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    Tips for Finding Your Best Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone

    Skin Tones

    Choosing the Best Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone,

    The desire for finding the right hairstyle and hair color is intense in our culture. Women are becoming educated in determining their face shape and skin tone in order to come up with hairstyles and hair colors that are the most flattering and appropriate for themselves. I see them often in my online or face to face class Finding the Right Hairstyle for You.

    “Hair Color Skin Tone”

    This month, American Salon Magazine’s hair color specialist, Kim Vo, has an article for hair salon professionals on his tips for changing a clients hairstyle, without compromising her identity. (You know, that incongruent look that says “something just isn’t right here” on a woman with colored hair.) He shares the same three areas that I do in my classes; face shape, skin tones and lifestyle issues (he calls it age).

    I find the most problematic of these three areas to determine is . . . skin tone. Even many hairdressers who do hair coloring services, have trouble with this one. The undertones of an individuals skin tone can be subtle and tricky to determine to even to a professional eye. Hair color specialist, Kim Vo’s description on how to figure what’s what in the realm of skin tones:

    • Rose (or Warm) skin tones ~~ She has light-toned skin with pink or porcelain undertones, sunburns easily and seldom tans.

      • Compatible hair colors ~~ ruby-reds, cocoa-bean browns and champagne-blondes.

    • Yellow (or Cool) skin tones ~~ Her skin tone is light to medium with yellow or beige undertones, and she usually burns before tanning.

      • Compatible hair colors ~~ Try light strawberry-blondes, caramel-browns or baby-blondes.

    • Olive (or Cool) skin tones ~~ She has medium-toned skin with a hint of green undertones, and she tans easily.

      • Compatible hair colors ~~ Her coloring comes to life with chestnut-browns, hints of red and red hues with cooler notes.

    • Brown (or Warm) skin tones ~~ She’s dark-skinned and sunburn isn’t an issue.

      • Compatible hair colors ~~ Her hair looks great in nearly any shade, but one of my favorites is toasted-pecan brown with hints of gold.


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