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Grey Hair Dye

Grey Hair Dye

Is Grey Hair Dye Going Mainstream?

I have been spotting celebrities going grey haired everywhere. Some let their natural grey hair shine through and some use grey hair dye to achieve this look. Celebrities from Emmylou Harris to British star Pixie Geldof are all turning to this grey hair dye trend.

Grey Hair Dye
Young British Celeb Pixie Geldof with Her Grey Hair Dye Style

I’m not sure that there is an actual grey hair dye product on the market, but I think instead, these young celebrities are going grey haired thanks to an ash or blue based hair color. The process could take a while, especially if you are starting with dark hair. The process would involve bleaching or lightening hair to the palest of yellow or blonde and then coloring the hair with not grey hair dye, but an ash based one.

Grey Hair Dye
Jamie Lee Curtis Doesn’t Need Grey Hair Dye for Her Look

If you know that under all that hair color, you have a full head of grey hair and you want to go for that look. You can get there by touching up your re-growth with a semi-permanent hair color instead of the usual permanent. The semi-permanent hair color will allow your grey hairs to grow in gradually and blend your previously colored hair with your newly grown in grey hair.

“Grey Hair Dye
Trend is Hot”
So who is grey hair for? I wouldn’t say that many people can pull this look off in their teens and twenties. I’d say to hold off on the grey hair dye look and go grey gracefully as you age if that’s the look you are going for.

So why is grey hair dye or letting your natural grey come through so popular these days? Perhaps it’s because it’s something different for young celebrities to try. As for aging celebrities and the rest of us, it is low maintenance to go grey naturally and that may be why they choose it.

Next time you place an order at Amazon take a peak at “Going Gray, Looking Great! by Diana Lewis Jewell,” she’s the guru on the topic.

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