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    Hair Style Change or Lifestyle Change?

    Setting Hair

    When you looked in the mirror today, how did you feel?

    If you only had these choices, which would you pick?

    • Great
    • Good
    • OK
    • No feeling
    • Tired
    • Frumpy
    • Old
    • Scary

    Where am I going with this? Well, I want to draw a parallel between what is going on in your life and how we relate the way we look to how we feel.

    I guess my best answer today to this question would be, OK. But in being honest, I’ve felt all of these at one time or another. But here are my issues that relate to how I’m feeling today.

    Last week, our basement flooded, we had loud obtrusive hot fans running for 4 days when the temp outside was 90 degrees plus. The downstairs moved into the garage for the most part. Duffy, my diabetic cat, had two episodes resulting in a hospital emergency room visit at 2:00am and a vet visit, (he’s OK now). My office was torn apart for 5 days instead of one for remodeling, which fine dust was scattered over everything, not to speak of the work backed up. Bathroom paint was touched up in the wrong color. And we had a dinner party scheduled. There was more, but who wants to hear it.

    This week I was asked to send a professional-quality photo of myself to a hair style publishing company that will be carrying a column on my writings called “Barb’s Hair Blogs.” (I’ll let you know when 1st one is published.) The photo I’ve been most comfortable with wasn’t clear enough, so, I need to get a new photo taken. Phew! . . . Now, besides that, my hair is in the “in-between” state. My hair style is not really a style in its present state. It’s OK for now, but not what I want out there for a professional picture. (Note: stress relates to me not liking my hair style)

    A good hairdresser will recognize the red flags in the following scenarios. Notice, these are all emotional based statements that indicated more than just a request for a new look. I’ll paraphrase what these types of statements say to me:

    My client says, “I’m feeling old, can you make me look younger?”
    I hear: “ I’m tired and stressed out, if you update my look, I may feel better.”

    The client says: “I hate my hair, just chop it all off.”
    I hear: “I don’t like my life right now, but change the way I look and that may be a good start.”

    The client says: “ I need a change in my life, how about turquoise?”
    I hear: “I think a drastic new look will affect a change in my life.”

    Not that a good hair style change can’t affect how you feel but, next time you think you need a drastic hairstyle change to change your life, you might want to check out how things stand on the old balance wheel in your life.

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