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    Hair Color Protection Between Hair Salon Appointments

    Hair Color Protection

    Hair Color Protection to Keep Your Color Salon Fresh

    You paid plenty for that radiant shine, so why watch it fade away in a week?

    If you want hair color protection that sticks around, begin by checking out the condition of your hair before you color your hair. If your hair is dry or porous, color will leech right out. That’s one of the reasons rich brunettes go red and blondes turn brassy. So, your first line of defense is deep conditioning, and balancing your hair’s protein and moisture levels.

    Hair Color Protection

    To determine how healthy your hair is, hold a few strands at the roots while you pull gently near the ends. Does your hair stretch easily, or break almost immediately? To check for porosity, run your fingers against the cuticle’s direction and see if hair ruffles up. Or, put a few strands in water and watch if they absorb it fast and sink.

    For hair that’s prone to breakage, try out protein treatments; for porous hair, deep-condition and moisturize! Once your hair is in great shape, it’ll hold hair color protection lots longer.

    A hairdresser applying hair color to a clients hair

    Chair-Side Solutions

    At the hair salon, choosing a hair color close to your natural shade amounts to longevity. Hair that’s been lightened a lot and then colored a new shade is more likely to need hair color protection. Also, try out semi-and demi-permanent hair colors, they don’t last as long as permanent hair color products, but they do fade off more gently, so you won’t see obvious roots. If you prefer permanent hair color, be sure to get a subtly tinted glaze or a clear glosser added over the top to lock in color and shine.

    Avoid double chemical treatments, like perms, relaxers or straighteners and hair color. They make hair dryer and more porous, which brings you back to fast fading which needs more hair color protection. While you’re in the hair salon, book a deep-conditioning treatment for two weeks after the hair color service; this commits you to smart hair color protection.

    If you’re getting a brilliant red, which fades faster than other hair colors, ask about every solution your hair salon can offer. A great hair colorist will start with a clarifying shampoo to remove product build-up, chlorine or mineral deposits, which can prevent hair color from fully anchoring in the hair. Then, he or she can even out the hair’s porosity with a treatment like Joico’s HKP. Your hair colorist can also choose a hair color product with what’s called a double dye-load – only professional hair color products have them.

    Getting a few highlights is another solution. Because they’re created with bleach, they can’t fade. Add a play color like Manic Panic, and almost nothing will remove a red from your highlights. This means you had better be certain you want a near-neon shade.

    If you have underlayers done in a shade that’s quite different from surface strands, a little fading won’t matter because this hair color simply peeks through the top. Also, the top layer will give hair color protection to the colored under layers from the sun’s UV rays.

    Hair Color Protection

    Home Hair Color Care

    The sun, hot water and harsh shampoos dull your hair color the most. Always wait 24-to-36 hours after a hair coloring service before you shampoo. Then, use tepid water and avoid over-shampooing; every other day is usually more than adequate. (See my article on the no shampoo regimen).

    Choose a sulfate-free shampoo like Pureology, or one that’s made to inhibit hair color fade. Redken Color Extend shampoo and conditioner are also great options. If your new hair color is a brilliant red or a delicate blonde, try out hair care products with the pigment right in them; they punch-up hair color over time. Not only can you buy pigmented shampoos and conditioners, you can get hair styling products that boost color, like Goldwell ColorGlow Mousse.

    Another way to prevent fading from week to week is to use hair styling products with UV protectors and moisturizers. Avoid alcohol-based hair styling products. Product over-use itself can make hair color look dull-especially if they build up. Favor lighter hair styling products unless you have very dense, heavy hair, and even then, don’t use more than you need.

    As time goes on, make certain you keep your hair well moisturized and hydrated. Deep-conditioning and moisturizing treatments can be done at home, as well as in the hair salon. Try a hot oil treatment or splurge and ask your hairdresser to recommend a home-care deep conditioner.

    Finally, if hair color starts to fade and your roots are showing, use a root re-touch product. Colormark has been just one that you sweep on with a mascara wand. It lasts until the next shampoo. Or, try Clairol Nice N Easy Root Touch-Up. You just brush the appropriate color right on your roots, wait 10 minutes and rinse.

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    How to Prolong Hair Color Life

    how to keep hair color from fading

    How to Keep Hair Color From Fading

    You finally got the color you’ve dreamed about. You no longer flip through magazines and think to yourself, “I wish my color looked like hers”. Every highlight and every lowlight is perfectly placed. You couldn’t be happier. But two days later, you start to panic because you have to wash your hair. What if it washes out? It will surely fade. And continue to fade with every wash. So what can you do? You’ve spent a lot of money on something that will only look stunning for a week. Well, think again. Here are some super simple steps you can follow to keep your hair color lasting longer and making less trips to the salon (unless you’re gray because unfortunately we haven’t found a way to permanently get rid of those YET!).

