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Preparing for an Interview in Sales

Hair for Interview

Ideas About What Hair for Interview in Sales

If you are a woman in sales or if you are planning a career in sales, your hairstyle is just as important as your clothes, maybe even more important. In sales first impressions are important. Studies have shown that the sale is made in the first four seconds. If you don’t make the right firs impression, your presentation and product offering isn’t going to matter.

“Help for Preparing
for an Interview”

I’m married to a sales trainer. Hubby Gary, spent many years training top level sales people. So I sat down with him just recently and asked him what advice he would give my readers who are preparing for an interview in sales. Here are some of his suggestions:

  • Look like your prospect – If you’re calling on a librarian you better have some horn rimed glasses and a bun in your hair. If your pitching farmers, you better have the country western look, if you are calling on night clubs you better have an updo.

  • Never be on the cutting edge – This is not the time to go with the latest spiky emo hair look. You never want to stand out . . . you want to look impeccably well groomed and appropriate.

  • Never, ever, ever, ever turn on the sex appeal. Women prospects will hate you . . . and the male prospects will loose respect for your competency (and make a pass instead).

  • Wear conservative, classic hair styles – One length bobs, layered bobs or inverted bobs are good shorter length hair styles. For longer hair, anything that is pulled up or back, such as twists and braids are great, professional looking hair styles for preparing for an interview for women in sales.

  • Keep hair colors subdued – Avoid blonde for sure (studies have shown that the dumb blonde image is for real) and if your a bright red head you might want to consider toning it down. Safest hair colors are sandy blonde, light browns and subdued brunettes.

  • Not too long – Keep hairstyle length above the shoulder and preferably terminating just below your ears.

  • Not too short – Avoid the short-short hair cuts, unless your calling on the medical profession.

Bottom line, do not stand out from the crowd and look very healthy and well groomed. Pay attention to the hairstyles you see on your local TV anchor women. Anchorwoman hairstyles are very carefully chosen to appeal to your local audience tastes and sensibilities and to avoid looking like dim wits.



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