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    Funky Short Hairstyles

    Funky Short Hairstyles

    Funky Short Hairstyles . . . Showing Up All Over Hollywood

    Mena Suvari wore long hair for years, and the only thing that she changed about it was her hair color. So the new funky short hairstyle Mena is sporting these days is about as drastic a hairstyle change as it gets. You may remember her for her leading role in the Oscar Award winning American Beauty, but she has shown a versatility of talent to play a wide variety of roles, such as American Pie and Beauty Shop.

    funky short hairstyleMena-Suvari buzz cut

    Don’t you love it when women go fearlessly head on into a new funky short hairstyle? (Remember Demi Moore and Natalie Portman?) It’s so gutsy! Just last week, cameras caught Mena Suvari, in her new funky town buzz cut hairdo. She’s back in town to film her lead role in the “Garden of Eden”.

    funky short hairstyle

    Charlize Theron

    She first showed up in a funky short hairstyle in her role as Furiose in the Mad Max series “Fury Road. Here she sports a boyish side part Ivy League look that is stunning on her.

    funky short hairstyle

    Agyness Deyn

    Started wearing her hair short while still a teenager and her iconic short hairstyle even has a name of its own “the Aggie”. You know when you have a hairstyle named after you, you’re in the big-time. Agyness looks gorgeous in any hairstyle but she really turns heads when she steps out in one of her well known edgy short hairstyles.

    funky short hairstyle

    Natalie Portman

    First went short for her role as Evey Hammond in the movie V for Vendetta and she got so much positive feedback on her buzz cut look that she showed up at the Saturn Awards where she received the best actress award sporting her now famous funky short hairstyle.

    funky short hairstyle

    Demi Moore

    For her role in GI Jane Demi had to shave it all off, but still looked terrific, (don’t you think?). It was reported that she hated the look and has never been seen with really short hair since.

    funky short hairstyle

    funky short hairstyle

    Let’s face it… the buzz cut isn’t for everyone, but if you want a funky, quick and easy hairdo, this may just be the funky short hairstyle for you. To pull this haircut off, you need a good self-image, a nice shaped head, preferably thick hair and honestly, a well proportioned body helps too! If you do decide to try one out at home I wrote a step by step guide to a DIY Buzz Cut that you’ll want to read before getting the clippers out.

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    Hair Pictures of Funky Hair Styles

    Contemporary Classic Funky Hair Style Winner at NAHA Hairstylist Awards

    Beautiful hair pictures, funky hair styles!

    Hair pictures of funky hair styles don’t get any better than this! These hair pictures of funky hair styles embody the skills of trendsetting professionals who take hairdressing to the next level. Really, when it comes to creating funky hair styles, I love em’, the British hairdressing industry wins hands down!

    The 26th annual British Hairdressing Awards 2010 was held in the end of November in London. This awards show is the equivalent of the ‘Oscars’ of the hairdressing world recognizing the creativity of the inspirational British Hairdressing Industry. It is a unique competition in that judging is done by a panel of experts who choose winners from anonymous hair pictures.

    These hair pictures of funky hair styles represent work from hairdressers of Rush Hair, who took two awards this year; Artistic Team of the Year and Southern Hairdresser of the Year.

    Andy Heasman, “My inspiration for the shoot is striking beauty. The shots have a defined shape/silhouette with intricate areas of movement to add a touch of femininity and beauty to very powerful images”.

    Jasmine Redstone, “I wanted to display my interpretation of futuristic hair by using forward thinking trends combining strength and indulgence to show versatility for women of today”.

    Sam Burnett, “My latest collection is all about the empowerment of women, I wanted to show that women can be strong, sexy and feminine all at the same time.”

    Lorenzo Favata, “My collection is inspired by women with strong yet restrained identities. The shapes are to empower yet the texture and natural colour tones give a warm, hazy autumnal feeling.”

    Costa Phouli, “My inspiration came from the catwalks this year, creating long fringes and a high shine and modern finish. I wanted to create a strong theme using a glass and mirror appearance to symbolize ultra modern trends.”

    Seung Ki Baek, “My collection has been inspired by “The Coral Reef”. The movement of tropical fish….Their colour, their scales, tail and fins enabled me to create a strong, sophisticated structured look. Their beautiful flowing movement under water inspired these immense looks!”

    Rush Hair has 57 salons in the United Kingdom. Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration!



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