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    Straight Hair That Lasts!

    Straight hair styles are not going away. Straight hair is basically still as popular as it was a few years back when it came into vogue. When you have curly, lackluster hair that seems to defy all straighteners, it may make you want to give up. But don’t give in, you can have shiny straight hair . . . it’s all in having the right know-how, the right products and the right tools.“How To Straight Hair”

    When you want to make straight hair out of curly hair, you need the right products: a hair dryer, straightening balm, nourishing treatments to repair damaged hair, and a straightener. It’s important to have an iron that goes up to a high temperature to tame curly locks. GHD hair straighteners are a great choice because they go up to over 400 degrees quickly. GHD Hair straighteners’ ceramic heating mechanisms and aluminum plates protect hair, and give it shine and movement.

    Straight Hair Prep
    When you are preparing to straighten your hair it’s important to start with clean hair. Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner, specifically formulated to reduce damage from heat styling. GHD products and Moroccan oil make shampoos and conditioners that are specifically meant to nourish, treat damaged hair, and protect from heat styling. Towel dry your hair and distribute a quarter-sized amount of Moroccan oil Treatment from roots to ends. Focus on the ends which become damaged easily. This will moisturize and protect your hair. It also helps hair dry faster.

    Straight Hair Blow-Out
    Pin the top layers up, and section by section, blow your hair dry straight using a hair dryer with a nozzle attachment and a round brush. Take the section of hair near your scalp and hold the brush under it, your hair secure in the bristles. Pull the brush toward the ends of the hair with the hair dryer near it pointing toward the brush and the ends of the hair. Repeat until your hair is dry. Don’t worry if your hair isn’t perfectly straight.

    Straight Hair Flat-Iron Styling
    When your hair is dry, distribute a small amount of GHD Smoothing Balm. Using clips, pin-up the top layers of hair, and straighten the bottom layer in 1-inch sections. As you straighten, you may need to go over sections twice. Unpin the upper layers and continue. Make sure you aren’t taking more than one inch at a time, as doing so will make your hair frizzy and susceptible to curling.

    To add shine to your hair, spray a light, even coat of Moroccan oil Glimmer Shine Spray all over your hair. Use your hands to distribute it throughout your hair.

    The products and this process should keep hair straight and shiny throughout the day, as well as preventing fly aways and static. GHD hair straighteners are designed to not just straighten hair but keep hair straight throughout the day, even in wet weather. With practice this can be mastered at home, so you can have straight, shiny hair whenever you want.

    Article courtesy of guest blogger Zarko Zivkovic

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    Japanese Hair Straightening: Sorting Through The Fog

    Hair Straightening Are you confused by all the buzz words?

    It’s easy to get confused with hair straightening options, Japanese Hair Straightening or Thermal Reconditioning. Both procedures are pretty much the same and differ only in minor ways. In researching these new innovative hair straightening services, I’ve come to understand the most important consideration . . . an experienced professional. Like any chemical hair treatment, it takes some time to get the experience of how different hair types will react any chemical treatment. A hairdressers past experience with perms, hair straighteners and hair dyes gives them a leg up in being able to identify a number of critical issues that need attention when considering hair straightening.

    Hair Straightening

    An experienced hairdresser can assess if your hair can handle this type of hair straightening. They also will know, from experience, just when your hair has been relaxed enough to stop the processing.

    Seek out a SPECIALIST because the procedure requires special training. A good personality type to seek out is . . . a meticulous, anal-retentive type who is well-informed and keen on detail.

    How do you find this person? This is still fairly new in America so it may take work on your part. Ask around and get referrals if you can. Check well established, credible salons, including high-profile chain salons. In the consultation ask lots of questions, ask for before and after pictures and refernces. The more informed you are the better you will be able to assess their know-how. If you question their confidence and ability, hold off and consult with someone else. Tell them you need to think it over if you aren’t sure. A consultation is a two-way street, so follow your intuition.


    On average about $500.00 but it can go from $200.00 to $800.00 depending on how long it takes. Basically you’ll be charged by the hour.


    A ceramic flat iron is used in the process to create pressure with extreme heat.


    With this hair straightening method, the Japanese discovered a way to “soften” strong-minded hair, as well as curly hair. Softening the hair gives it more movement or body and a healthier look!


    A preliminary consultation is a must! A qualified specialist needs to check the condition of your hair to evaluate if it will hold up to the chemical process. You need to be very clear about any chemicals that you have used in the past that may still remain on your hair. You may be sent home with a hair care regime to follow before your scheduled appointment. Some red flags to having this done may be:

    • Pre-lightened hair
    • Some residual colored hair
    • Strong African hair types
    • Hair straightened with lye type or sodium relaxers


    Simplified, it looks like this;

    • A straightening solution is applied and rinsed when your hair has reached the correct stage of relaxation
    • Sections of (approximately 1/4 inch) throughout the head are blow dried and flat-ironed . . . meticulously
    • A neutralizer solution is applied and watched as it “sets in” the new form of the relaxed hair
    • Rinse, blow-dried and flat-ironed again

    This procedure may need to be repeated and seems to take on average 5 to 8 hours. Some people may require a second days appointment.


    Your natural hair type will make the difference on how well the new growth can blend with the straightened hair.

    From those I’ve talked to in the hair industry, sounds like when this is done right the results are spectacular, straight hair, incredibly soft and silky, shiny hair with no frizz! If it’s not done right, major breakage can happen! (Maybe you want to think about investing in a high quality flat-iron instead?)

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