 and on the dance team, I still looked like a boy.” 37, with three daughters of her own – including a 3-year-old curly head – Foreman hopes to help young curly heads of the world feel confident about their curls. To that end, she has launched the MopTop line of products – a sulfate-free, alcohol-free, silicone-free, wax-free line specifically designed for curly, frizzy hair.

    MopTop currently offers five products and recently introduced a new line of children’s hair care products called FuzzyDuck. The products moisturize and define dry, frizzy, unruly hair.

    The line pampers chemically treated and color-treated hair, too. A gentle clarifying shampoo and daily conditioner restores moisture. An herbal de-tangling spray reactivates even the frizziest hairstyle. A lightweight gel fights frizz without crunch, and pomade adds sheen while setting style.”We’ve been blessed with curly hair,” said Foreman. “I want adults and kids to embrace their blessing so they can be self-confident and happy with who they are.”

    Foreman, who has spent years working in sales, never envisioned that her curly hair would become the inspiration for her new career. She was 30 before she began to accept her curls. Looking at her damaged hair, her hairdresser encouraged her to wear her hair natural.

    Before creating her new line of curly hair products, she tried a wide range of products – from inexpensive drugstore brands to exclusive hair salon brands. She became a student of curly hair, reading everything she could on the subject. As she struggled to find the ideal combination for her curls, she began concocting product in her kitchen.

    One day, she called up a friend in the cosmetics industry and said, “Hey, I have a wild hair. Do you know anybody that could help me make some samples?” She then spent a year working on different formulas that would moisturize and de-frizz without building up on the hair.

    “For the first time in my life, I LOVE my curly hair and I am excited to have the opportunity to help others feel the same way,” she said.

    For more information about MopTop and FuzzyDuck products, Contact:

    Kelly Foreman
    409 Flint Ridge Ct.
    Norman, OK 73072
    Phone: 405.556.1591
    Web: http://http://


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