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Hair color risk for pregnant women?

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Back Off a Bit on Intense Hair Color Just in Case

This is a dilemma for pregnant women who want to continue hair color during pregnancy, unfortunately even the experts seem to disagree. The official position of the FDA on the question of cancer risk from hair color dyes as inconclusive.

There has been no evidence to prove coloring your hair during pregnancy is harmful to the baby. Many will suggest holding off hair color till after the first trimester. Although the scalp may absorb a miniscule amount of chemicals, the fumes may be considered  the bigger risk.

If I had to advise a friend or a client, I would suggest taking their own doctors advice. An alternative to hair color would be foiling or tipping, where the hair color dye doesn’t come in contact with the scalp.

But I liked the answer my girlfriends doctor gave her when asked the question, “Can I color my hair while I’m pregnant?” He said, “What color?”

For more Information on the topic visit:

Mayo Clinic

The Baby Center


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