    Shampoo Less Often

    It is probably the most obvious step, right? What is difficult, however, is keeping that unwanted oil away. If you have never tried a dry shampoo, do it. Dry shampoos are designed to freshen up the way your hair smells and desiccate any moisture that has built up at your roots. I would suggest a professional product as opposed to an over-the-counter product. Paul Mitchell makes a great dry shampoo called Dry Wash. Dry Wash is an aerosol spray that you apply directly to your roots and brush through your hair. It smells great and even gives body, leaving the hair looking refreshed and clean.

    Gloss It Up

    Many hair color brands offer a great chemical process that doesn’t add additional color but will act as a type of “top coat” to preserve the hair color underneath and add amazing shine. Ask your hair stylist about this service because, trust me, it will be worth the extra charge. Paul Mitchell has a product called the Clear Shine that does exactly this. It also acts as a six to eight week treatment that is great for highlighted or over-processed hair to condition those ends.

    Give Your Hair A Drink!

    Hair that is dry and damaged is less likely to hold a hair color. So that full head of color you just paid a pretty penny for is not going to last if you aren’t using the right products. Color Protect shampoos and conditioners are great to use not only immediately after you receive the service, but at every wash. Also, read those bottles! Find out what you are using and what it’s doing for your hair. Many professional color protect shampoos and conditioners not only prolong your color life by conditioning, but also protect against UV rays and other natural agents that break down hair color.

    Keep Up With Your Color

    We’ve all waited until our regrowth has reached our ears before calling to make an appointment. Of course it doesn’t look that great, but another downfall to doing this is that your hair has already faded to the point that you’re basically starting over. If you keep up with your color, returning to the salon about every six to eight weeks, your hair will hold those color molecules and will stay hydrated with the addition of the “top coat”.

    Product: Your Hair’s Best Friend

    Many professional products are designed to not only help with the styling process and finishing, but also to protect your hair against damaging agents, such as UV rays and sun damage. We all love sitting by the pool in the summertime, but watch the time spent in chlorine. If you are a water lover, it will be a good idea to invest in a good clarifying shampoo to remove those chemicals that can not only damage your hair, but also pull out your color or hair change the tone entirely. So don’t pass up that Take Home stand and listen when your stylist recommends products. Your hair will thank you for it!

    how to keep hair color from fading
    Contributing author Erica King is the Social Networking Leader for the cosmetology school Bella Capelli located in Pittsburgh, PA. Bella Capelli is a Paul Mitchell Partner School that utilizes the professional Paul Mitchell techniques for hair design. Erica joined the team only a few months ago, and she not only manages the school’s social networking sites, but also writes blogs about hair care, products, and how-tos. You can follow the school and read more of Erica’s work on WordPress and Facebook.

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    How to Prevent Hair Color Fading

    Hair Color Fade Can be Minimized by Removing Hard Water Chemical Residue

    Karla Asks:

    What can I do to my get hair color to last longer? I have my hair colored in a hairdressing salon and it always looks good for about one week but then it begins to fade out. I only wash it every few days or so, and I use a shampoo for color treated hair. I also keep it well conditioned and try not to use too much heat with my blow dryer and curling iron. Any suggestions on how I can get hair color that doesn’t fade so fast?


    According to experts at Texas A&M University one of the biggest culprits of hair color fading too quickly is oxidation. Oxidation happens quicker when hair color is applied to strands that have a buildup of minerals from your water. Chlorine and mineral build up from hard water will interfere with hair color by attaching and coating the hair shaft with chemical residue.

    Hard water leaves hair feeling dry, dull, unmanageable and with a coated texture to the hair. Hard water can also leave an orangey, coppery discoloration to the hair. You can remove this buildup by treating your hair with a Hard Water Demineralizer at home. I recommend using a treatment before going in for your next hair color appointment for your best coverage, best shine and a longest lasting hair color.

    Malibu Demineralization Treatment is easy to apply at home. Shampoo and rinse hair, pour crystals into wet palm, then rub together to form a rich gel. When applied into hair it turns to a lathering treatment. This treatment can be used as often as needed to rid hair of mineral buildup or discoloration. For best results, cover with a shower cap and wrap in a towel or go under a dryer for 15 to 20 minutes.

    Some salons offer this treatment for clients. Consider this step in the salon or at home for all around better looking locks as well as prepping your hair for your best hair color yet!

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